Be Thankful Manuscript Copywork

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In our affluent North American culture, a genuine spirit of thankfulness is becoming increasingly difficult to come by! Our failure to acknowledge our Creator’s Sovereign hand in all the millions of minuscule details that taken place every second has resulted in the misplacement of our gratitude.

Glimpses of God’s common grace towards sinful humanity are too quickly attributed to developments our “own” minds have conceived, rather than to the God Who made our minds, sustains us with breath, and deserves our worship.

How quick we are to express our gratitude for lifesaving technology, advancements in education, warm homes, freedom, and families that loves us, and how desperately the devil desires for us to credit ourselves as originators of these things, instead of recognizing that they come from the hand of a loving and merciful Father who delights in giving His children good gifts.  (Matthew 7:11)

True thankfulness can only occur when we have:

  • 1) a proper understanding of ourselves
  • 2) a proper understanding of God.

When we recognize what we deserve, and what we have been given, we eliminate the temptation to feel entitled or victimized,  and discover a deep sense of joy and worthiness that is triumphant through adversity.


With these things in mind, we are pleased to present a manuscript version of our latest Charlotte Mason style copywork: Be Thankful Manuscript Copywork for 5-12 year olds!

We have chosen 26 poems, quotes, and Scripture verses on the theme of thankfulness to not only teach proper penmanship, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar, but more importantly, to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness for the mercies of the Lord within the hearts of our children.

Manuscript | Ages 5-12 | 1 Month of Worksheets | Lesson time: 10 minutes | $4.99

A month’s worth of copywork is provided in this printable download. How perfect for a season of Thanksgiving! 

Quotes from Charles Spurgeon, Charles Finney, D.L. Moody, Jeremiah Burroughs, and Nancy Leigh DeMoss (among others), are featured along with Scripture and poetry from traditional Thanksgiving hymns.

Charlotte Mason encouraged short lessons (5-10 minutes), with special attention to detail. 

Be blessed.  Be thankful!


Save for later!

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