9 Years of Trim Healthy Mama: Back On Track!

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As many of you probably know from Instagram, we moved our family of eight from Canada to Texas in the middle of December, almost 5 months ago. 

We packed up our house, applied for a Visa, said goodbye to all we knew and loved, crossed the border at a time when it was almost impossible to do so, and drove 24 hrs straight to where we believe the Lord has led us. 
To say the weeks leading up to our move were busy would be an understatement! In addition to this enormous transition, my husband’s grandmother died and we all got the you-know-what. 
I fell completely off plan and didn’t get back on track until about a month ago at the encouragement of a friend. I was feeling truly awful (especially during that one week of the month). My joints hurt, my eyes were puffy, I was easily tired, and my clothes were getting tight, especially around my midsection. Stress and eating poorly had taken its toll. 
I don’t measure my health by the scale, but I didn’t need a number to know something had to change. My daughter took the photo on the left when we first arrived in Texas and I could see and feel what eating so disastrously had done. 
It’s been 9 years since I first started THM , with this being my longest time off, so I had all the tools I needed to jump right back in. That’s why I love this plan so much! I didn’t need a special grocery run to get started; I could get back on track with ingredients I already had in the house. 
Just over a month ago, I rededicated to THM, immediately cutting out sugar, wheat flour (except for sprouted bread), and most dairy, and stuck with high protein S’s and E’s for meals and mostly FP’s for snacks. I also started drinking 72 ounces of water a day instead of trying to stay hydrated with coffee! 
THM has taught me to listen to my body, so for a week each month, I eat almost E’s and Crossovers. I’ve finally learned that Crossovers are not evil. In fact, they help me stay on plan during PMS, and I can tell when my body does not need them anymore.
I’m not really sure if I lost weight since I don’t use a scale, but in a month’s time of eating well (no real exercise to speak of), my inflammation was gone. I didn’t wake up at night from sore knees, the puffiness under my eyes disappeared, my energy came back, my moods were more stable, and my clothes fit like they were supposed to! 
All that to say, I thank God for this lifestyle. It works so well for my body. I get to enjoy fats and carbs, never have to count calories or rely on exercise, and I can even eat out with the family on plan. 

Recipes I’ve been enjoying lately:

I’ve been using a lot of the recipes in my Slim And Satisfied Handbook because they are so very simple, quick, and family favorites.
(I wrote The Slim and Satisfied Handbook 3 years ago for beginner THMs and also as a refresher for those who’ve gotten off-track. It tells you everything you need to eat for each meal, drink, and snack of the day, and also provides the recipes and grocery lists you need. You can get more information about the handbook and purchase it here, if you’re interested. )
Banana Baobab Smoothie (E)
Bust-A-Myth Banana Cake from  the Trim Healthy Cookbook (love this for breakfast on my E days!)
Chicken Soup with sprouted bread (I’ve gotten an Instant Pot since this recipe and make it in there now. Even better!!)
Banana Berry Baobab Smoothie (my go-to breakfast)
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Dough Bites (S)
These cinnamon-sugary protein bites. You’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the monkfruit review for the recipe. Addictively good! Consider yourself warned! 
Tuscan Cream Chicken from Trim Healthy Cookbook (if you don’t have the cookbook, this recipe is almost identical and equally delicious!).
Crossover Sandwich (ham, turkey breast, or beef on sprouted bread with mayo, mustard, cheese, lettuce, and cucumber slices)

I love Crossover Sandwiches made with ham, turkey breast, or beef on sprouted bread with mayo, mustard, cheese, lettuce, and cucumber slices. 

Rice with beef and a vegetable side.
Helpful Drive Thru Sue items:
  • Simm’s turkey sticks from Aldi
  • Cello Parmesan Whisps 
  • Pickles wrapped with deli meat
  • Cottage Cheese with frozen berries (Cottage Berry Whip from the original THM Cookbook) 
  • Nutpods French Vanilla Creamer and MCT oil in my coffee (so smooth and delicious!) 
  • Zevia and La Croix drinks for a treat 
  • Cucumber Slices with spreadable cream cheese and Everything Bagel Seasoning
  • 0% fat Greek yogurt 

If you, too, have gotten off track for whatever reason, might I encourage you to start anew? I’m certain your body will thank you for fueling it well! 

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5 thoughts on “9 Years of Trim Healthy Mama: Back On Track!”

  1. So sorry to hear about your husband’s grandmother. I know how stressful a move can be and how the stress can affect your eating. We moved from Houston to SD 6yrs ago. I had always lived in TX ( Amarillo & Houston) before moving to SD. I’m sure there is a bit of a culture shock too especially moving to another country……there definitely was for me just moving to SD. My husband has family in Ontario and he went to high school in Thunderbay.
    What part of TX are you living in? ( It’s a BIG state) I really know that you will enjoy living there…..Texans are friendly. I have enjoyed following your blog for several years. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Hey there friend and now fellow American:)

    Glad the Lord led you safely here. I’m thankful for you all and the example you are setting to raise a Godly family. Keep up the good, hard work! BTW, I made your strawberry pretzel salad spin-off recipe and it is delicious! I think it is my favorite of your desserts.

    May the Lord bless you, keep you, and make His face shine upon you.

  3. Hey Jacinda!
    Texas looks good on you.
    I was just talking to my hubby about your recipes the other day. Wishing there was a file I could download that contained all your recipes in a 1 page printable format. I’d love to fill a binder with all your yummy recipes but I can’t seem to get your recipes to format nicely on 1 page for printing. (Probably my not-tech-y brain’s fault.) BUT if you ever happen to make such a (dummy-proof) file I would gladly pay for it and place your “book” on my recipe shelf, right next to Serene & Pearl’s.


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