Trim Healthy Mama-friendly S, E, & FP Protein Sources

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If you’ve been a Trim Healthy Mama for any length of time, you already know that having protein with every meal is a crucial part of the plan. God has given us both lean and fatty protein sources, which means we never have to sabotage our S and E meals on account of our protein intake.

Knowing which foods contain high amounts of protein can be challenging enough to learn; knowing which sources of protein are appropriate to pair with S meals or E meals can be even harder. I hope this post helps you figure out what foods to pair with each fuel type to ensure you’re getting enough protein without crossing fuels and stalling your weight loss accidentally.

3 important things to remember:

  1. S protein sources can only be used in S meals or Crossovers. These protein sources are naturally high in fat, so you’ll want to avoid using them in your E (carb-based) or Fuel Pull meals.
  2. E protein sources are very few in number. Not many foods are high in both carbohydrates and protein. Small amounts of E protein sources can be used in an S meal to create an S Helper or a Crossover, but if you’re trying to lose weight, you should only eat E protein sources in an E setting.
  3. FP protein sources are lean and contain little to no carbs, which makes them acceptable in any setting. You could pair them with low-fat, non-starchy foods to make a complete Fuel Pull meal, healthy carbohydrates to make a complete E meal, or fats and non-starchy vegetables to make a complete S meal.

For example: chicken breast  in a salad made with mixed greens, non-starchy vegetables, and a light vinaigrette dressing would make a tasty Fuel Pull; chicken breast paired with brown rice and carrots would make an excellent E; chicken breast paired with bacon, cheese, and spinach would make a delicious S.

There are many other foods besides the ones I’ve listed here that contain protein, but I’ve tried to limit this list to those foods that are significant sources of it. The authors of Trim Healthy Mama don’t want us to obsess about numbers, so instead of counting the grams of protein in each meal, focus on consuming a good source of it instead. Your main concern should be to incorporate a Fuel Pull or S protein in and S meal, or a Fuel Pull or E protein in and E meal, or a Fuel Pull protein in a Fuel Pull meal. If you can do this each time you eat, you’re golden!

S protein sources (fat-based):

E protein sources (carb-based):

FP protein sources:

What other protein sources would you add to this list?


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14 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Mama-friendly S, E, & FP Protein Sources”

  1. So I havent gotten my book yet:/ is eating one slice of sprouted bread with natural peanut butter and few. Slices of banana or pb with fruit preserved not good?

    • Hi Jeanie!

      Sprouted bread with peanut butter and banana would be a Crossover because you are combining fats (peanut butter) and carbs (bread and banana). Crossovers are wonderful for pregnant or nursing mothers, growing children, or every once in a while for people who have reached their goal weight. So, your snack is on-plan, but not conducive to weight loss. Does that make sense?

      For an E snack, you could use my 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter cheesecake in a bowl (a Fuel Pull) as a spread on your bread instead of the peanut butter. You’d have the same taste, but you’ve taken out the fat so it wouldn’t be a Crossover anymore.

  2. I am so thankful you put this on here. If you don’t mind I do have a couple of questions please.
    I have spent most of the day food prepping. I will be traveling to my daughters 5-6 hours away for a visit and wanted to have my food ready. I’ve gained about 5 lbs back and I am determined to get it off. I will list her what I cooked today as I am very very busy and I am more of a Drive thru Sue kinda gal. Please help me if you have Time pair this list please. I get how it works but sometimes I feel my snacks get in the way and just feel that I should wait a full 3 hours in between whatever I eat and I don’t think I am eating enough.Thank you for your time!! I cooked grilled chicken tenders and Breast. Also salmon for salads. Also Joseph pita with sugar feee pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese with turkey pepperonis. Also Joseph’s full pull crackers with laughing cow cheese also I am taking celery to have with laughing cow. I guess I will stick with fp. So I don’t mess up when hungry for a snack. I boiled eggs to take. I made THM pancakes and I’m taking plan Greek you Gary with about a dozen blueberries in separate baggies . I will switch back and forth between eggs with cheese for breakfast and Pancakes with yougart and berries to top them. I hope I have done good.

  3. Thank you for this…I am a complete newb and don’t really understand what nutrient value to place a lot of foods in. This helps me quite a bit.


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