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Every pet deserves a good name, even one that likes to roll around in the mud. Pigs are highly intelligent animals with tons of personalities. Finding a name that suits this unique animal can be a challenge, which is why we’ve created a list of suggestions for pig names.

Pig names: Pigs are adorable, intelligent, and faithful. They make for great pets and while most pigs should stay outside, there are times when people have brought these animals inside to live. Wherever you want your pig to be, if you plan on having it for a while, it needs a proper name. You can choose cute, whimsical names or funny names full of puns. You can even take inspiration from famous pigs. Whatever you choose, just make sure you are happy with the choice. Pigs can live up to 20 years and you want the name to be something that can withstand the test of time. But remember that pigs don’t take themselves too seriously, so don’t be afraid to ham it up with their new name.

Pig as Pets

Pigs get a bad rap for being dirty animals, but the opposite is true. These animals are actually quite clean.

Although pigs do like to roll around in the mud, this is often due to wanting to cool off on a hot day. Normally, pigs are like other animals in that they try their best to clean themselves.

Pigs are great as pets because they can be trained to follow simple commands. You can teach them to roll over, follow, stay, and even fetch. If you want a really special trick, you can even teach them to shake a hoof.

While there are some people who allow their pet pig into their house, these animals can be quite large, so don’t be surprised if they accidentally break something.

Furthermore, there are different breeds that reach different sizes. If you want a pig as a pet, be sure to select a breed that meets your needs; otherwise, you may have to find a new home for it, which can be sad all around.

Tips for Naming a Pet Pig

Just as you would name other pets, you want your pig’s name to have some meaning to it. The meaning behind a name can even strengthen the bond you have between you and your pet.

Also, remember that pigs can live for 15 to 20 years. You don’t want to have a name that you get tired of.

Pigs respond to their names, so once you start using the name, it will stick and needs to remain.

Finally, while it’s always a great idea to get kids involved with the naming process, perhaps ensure you have veto power over the final name, just in case they come up with something inappropriate or even un-pronounceable.

Male Pig Names

  • Brutus – Known for his strength, if you have a rather large pig, then Brutus is a great marker of power.
  • Bubba – When you think of the name Bubba, you might envision a rather large football player. If you have a hulking pig, this is the perfect name.
  • Digger – While not a super common pig name, Digger is a great idea as it is both masculine and descriptive. Pigs are excellent diggers and proud of it.

Female Pig Names

  • Petunia – Named after a Looney Tunes character, Petunia has a nice, alliteration sound to it, and is very feminine.
  • Peaches – Another alliteration name, Peaches just sounds nice. It’s also a great choice as peaches and pigs are similar colors.
  • Princess – There’s something endearing about naming a massive pig that occasionally rolls around in the mud such a royal name. We think it can be quite an adorable idea.

Funny Pig Names

  • Chris P. Bacon – Using an initial to complete this pun, this silly name is perfect, although we maybe don’t recommend naming a pet that could actually turn into bacon.
  • Ham Solo – Star Wars lovers will love this funny pig name. It’s a great twist on the iconic character of Hans Solo.
  • Elvis Pigsley – If you are a music lover, you will really appreciate this adaptation of the iconic Elvis Pressley. Bonus points if your pig is able to turn up the side of its snout.
  • Hamlet – Shakespeare lovers will fall in love with this ode to the pensive Danish prince. Hamlet is one of the most iconic characters and plays, so any English major should put this at the top of their list.

Cute Pig Names

  • Piglet – The adorable friend to Winnie the Pooh is quite small, and if you want a funny and cute pig name, then you should use Piglet if your pet is a larger breed.
  • Squeaks – Pig make a lot of cute noises, and when they are piglets, they can really squeak. This is a great name, especially if you end up with a smaller runt.
  • Pickles – Making use of even more alliteration, Pickles is a cute name that is very popular with pigs.

Famous Pig Names

  • Peppa Pig- If you have children, this might just be the fan favorite. This delightful children’s TV show features Peppa and her brother, George, along with Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig.
  • Wilbur – Everyone should read Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White in their lifetime due to its message of hope and friendship. In the book, Wilbur the pig is saved by Charlotte the spider, showing children that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • Porky Pig – While children might not be familiar with this Looney Tunes staples, adults will surely remember Porky and his catchphrase, “That’s all folks.” Porky is a good option for those nostalgic for their youth.
  • Pig – When the movie Babe came out in 1995, it became an instant classic. While the name Pig is not very original, it is still a perfectly good choice.


We hope that we have provided you with a wide range of pig name suggestions. If you’re not quite sure what to name your new pet, you can always wait a few weeks until you get a better sense of their personality.

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