Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

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One of my best memories as a child was celebrating a birthday with an outdoor scavenger hunt!

I remember pairing off friends into two teams, scavenging all around 88 acres with a bag in hand, in search of all the things on the list!

outdoor scavenger hunt

My grandparents’ property had a creek, valley, field, and forest, so the array of material we could collect was vast!

Whether a person won or not made no difference in how much fun they had. There’s nothing quite like being out in nature with a little encouragement to observe it carefully to better one’s day!

Where else can you be so inundated with millions of reminders about how intricately God is involved in and presently caring for all that is His?!

All of our kids are outdoorsy people, and our oldest daughter has requested an outdoor scavenger hunt with her friends to celebrate!

We came up with this list together.

It is suitable for use in most of Canada and the Northern half of the United States. We made it a bit lengthier than other scavenger hunts because other lists we’ve used were always finished faster than anyone was ready to be! 


  1. A country property is an ideal location for this scavenger hunt, but you’ll find most things can be found in town, too. 
  2. You can group people into teams, or give each person their own list.
  3. Each team or person will need a pen or pencil to check off the items they’ve collected.
  4. A medium sized bag or box would be suitable to hold the collections. We prefer using bags because their handles make things easier to carry, and lighter materials are less likely to blow away.  
  5. Prizes can be awarded to those who have found the most items on the list, but the real reward lies in the thrill of the hunt! 
  6. Right click to download and print off the Outdoor Scavenger Hunt below.

  • A milkweed plant
  • A gray feather
  • A stone that sparkles 
  • Fungi from a tree
  • Moss
  • A piece of birch bark
  • A piece of clover
  • A Queen Anne’s Lace Bloom
  • 3 pine cones of different shapes
  • A walnut
  • An acorn 
  • 5 maple keys
  • A heart-shaped leaf
  • A day lily stem
  • A wild edible 
  • An oak tree leaf
  • A yellow flower 
  • A hosta leaf
  • A blade of grass that’s at least 3 ft. long 
  • A twig shaped like a gun
  • A purple wildflower
  • A coniferous needle
  • A plant with a thorn
  • A seedpod 
  • A bulb
  • A dandelion root
  • A shell 

Bonus items:

  • Salamander
  • Butterfly 
  • Caterpillar 
  • An abandoned nest

We hope you have as much fun with this Outdoor Scavenger Hunt as we have! 

Save for later!

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