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Most people love donuts, but persons with celiac disease don’t get a chance to eat donuts often. While many brands offer gluten-free donut mixes, it’s rare to find gluten-free donuts made from leavened dough. 

Luckily, all is not lost! A few companies produce ready-to-eat gluten-free doughnuts that are available at grocery stores and online. 

So, who sells gluten-free donuts? Four major gluten-free food companies make ready donuts you can buy at the grocery store. Katz, Kinnikinnick, Soozy’s, and Freedom Gluten-Free make delicious gluten-free donuts in various flavors. Some gluten-free donuts can only be found in the freezer section at your grocery store. 

Don’t let the fact that only four brands produce ready-to-eat gluten-free donuts discourage you from enjoying an occasional donut. Keep reading to learn more about the best gluten-free donut brands and the types of gluten-free donuts they offer.

Is there Such a thing as a Gluten-Free Donut?

Yes, gluten-free donuts are a thing, and it’s possible to make gluten-free donuts at home. But if you aren’t confident in your baking skills, you can always buy ready-to-eat gluten-free donuts at a grocery store or a local, gluten-free bakery.

Regular donuts are made using wheat flour, which contains gluten. On the other hand, gluten-free-donuts are made with gluten-free flour, like millet flour, sorghum flour, or gluten-free plain flour, depending on the recipe. 

Making gluten-free donuts at home isn’t more complicated than making regular donuts at home. To make yeasted gluten-free donuts, you’ll first need to activate the yeast and combine all the other ingredients to form a dough.

If you aren’t in the mood to make gluten-free donuts, or if baking isn’t your forte, you can visit the local gluten-free bakery or see if your grocery store carries pre-made gluten-free donuts. 

Although store-bought donuts don’t have to be fried, some are frozen and must be thawed before eating. And for those times when you can’t wait to sink your teeth into a fluffy and soft glazed donut, choose shelf-stable gluten-free donuts. 

Popular Brands That Sell Gluten-Free Donuts

Surprisingly, there are a few brands that offer ready-to-eat gluten-free donuts. The following companies make gluten-free donuts that are available in grocery stores and online. 

Use the store locator tool on the donut company’s websites to locate grocery stores that carry these gluten-free donuts. Otherwise, you might spend hours wandering through local stores looking for gluten-free donut options. 

Most gluten-free food companies sell their products online, so as an alternative, head to their websites or Amazon to order your favorite gluten-free donut flavors. 

Here are a few popular gluten-free donut brands you can find at the grocery store:

1. Freedom Gluten-Free 

Freedom Gluten-Free produces delicious gluten-free donuts certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. Unlike most other gluten-free donut options, which are only found in the freezer section, these gluten-free donuts are shelf-stable and can be found in the bakery section at your grocery store.

In addition to being gluten-free, these tasty donuts are also soy-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and tree nut-free. Freedom Gluten-Free donuts are also kosher certified.

Sadly, the company’s distribution is mainly limited to the east coast, and they can be found in select stores in Massachusetts, Rode Island, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. Select locations of Sprouts also carry these gluten-free donuts, so you might be able to find them locally. 

The great thing about these gluten-free donuts is that you can order them on Amazon and save yourself the trouble of going to several grocery stores. Or, you can use the store locator tool on the brand’s website to see if these donuts are stocked in a store near you. 

Freedom Gluten-Free donuts are available in several mouthwatering flavors, including:

  • Devil’s Food Chocolate Minis
  • Old Fashioned Glazed Minis
  • Full-Sized Novelty Donuts
  • Apple Cider Donut Minis 

2. Katz Gluten-Free 

Katz is a well-known gluten-free brand with nationwide distribution. In addition to gluten-free donuts, this brand also produces gluten-free pies, cakes, buns and rolls, cookies, muffins and cupcakes, different types of bread, and dough.

All of Katz’s products are made in a gluten-free facility certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. Besides being gluten-free, Katz’s donuts are also nut-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. 

Katz gluten-free donuts are distributed in many mainstream grocery stores, including Walmart, Sprouts, Safeway, and Whole Foods. Visit the brand’s website and use the store locator tool to check if any stores in your neighborhood carry Katz’s gluten-free donuts. 

Katz produces yummy gluten-free donuts in many flavors, including:

  • Pumpkin Spice Glazed Donuts
  • Gingerbread Donuts
  • Cranberry Donuts
  • Sea Salt Caramel Donuts
  • Plain Donuts
  • Glazed Donuts
  • Powdered Donuts
  • Cinnamon Donuts 
  • Glazed Chocolate Donuts
  • Chocolate Frosted Donuts
  • Triple Chocolate Donuts
  • Chocolate Frosted Sprinkled Donuts
  • Grain-Free Cinnamon Apple Mini Donuts
  • Grain-Free Strawberry Mini Donuts
  • Mini Custard Donuts
  • Mini Jelly Donuts

3. Kinnikinnick Foods

Based in Canada, Kinnikinnick Foods is another trusted gluten-free brand. In addition to gluten-free donuts, Kinnikinick Foods produces various gluten-free products, including muffins, waffles, cookies, buns, bagels, bread, pizza, and pie crusts. 

Baked in a dedicated gluten-free facility, Kinnikinnick gluten-free donuts are also free of soy, dairy, and nuts. These donuts are distributed in many nationwide chains, including Sprouts, Safeway, Whole Foods, and Natural Grocers. 

Use Kinnikinnick’s store locator tool to see if any stores in your area carry their gluten-free donuts. Kinnikinnick doesn’t produce shelf-stable donuts, so you’ll have to look for their products in the freezer section in your local store. You can also find Kinnikinnick gluten-free donuts on Amazon if you’d like to avoid a grocery store trip. 

Let these gluten-free donuts thaw naturally before serving, or pop them in a microwave to enhance the taste and texture. 

Kinnikinnick gluten-free donuts are available in four savory flavors, including:

  • Cinnamon Sugar Donuts
  • Chocolate Dipped Donuts
  • Vanilla Glazed Donuts
  • Maple Glazed Donuts

4. Soozy’s Grain-Free

Soozy’s Grain-Free company produces a variety of gluten-free baked goods, including donuts, muffins, bread, bagels, and cookies. Not only are Soozy’s donuts gluten-free they are also dairy-free, soy-free, gum-free, and grain-free.

These delish donuts are distributed nationwide and can be found in Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, ShopRite, and many other retailers. Soozy’s donuts come frozen, so check out the freezer section of your local grocery store. To serve, leave these gluten-free donuts to thaw or warm them in the oven or microwave to enhance their texture and sweetness.

Before you head out to your local store, check out Soozy’s store locator to see which stores in your area carry Soozy’s baked products. Soozy’s gluten-free donuts and other baked goods are available on Amazon and can be ordered online. 

These gluten-free donuts are made from almond flour, organic coconut oil, and organic coconut sugar. Soozy’s donuts are certified gluten-free and certified kosher, made without GMO ingredients and glyphosate residue. 

Soozy’s gluten-free donuts are produced in three savory flavors:

  • Double Chocolate Donuts
  • Maple Donuts
  • Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Do Dunkin’ Donuts have Gluten-Free Donuts?

No, Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t have gluten-free donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts has extensive allergen information on its website, but unfortunately, its menu is pretty limited regarding gluten-free food and drinks.

Not only are their donuts made using wheat, which contains gluten, but they also contain milk, eggs, and soy which are common allergens. Furthermore, the restaurant advises its customers that its products may contain or may have been processed on shared equipment that has come into contact with fish, peanuts, sesame, tree nuts, and shellfish.   

Whether you’re craving a gluten-free donut or you’re following a gluten-free diet, Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t the best place to go looking for a gluten-free meal. 

Does Krispy Kreme have a Gluten-Free Donut?

No, Krispy Kreme doesn’t have any gluten-free donuts. Krispy Kreme uses wheat, including bran, germ, gluten, starch, and flour, to make their donuts. 

The restaurant also notes that because most of its products contain certain allergens, anything they serve could potentially be cross-contaminated. While Krispy Kreme donuts aren’t safe for people with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, the restaurant has a variety of coffees and drinks that should be safe for people following a gluten-free diet. 


It may come as a surprise, but gluten-free donuts are few and far between. Few food companies produce gluten-free donuts that are safe for people with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. 

If you’re craving a soft, fluffy, and delicious gluten-free donut, you can bake your own or try your local grocery store. Freedom Gluten-Free, Soozy’s, Katz, and Kinnikinnick Food are well-known brands that produce certified gluten-free donuts in many mouthwatering flavors. 

These brands are present in most retail stores across the country and can be ordered online, through Amazon, or straight from the company’s website. Out of all these gluten-free donut options, only Freedom Gluten-Free donuts are shelf-stable and can be found in the bakery section of your store. Other gluten-free donuts are frozen and can be found in the freezer section of grocery stores.

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