No Special Ingredient Trim Healthy Mama Christmas Dinner Menu

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Have you planned your Trim Healthy Mama Christmas Dinner Menu yet? If not, I hope this low-carb, no-special-ingredient Trim Healthy Mama Christmas Dinner using some of our family’s all-time favorite S recipes will help make your life simpler!

I have 4 favorite things about this menu:

  1. You can serve it to non-THM guests and they will never know you’re feeding them food that’s just as good to their palates as it is for their bodies!
  2. Almost everything can be prepared a day or two in advanceeven the salad!
  3. You don’t need any special ingredients to make any of these recipes, which means this low-carb menu is pretty budget-friendly, too!
  4. It’s full of festive colors and flavors. From red and green vegetables, to a yule log, and a warm, comforting post-dinner drink, you may burst into the “Hallelujah” chorus. 😉

Also, this menu perfectly accommodates celiacs, gluten-intolerance, diabetics, and those who follow other low-carb or keto diets, so you only have to cook once!

Appetizer | Veggie Pizza | THM: S

Soup | Roasted Red Pepper Soup | THM: S

Salad | Creamy & Crunchy Broccoli Salad | THM: S

Main Course | Chicken Cordon Blue with Green Beans and Dijon Cream Sauce | THM: S

Dessert | Mocha Yule Log | THM: S

Drink | Butter Caramel Hot Sip | THM : S

I wish you all a very wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ our Savior with your loved ones! I’ll be taking a couple days off from blogging, but will be back soon, Lord willing, with some wonderful new recipes and inspiration for a new year of being trim and healthy!

With love,


Save for later!

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