Construction Update: Month 3!

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This month’s construction update is running a little late because it’s CRUNCH time!

Lots of fun decisions are being about about interior finishes as the house nears completion!

To recap, let’s back up to Day 69.

Day 69, May 16

Not much is has changed on the outside of the house over the past two weeks, but lots is happening inside!

Plumbing, wiring, heating/cooling, and installation is on track to be completed next week. When the house is finished, you won’t be able see much evidence of these trades from the outside, and yet, without them, a house would lack all functionality!

It reminds me of 1 Corinthians 12, where Paul talks about how every member of the Body is essential to it working properly. We often focus on public facing roles, but what happens in the quiet, behind the scenes, is just as necessary. Our differences should not divide us; the very fact that each person is uniquely gifted is what makes us be able to function as one unit!

As an aside, the boys are greatly relieved that our house will not stay pink. 😁

Day 75, May 22

Our front porch beams are being installed today! I’m thrilled with how these turned out! Each piece is cut from the center of a Douglas Fir tree, and stained to match our front door.

I can’t wait to see how they pop against the charcoal colored siding, which will probably start next week!

The main floor was 75% drywalled this afternoon, and we found out this morning that the flooring cost came under budget far enough to finish the basement without going over! 🙌

Day 78, May 25

Paint colors and flooring finishes are solidified!

This post will bore some of you to tears, but if you’re like me and get delighted by choosing paint colors and the thought process behind it, then read on 😂.

(If this appears to be written by someone who has had an entire year to think about this, it’s because it has. 🤪)

Day 84, June 1

Garage doors are in, and PVC Trim is going up around all the exterior doors and windows. We picked a super simple design, with all the trim boards being the same width, and the top one extending half an inch on either side. PVC is extremely durable, washable, requires no maintenance, and will help the charcoal colored cladding scheduled for installation later this week to really pop!

Inside, mudding the drywall is nearing completion, and getting set for millwork to begin!

Day 92, June 9

Siding has started! 🙌 

Here’s the color we picked and some of our inspiration pictures that helped persuade us to go DARK! 

(Actually, we didn’t need any persuasion; Brad and I have been on the same page about every decision so far, and that’s made the building process so enjoyable!)

Day 95, June 12

The exterior is nearly complete! Still needed: a little siding, soffit and fascia, stone around the base of the beams, and white PVC trim on the outer corners.

I’m so thrilled with the color: a dark gray with a very slight blue undertone, depending on how the sun hits it. Ironstone from Royal Building Products was my number one pick from the get-go, and even though it was a little harder to order in, it was definitely worth the wait!

Inside, the drywall mudding is *this* close to being finished, primer is scheduled for application next week, and the flooring has been delivered!

Day 99, June 16
Today was the most fun we’ve ever had picking out a finish for our house! We visited a dairy farm and chose a mantel for the fireplace from a hand hewn beam of a barn that was built in the early 1800’s!

It will be pressure-washed, cut to size, and stained to match our kitchen island. I grew up on a farm that had a barn similar to this one, so I’m thrilled about having a piece of local,.200+ year old history in our house. 😊

The best part of picking out the mantel was petting the sweet calves, according to the girls. 😁

The exterior is almost completed, interior has been primed and ceilings are painted (flooring is scheduled for installation TOMORROW!), and the stair posts are ready to be sprayed when the interior trim is finished.

Stay tuned…by the end of next month, Lord willing, the house will be mostly finished!

Save for later!

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  1. I have been so enjoyed watching your house build project. Love the design decisions. I also made your “Salted Chocolate Almond Bars” a couple of weeks ago and I’m about to make them again, they were delicious and I love the fact that they are a “no bake”.


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