The Book of Proverbs Cursive Copywork

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The Book of Proverbs Cursive Copywork is a compilation of verses from Scripture that been organized into 12 different topics, to provide you with a whole year of copywork for children ages 9-12!

The main goal of copywork for young children is to teach beautiful handwriting, but many other language skills are reinforced in the process:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • memorization

These are all instilled in a child who carefully copies a simple, short, succinct bit of wisdom daily.

The Book of Proverbs is filled with verses that guide us in our every day life. Our prayer is that as your children and ours copy these precious pearls down, they will learn much more than good grammar and penmanship; we want them to learn how to conduct themselves wisely and make decisions that please the Lord and are in accord with His will.

The Book of Proverbs Cursive Copywork series is made up of verses that can be copied in a 10-minute time frame.

Discuss the meaning of each verse with your child.

  • What does God command us to do?
  • What does He command us not to do?
  • Can you figure out the meaning of a word from the context in which it is used?

Observe your child closely as they work. Encourage them to try to copy the model exactly. Applaud observation, good effort, and attention to detail.

Reward beautiful copywork with the opportunity to artfully decorate or draw in the margins around the verse.

We hope this resource proves to be a beneficial tool in your homeschool!

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