10 Popular and Common Types of Pizza

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types of pizza

What’s for dinner tonight? There’s a good chance it might be pizza. Pizza is the go-to when you just really don’t want to cook again.

It’s perfect if it is just you eating, or if you have to feed a large group. If you’re ready to try other versions of pizza, these are 10 of the most popular variations.

How many types of pizza are there?

Pizza exists all over the world. While it may be called by other names, each country seems to have its own version.

For our purposes, we have looked at the United States and the 10 most common pizza types to be found there. While some may be familiar, there will probably a few that you haven’t discovered yet.

How many different types of pizza toppings are there?

If you can think of a type of food, chances are it has been on top of a pizza. While tomato sauce and cheese usually form the base of pizza toppings, you can add just about any combination of meat and vegetables.

That’s the beauty of pizza. You can customize it so it’s exactly what your tastebuds are craving.

10 Common Types of Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza

Simple, elegant, and classic. These are the characteristics of a Neapolitan pizza.

Neapolitan pizza originated in Naples, Italy, and has since become a fan favorite at both restaurants and home cooks.

To start, craft a simple, thin dough. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, and in fact most Neapolitan pizza is in a more rustic, oval shape.

While the toppings are simple, they key is that they should be fresh. Instead of grating mozzarella, slice fresh Buffalo mozzarella. Halved tomato pieces should also be used.

Finally, when the pizza is done, scatter fresh basil leaves on top. If you want, you can drizzle olive oil and crack fresh pepper on top.

Traditional Toppings: Buffalo mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil

Detroit Pizza

detroit pizza

While not as popular as Chicago or New York-style pizzas, Detroit still has quite the local flair. Detroit pizza mixes things up a bit, with the pizza dough shaped into rectangular baking trays. Once cooked, it is then cut into squares.

As for the crust, expect a crispier texture, as the dough is usually brushed on the bottom with butter before baked. The toppings are kept simple, with just mushrooms and pepperoni on top.

Traditional Toppings: mushrooms, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese

Bagel Pizza

bagel pizza

Back in the 1990s, bagel bites were introduced to the masses. They were microwavable and a huge hit for teenagers craving an after-school snack.

While those treats weren’t really packed with nutrients, Bagel pizzas in a more natural state are quite delicious.

Instead of using dough, start with a plain, toasted bagel. You could use other flavors of bagels, but depending on your toppings, the bagel may interfere with the overall taste.

Cut the bagel in half and toast it first; otherwise, it will become too soggy. Then, place whatever toppings you want on top.

Popular combinations include pepperoni, ham and pineapple, or fresh vegetables. Sprinkle on some shredded mozzarella cheese and pop them in the oven until the cheese melts.

Bagel pizzas are the perfect snack for when you’re craving pizza but don’t want to commit to a whole meal.

Traditional Toppings: pepperoni, ham, pineapple, mozzarella cheese

Breakfast Pizza

breakfast pizza

There are some who think breakfast pizza is simple cold, leftover pizza. However, you can actually make a more refined dish, which is perfect when entertaining people for brunch.

Breakfast pizza is all about preparing you for the day ahead. It uses hearty ingredients that are also fresh-tasting.

While you can add just about anything you like, popular choices include smoked salmon, bacon, sausage, and tomatoes. You can even add eggs and potatoes for a more unique experience.

There are a few restaurants that are starting to add breakfast pizza to their menu. However, most often it is created by adventurous home cooks.  

Traditional Toppings: sausage, smoked salmon, bacon, cheese, tomatoes

Chicago/Deep-Dish Pizza

chicago pizza

Next to New York-style pizza, the second most famous city’s pizza in the United States is definitely Chicago.

Chicago pizza is also called deep-dish pizza because it is literally made in a deep dish. The dough is rolled out and placed in a pan that is at least 1 inches in height although sometimes it can even be 2 inches deep.

Then, you need to put your cheese on the dough, followed by the toppings, and then finally the tomato sauce. As you may have noticed, this is the reversal of the normal layering method.

The pizza needs to cook for a long time because of the layers. If you don’t place the toppings correctly, you will end up with a soggy mess.

Traditional Toppings: mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, meat, onion

St. Louis Pizza

st.louis pizza

Not a fan of thick crust? Then try out the super thin St. Louis pizza.

It uses a very thin crust which actually doesn’t rise. This is because no yeast is used in the recipe.

While the pizza starts out in a circular shape, when you cut into it, it is actually divided into rectangular shapes. The cheese itself is also original, which is a local creation called Provel, which is a combination of provolone, white cheddar, and swiss cheese.

You may want to take a trip to St. Louis first, to sample this pizza in all its glory. Then, if you want to emulate it at home, it will be quite simple.

Because the dough doesn’t include yeast, you just need flour, olive oil, and water. It is a simple recipe that can be whipped up whenever you are craving pizza.

Traditional Toppings: bacon, oregano, Provel cheese blend

Californian Pizza

californian pizza

The secret to a great tasting California pizza is freshness. While the toppings may vary, they all have in common the fact they are local, fresh ingredients.

California pizza arose in popularity in the 1980s. It even spun the popular restaurant chain, California Pizza Kitchen.

Start with a thin crust and then add whatever you want. The more interesting toppings, the better! This is the perfect meal to make in a backyard pizza oven.

Traditional Toppings: fresh, seasonal ingredients

Sicilian Pizza

sicilian pizza

When you think of pizza, you might envision a circle. However, with Sicilian pizza, it’s all about the rectangle.

Instead of using traditional pizza dough, Sicilian pizza uses a thicker dough, similar to focaccia bread. Then, tomatoes or tomato sauce are spread over, with a generous helping of herbs.

For cheese, you will want to use a strong, Sicilian cheese called toma.

Traditional Toppings: toma cheese, tomatoes, onions, herbs, anchovies

New York-Style Pizza

newyork style pizza

Depending on who you ask, pizza might just have originated in New York, made by Italian immigrants looking to create a slice of home. The New York-style pizza of today is all about a large piece of pizza that is so thin you can fold it in half.

Start with dough and roll it thin. However, you don’t want it to be so thin that the crust will become crunchy.

While you can add whatever toppings you want, the standard fare is simple tomato sauce and mozzarella. Even if you think there’s enough cheese on top, it’s probably best to add a bit more.

Traditional Toppings: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese

Greek Pizza

greek pizza

What really sets Greek pizza apart from the other types is its crust. While traditional pizza dough can be quite dense, Greek pizza has a very light and airy crust that bubbles up while it cooks.

Instead of using a pizza pan, Greek pizza is cooked in a shallow pan. It is also not stretched; however, it is not considered a thick crust pizza.

The toppings for Greek pizza are as you would imagine. Black olives, feta cheese, roasted red peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes are placed on top, followed by a sprinkling of Greek spices.

The result is a refreshing dish that won’t leave you feeling greasy.

Traditional Toppings: black olives, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese

Which type of pizza is best?

Is this question even possible to answer? All pizzas are delicious and which one you decide for dinner is entirely according to your personal tastes.

A classic like the Neapolitan pizza, made of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and cheese, is always delicious. A bagel pizza might be exactly what you need to re-energize after school or a sporting event.

And, if you just can’t decide, we suggest taking a tour of America.

Start off in California and savor the fresh, local ingredients on their pizza. Head to St. Louis for a crispy rectangular cut.

Chicago will have you feeling stuffed with their deep-dish treat. Finally, finish off in New York with a foldable piece of pizza to enjoy.


Pizza has become a staple in North American cuisine. It is delicious, easy to find, and perfect if you have lots of mouths to feed.

The best thing about pizza is that it comes in many different forms. You can mix up the toppings and even the shape. But it will always be yummy.

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