Professor Noggin’s Card Games: Review

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We’re not getting paid to write this review of Professor Noggin’s Card Games, but we love them so much, we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves!
Whether you homeschool or not, whether your children are young or old, or it’s just the two of you, Professor Noggin’s Card Games are a fantastic addition to any game closet. Memorizing History, Geography, and Science facts has never been more fun!

Games For A Living Education

It’s always entertaining to hear a Living Educator answer a question like:
“What do you do for History, Geography, and Science?”
“We just read books, listen to audiobooks, and play games.”
No, really! That’s pretty much it.

Professor Noggin’s Card Games make learning the humanities fun and stress-free.

…for me and our kids.
We also go on field trips, visit museums, draw in nature journals, listen to music (We love Kathy Troxel’s Geography Songs), and look up things on YouTube, etc., but for the most part, the kids have no idea they’re doing “school,” yet they’re retaining more than they ever have trying to remember facts for a test they forget the next day.


Educational Trivia Games Are Fun for the whole family!

Professor Noggins Card Games are a huge hit in our house, and not just with the kids!
Who’s the one asking if we can play them at meal times?

Types of Professor Noggin’s Card Games

Professor Noggin’s Card Games cover major historical, scientific, and geographical events and are available on almost every topic you can think of. This is especially nice if you have a child who is passionate about a particular subject or you want them to become interested in something specific. 

Professor Noggin’s History Games

Professor Noggin’s Science Games

Professor Noggin’s Geography Games

Play-Based Learning

Professor Noggin’s Card Games are a great play-based learning tool, but they’re also terrific for review! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve asked our kids “How did you know the answer to that one?” and they respond with, “Oh, I read/heard it in a book/audiobook somewhere.” 
Playing Professor Noggin’s Cards Games with your children helps you as the parent and/or teacher know how much they know and what areas may need a little improvement.

Professor Noggin’s Card Games Are Suitable for Every Age

The boxes say “Ages 7 & Up,” but we play it with everyone, even the non-readers, by simply having Brad or I read the question and giving everyone the opportunity to answer.
The more you play, the more you remember!

Quality of Professor Noggin’s Card Games

I appreciate the quality of the Professor Noggins games, too. The cards are printed on thick stock, so they can’t easily be bent or warped.
It would be nice if they came laminated, but I may do that myself. I’d like to preserve these games for grandchildren one day, but judging by how much use they’re getting used, they might require a little extra preservation. 😉
Full disclosure: we have not played any of Professor Noggins’ Science-based games yet, so I cannot speak to what kind of worldview it stems from. I expect they may have questions and answers that promote an evolutionary agenda (Age of the Earth, Origins of Species, etc.), but can’t say for sure yet. If you’ve played them, please feel free to let us know in the comments!
The history and geography games have been purely factual and we feel we can heartily recommend them! 

Chime in!

Does your family have any of Professor Noggin’s Card Games?
Which ones should we add to our collection next?!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I have never heard of these. I have a son who is enthralled with the Civil War and these would be perfect for his upcoming birthday. This is the type of post I missed when you used to have your homeschooling blog. (I was trying to recall the other day a homeschooling post you had recommending books and games from your old site. It was a blessing to our family.) Thank you so much!!


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