24 Popular Types of Lilies – Complete Guide

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types of lilies

Lilies are a wonderful addition to your garden, but with so many varieties, it can be hard to choose just one. Before you plant just any lily bulb, take a look at these 24 popular types of lilies.

How Many Types of Lily Flowers Are There?

how many types of lilies are there

Lilies are classified in the genus Lilium and there are 90 species within this group. Lily flowers are often categorized as Asiatic lilies, Aurelian lilies, and Oriental lilies.

Lilies come in many different shapes but they all thrive in full sun to partial shade. Most bloom in late summer although there are a few varieties that bloom in late spring or early summer.

Popular Types of Lilies

popular types of lilies

Fire King (Asiatic Lily)

Burning bright, Fire King lilies really own up to their name. They are various hues of red and orange, and pop quite boldly in the summer.

They grow to be 3 to 4 feet tall and bloom in late spring to early summer.

Casa Blanca (Oriental Lily)

These white flowers are rather ostentatious. They have large blossoms that are outward-facing.

In the middle, you will find a thin green pattern that is so delicate it is often overlooked. The edges of the petals are a bit scalloped, adding to a lovely design.

Pumilum Lily

Quite unique-looking, Pumilum lilies have an almost delicate look to them. They are small and only 2 inches wide buy you can expect up to 30 blossoms on each stem.  

The recurved petals seem to connect back on each other, exposing the stamens, making the flowers a bit of an optical illusion.

Silk Road (Orienpet Lily)

Silk Road lilies hang downwards, which is a shame as they have so much color in their middles. The edges of the petals are a pure white which transforms into a vivid crimson color.

These are tall lilies, and can reach heights of 6 feet.

Grand Cru (Asiatic Lily)

Anyone who wants to capture the beauty of sunshine will fall in love with Grand Cru lilies. The bright yellow of these flowers will surely add a smile to anyone’s face.

The petals all open skyward so you get a full appreciation for the hue. Inside, towards the center heart of the blossom, is a slight brush of burgundy.

Rosella’s Dream (Asiatic Lily)

Not shy about color, Rosella’s Dream lilies are a gorgeous combination of pink and orange. The middle of the pedals is a peachy-orange color which fades outwards into a pink hue.

Also around the middle of the flower are brown spots. They grow to be almost 3 feet in height.

Tiny Todd (Asiatic Lily)

You would think this would be a small lily, but in actual fact the flowers are quite large. The pale pink flowers open brightly and have a slight fragrance to them.

Mature plants will have 7 to 9 blossoms on each stem but only grow to about 2 feet in height.

Pink Perfection (Trumpet Lily)

If you’re looking for a stunning pink lily, then the aptly named Pink Perfection variety is perfect. This deep pink color is a real show-stopper.

The edges of the petals are white while the inner heart becomes a deeper pink color. As an added bonus, they are incredibly fragrant.

Brunello (Asiatic Lily)

The contrast between deep orange flowers and bright green leaves makes Brunello lilies simply stunning. The blossoms are shaped like a bowl and they face upwards.

Brunello lilies are quite large and can measure up to 8 inches wide. You can expect 10 to 12 flowers per stem.

Regale (Trumpet Lily)

Need a show-stopper in your garden that is also incredibly fragrant? Regale lilies offer the perfect combination.

Regale lilies have long petals that form downward-facing trumpets. While the outside is colored purple, which fades outwards into white, inside you will find a golden yellow at the center.

Claude Shride (Martagon Lily)

Quite delicate looking, Claude Shride lilies are bursting with color. Their petals are a very dark mahogany color with deep orange spots in the middle.

It’s a shame that these lilies hang downwards as the spotted color is so unique. They will grow up to 6 feet tall and add a burst of personality to your garden.

Lady Alice

A hybrid lily, Lady Alice petals have a unique orange tint to them. While the majority of the petals are white, this fades into a bright orangey-peach color that really stands out.

To round out the design, there are light brown specks. These are larger lilies, and will grow to 4 feet over time.

Altari (Orienpet Lily)

Gorgeous and fragrant, the Altari lily is two-toned, with a red raspberry shade inside, fading to pure white on the outside of the petals.

Expect the blossoms to be 6 to 12 inches wide and the plants to grow 3 to 4 feet in height.

Black Out (Asiatic Lily)

While not completely, black, the Black Out lily is a very deep red, with the center almost fading into dark. Unlike other lilies, there is no white to be had on this species.

You can expect 4 to 5 blossoms on each stem of Black Out lilies. They are a bit shorter than other varieties, and will grow to 2 to 3 feet tall.

Monte Negro (Asiatic Lily)

Looking for a real frenzy of color? Monte Negro lilies have a deep crimson color that will make them the highlight of any garden or bouquet.

These lilies are bowl-shaped and quite large. The blossoms grow up to 8 inches wide and mature flowers will produce 7 to 10 flowers per stem.

Dizzy (Oriental Lily)

Dizzy lilies are bold and unashamed. This vibrant lily has white petals with a deep pink stripe down the middle. They are further ornamented with deep pink speckles.

These outward-facing blossoms can self-seed and will sure to be the focal point of any garden.

African Queen

Incredibly fragrant, African Queen lilies have a trumpet shape to them, which is why they are also known as trumpet lilies. They have a deep orange, almost apricot hue to them.

You can expect African Queen lilies to grow between 36 and 40 inches in height.

Arabian Knight (Martagon Lily)

There’s a lot to love about Arabian Knight lilies. They have smaller blossoms that are golden and dark brown in color, which usually face downward.

After growing for a few years, you can expect up to 50 flowers on just one stem, making them quite versatile.

Arabian Knight lilies can grow to be 3 to 6 feet tall and can self-seed. You will want to give them plenty of space when you first plant them.

Black Spider (Asiatic Lily)

If you’re looking for contrast, Black Spider lilies won’t disappoint. The edge of the petals are a creamy white that then fades into black at the center. Dark purple spots add to the texture of the fading.

Each stem of Black Spider lilies will have 5 to 7 blossoms that face upwards.

Black Beauty (Orienpet Lily)

With a deep crimson color, it’s no wonder this species of lily is called Black Beauty. The blossoms are smaller, and only reach about 3 inches in width, although you can expect quite a few blossoms on each stem.

The lilies will grow to 4 to 7 feet tall. The petals fold back, allowing the anthers to be really prominent.

Brindisi (Longiflorum-Asiatic Lily)

Lovely, delicate, and full of life, Brindisi lilies are simply delightful. They have a vivid pink color that fades to a slightly darker hue in the middle.

The petals are long and open upwards. You can expect 6 to 7 blossoms per stem.

Citronella (Asiatic Lily)

While the Citronella lily won’t unfortunately ward off mosquitos, it will look beautiful all summer long. It has a vivid golden orange color with pin-prick brown dots over all the petals.

Citronella lilies have pendent blossoms that hang down. After a few years, you can expect each stem to produce up to 20 blossoms.

Belladonna (Orienpet Lily)

Not to be confused with the poisonous belladonna plant, this type of lily is the picture of sunshine. However, like most lilies, it is toxic to cats.

Belladonna flowers have a gorgeous, bright yellow color to them. Their blossoms are wider and shaped like a bowl, and can grow to be 7 inches wide.

Patricia’s Pride (Asiatic Lily)

This vibrant lily is also known as Purple Rain, thanks to its violet color at its heart. The petals of this lily are a creamy white, which then fades into an almost black-purple.

Patricia’s Pride has upward-facing blooms and the plant can grow to be 4 feet tall.

What are Pink Lilies Called?

Lilies come in all shades of colors, and there are plenty of pink ones. Some of the more popular species are Brindisi lilies and Pink Perfection lilies.

What are White Lilies Called?

If you find yourself searching for white lilies, you may find them under their other name, Easter lilies. While they don’t really bloom at Easter time, they do come out in early summer, which is earlier than most other varieties.


With so many lilies to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your selection. However, whether you want large flowers or soft blossoms, there is a variety that will look amazing in your garden.

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