Charlotte Mason Copywork

We are so excited to share with you our Charlotte Mason Copywork!

Originally designed for our own six children to use, these copyworks (available in both Cursive and Manuscript) are a fun and affordable way for the whole family to improve their handwriting and memorize Scripture, or excellent literature, at the same time!

Who Can Use Copywork?

Short answer?

Everybody! You do not need to be a Charlotte Mason Educator to use these copyworks! They are terrific handwriting lessons, no matter what your style of education.

Writing out short pieces of literature is an excellent practice for everyone, but we designed these especially for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

We recommend Manuscript Copywork for children ages 5-8, and Cursive Copywork for children ages 9-12, but as the parent, you understand your child’s ability level best!

The Goal of Copywork

The main goal of copywork for young children is to teach beautiful handwriting, but many other language skills are reinforced in the process.

Proper spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and memorization are instilled in a child who carefully copies a simple, short, succinct bit of wisdom daily.

If done consistently (3-4 days per week), copywork will help a child learn to:

  • write neatly
  • gain a deeper appreciation for well-written literature
  • develop a better understanding of sentence structure
  • spell and punctuate a sentence correctly

Copywork for young children can be used in place of individual curricula that teach each of these skills disconnected from each other.

Length of Copywork Lessons

Charlotte Mason emphasized quality over quantity; keep lessons short (5 – 10 minutes), and aim for beautiful work with special attention to capitalization and punctuation.

Copywork Directions

Observe your child closely as they work. Encourage them to try to copy the model exactly.

Applaud observation, good effort, and attention to detail. Reward beautiful copywork with the opportunity to artfully decorate or draw in the margins around the verse.


These copyworks are PDF downloads that will be emailed to you upon purchasing.

You may print off as many copies as you need for your personal use.

Six kids? Pay once and print off 6 times! 

Did the dog really eat their homework? No worries – you’ve got your digital copy at your fingertips forever!

Each set of copywork contains one month of worksheets. 

Both Manuscript and the Cursive Copywork from The Books of Proverbs include a month of work sheets for each topic. Purchasing the Bundle of all 12 topics will provide you with enough copywork for an entire year, with a cost savings of 42%!

We hope these resources prove to be a beneficial tool in your homeschool!

Manuscript | Ages 5-8 | 1 Unit = 1 Month of Worksheets; Bundle = 1 Year of Worksheets | Lesson time: 10 minutes | $35

The Book of Proverbs Individual Manuscript Copywork | $4.99 each

Cursive | Ages 9-12 | 1 Unit = 1 Month of Worksheets; Bundle = 1 Year of Worksheets | Lesson time: 10 minutes | $35

The Book of Proverbs Individual Cursive Copywork | $4.99 each

Manuscript | Ages 5-12 | 1 Month of Worksheets | Lesson time: 10 minutes | $4.99

Manuscript | Ages 5-8 | 1 Month of Worksheets | Lesson time: 10 minutes | $4.99