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Slim Jims are a popular brand of beef jerky snacks and meat sticks. If you love the flavor of these meaty snacks but are sensitive to gluten, you’re probably wondering, is Slim Jims gluten-free?

No, Slim Jims aren’t gluten-free. Slim Jim Sticks come in many different flavors, but all contain barley malt extract, which isn’t safe for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Beef jerky snacks made by Slim Jim contain soy sauce and aren’t gluten-free. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Slim Jim sticks and jerky products. Keep reading to find gluten-free beef jerky brands and substitutes for Slim Jim snacks. 

Why Slim Jims Are Not Gluten-Free?

Slim Jims aren’t gluten-free because they are made with barley malt extract, which contains gluten. 

Conagra, the company that owns the Slim Jim brand, understands how important it is for people diagnosed with gluten intolerance to get accurate information about the food they eat. So, all of their products state on the label whether they are gluten-free or not. 

Products validated as gluten-free will have a gluten-free statement on the label. Products that may not contain gluten, but haven’t been verified yet, won’t contain a gluten-free statement.

At this time, none of Slim Jim’s products doesn’t possess a gluten-free statement, which makes them unsuitable for people with gluten sensitivities. 

Is Mild Slim Jims Gluten-Free?

Mild Slim Jim Sticks aren’t gluten-free. A Mild Slim Jim is a mellower version of the Slim Jim Original flavor and packs a tasty smoky flavor.

A giant mild Slim Jim Smoked Snack Stick contains 130 calories, 6 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, and 5 grams of carbohydrates. A single Slim Jim snack also contains calcium, iron, potassium, and 440 mg of sodium. 

In terms of ingredients, a giant mild Slim Jim Smoked Snack Stick, contains beef, pork, mechanically separated chicken, water, textured soy flour, corn syrup, and salt. A single stick has less than 2% of the:

  • Dextrose 
  • Natural flavors
  • Paprika and extractives of paprika
  • Maltodextrin
  • Hydrolyzed soy protein
  • Lactic acid starter culture
  • Barley malt extract
  • Citric acid
  • Soy lectin
  • Sodium nitrate

The barley malt extract is the gluten-containing ingredient in the mild Slim Jim Sticks. It makes this snack unsuitable for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. 

Are Beef Jerky Sticks Gluten-Free?

Slim Jim beef jerky strips aren’t gluten-free because they contain soy sauce. Although soy is gluten-free, soy sauce is usually made from wheat, soybeans, salt, and water. The addition of wheat makes soy sauce unsafe for people with gluten intolerance. 

Beef jerky is mainly made from dried and sometimes smoked strips of marinated meat, which is free of gluten. But the ingredients that go into the marinade sauce may contain gluten. 

Beef jerky products must comply with FDA Gluten-Free Labeling Standards if they are labeled as gluten-free. Sometimes, a jerky product won’t be labeled as gluten-free but may actually be gluten-free. 

When looking for gluten-free beef jerky, check the ingredient list for soy sauce and teriyaki sauce. Regular soy sauce and teriyaki sauce contain wheat and are unsafe for people with gluten sensitivities. 

Gluten-Free Beef-Jerky Brands

Slim Jim Jerky products aren’t gluten-free, but there are several gluten-free jerky brands you can choose from. Take a look at the most popular gluten-free beef jerky brands:

People’s Choice Beef Jerky

People’s Choice Beef Jerky was founded in 1929 and continues to make the finest handcrafted beef jerky. The company’s Original Beef Jerky recipe is gluten-free and hasn’t changed much in the past 90 years. 

Katie’s Premium Jerky & Snacks

Katie’s Premium Jerky offers more than 60 delicious recipes, including beef, wild game, and pineapple. All of Katie’s products are gluten-free, handcrafted, all-natural, and suitable for people with gluten intolerance. 

Jerky’s Gourmet

This company offers a variety of jerky recipes, including gluten-free, soy-free, paleo-friendly, and craft beer beef jerky. Jerky’s Gourmet Premium Beef Jerky is made from grass-fed beef and doesn’t contain hormones, antibiotics, or nitrates. 

Topanga’s Finest 

This company produces all-natural, gluten-free beef jerky in an array of tasty flavors. Topanga’s Finest Jerky is low in fat and made without added preservatives or antibiotics.

Cattaneo Brothers 

The Cattaneo Brothers company has been crafting premium quality jerky since 1947. This company offers an array of hand-crafted gluten-free beef jerky recipes made from solid beef strips.

Baja Vida

If you’re looking for a completely natural, gluten-free, and uniquely flavored beef jerky, give Baja Vida a try. This company combines premium-quality beef with fresh and exciting flavors like Sweet Orange, Salsa Fresca, Lime, and Serrano.  Their beef jerky recipes are gluten-free and have no preservatives, nitrites, or MSG.

Righteous Felon Craft Jerky

The Righteous Felon is a premium-quality craft jerky brand that offers eight gluten-free beef jerky recipes. Righteous Felon jerky is handmade using the highest-quality ingredients and pasture-raised beef that is hormone and antibiotic-free. 

Jeff’s Famous Jerky

Jeff’s Famous Jerky produces a variety of delicious jerky recipes, including beef, turkey, and beckon-flavored gluten-free jerky. This brand puts a lot of effort and research into creating different flavors that will complement every tender cut of beef. 


The Slim Jim is a well-known brand of meat sticks and jerky snacks owned by Conagra company. Although Slim Jim’s Sticks and jerky are very popular and come in many flavors, they aren’t gluten-free.

Slim Jim Sticks are made using malt barley extract, which contains gluten, and aren’t safe for people diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. The brand’s jerky is also unsuitable for people with gluten intolerances because it contains soy sauce, which is made of several ingredients, including wheat.

Although Slim Jims contain gluten, many other brands produce gluten-free jerky and other snacks. If you’re looking for gluten-free beef jerky, give Baja Vida, Cattaneo Brothers, Topanga’s Finest, or Katie’s Premium Jerky a try. 

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