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Sure piglets are cute and small but once they start growing, there are some pig breeds that can top out at 700 pounds. If you’re looking for a pig that will stay tiny, here are some of the smallest pig breeds available.

Smallest Pig Breeds: Pigs come in all shapes and sizes but if you want an animal that is smaller than others, then there are quite a few pig breeds to choose from. Although some of them still have quite a bit of heft to them, there are quite a few pig breeds where mature animals weigh less than 400 pounds. You can even find some breeds, like the Miniature pig, the Gottingen pig, and the Kunekune pig that weigh less than 150 pounds. While pigs are highly intelligent and are often affectionate, not all pigs like to be indoors. Even if you are looking for a pet pig, it should have its own area outside, with an enclosed space to keep it safe and plenty of room to forage and roam around.

Is there a breed of pig that stays small?

One of the smallest breeds of pigs, in relation to size is the Gottingen mini pig. It will only reach 10 to 12 inches in height.

10 Smallest Pig Breeds


Named after a province in China, Meishan pigs are black in color and have wrinkly faces framed by floppy ears. They can be kept as pets but are mainly raised because of their flavorful meet.

Meishan pigs can live to an impressive 15 to 20 years. They weigh 275 to 400 pounds.

American Mini Pig

Growing to just 15 to 20 inches in size, the American Mini Pig is an excellent idea if you want a pig for a companion. They are a result of cross-breeding and have excellent personalities.

American Mini pigs are calm, friendly, and intelligent. They can be many different colors but all have short, straight legs. They also go by the nickname of teacup pigs and pocket pigs and grow between 50 to 150 pounds.

Pot Bellied Pigs

Despite their name and their very striking appearance, Pot Bellied pigs are overall rather small. They have large, saggy bellies, hence the name, and their faces are often covered in extra folds.

Pot Bellied pigs are very smart and kind. However, they do not like to be constantly handled so don’t expect to pick these animals up and have a cuddle with them.

If you get a Pot Bellied pig as a piglet, they are more likely to form attachments with you. They are between 125 and 180 pounds.

Ossabaw Island Hog

While slightly larger than other breeds on our list, Ossabow Island hogs are still considered a small breed. These pigs are black in color and have rather long snouts.

Ossabaw Island hogs need to be outside, rather than inside. They love to use their long snouts to forage and will happily sniff out insects, worms, and even crabs.

Their thick coat makes them hardy animals and they are well suited for colder climates. While not the cutest breed, they are quite intelligent and weigh up to 200 pounds.


With adorable dark spots along with their light pink coat, Juliana pigs are a delight to behold. They look a bit like large hogs except in miniature form.

Juliana pigs have pink ears that stand erect so that they always look alert. These pigs can get up to 40 pounds in size and it’s important to note that their skin is very sensitive so they need more care than other breeds.

Miniature Pig

A breed rather than a description, Miniature pigs have very distinct markings. While their bellies and legs are a bright pink color, their backs and head are a deep black color.

Miniature pigs are one of the best options if you are looking for a pig you can keep indoors. They are calm and intelligent, and you can train them at a young age.

Due to their small stature, Miniature pigs are also called Micro pigs and Dwarf pigs. Fully mature, they weigh between 70 to 140 pounds.  

Gottingen Mini Pig

Super small and super cute, Gottingen Mini pigs are mostly pink in color. They are very popular as pets, due to their size and temperament.

Height-wise, Gottingen Mini pigs will only grow to be 10 to 12 inches and weigh between 50 and 80 pounds.

Mulefoot Pig

Unlike other pigs, the Mulefoot pig breed has intact un-cloven hooves, which is how they got their name. They have large, floppy ears and long snouts.

Unfortunately, there are very few Mulefoot pigs left. It is, therefore, very hard to find this breed although there are some farms in the United States that still breed them.

While still considered miniature, these pigs can grow to be 400 pounds.


If you want a small pig, then you will definitely want to consider the Kunekune breed. They have a dark coating with black and white markings interspersed with cream patches.

Kunekune pigs became prominent in the 19th century but are now rare to find. They are very docile and kind, and females make for excellent mothers.

Those that are able to find Kunekune pigs should be aware that they prefer to be outside where they can graze through grass and explore their surroundings. They weigh between 130 and 400 pounds.

American Guinea Hog

Blackcoats, curly tails and upright ears make the American Guinea hog breed really stand out. While you can find these pigs and raise them as pets, there is also a growing market for their meat.

They are popular in the United States and also go by the name of Acorn Eater and Guinea Forest pig. They will live for 10 to 15 years if raised properly and weigh between 150 and 300 pounds.

What is the smallest breed of mini pigs?

Because pigs can be so large, it’s a matter of comparison to decide what are miniature breeds. The two smallest breeds of mini pigs are the Kunekune and the Miniature pig breeds.


Small pigs allow you to have cute, smart animals around that don’t take up massive amounts of room. Just remember that even small pigs weigh at least 50 pounds.

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