Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

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mason jar soap dispenserI still had a couple of things on my to-do list for our main bathroom, one of which was making a mason jar soap dispenser.

This was such a simple project that cost me less than $2 to make, and it helps complete the farmhouse feel to our bathroom much better than the plastic hand pump we had been using up until now. (Please excuse all the outdoor pictures. I do all my projects outside if it’s sunny enough!)

stuff to make soap dispenserYou’ll need:

  • a mason jar with a lid and ring
  • the pump from an old soap dispenser
  • something sharp, like a screw or nail
  • a hammer
  • a scissors
  • soap


how to make a mason jar soap dispenserFirst, use a nail (or screw, or whatever sharp, pointed, hole-making thing you can find) and a hammer to pop a hole into the center(ish) of the jar lid.

mason jar lid with holeThen use that hole as a starting point for your scissors so you can make it big enough for the straw of the dispenser to fit through, but small enough so that the top of the pump will cover the edges. Like so:

mason jar lidFill the jar with soap, slip on the lid with the inserted pump, and screw on the ring. That’s it! Super easy and inexpensive, but oh-so-cute!

mason jar soap dispenser tutorialAnd since the glass is clear, you can change the look of your whole bathroom (or kitchen) by using different colored soaps!

Pink or lavender for spring? Yellow or blue for summer? Orange for fall? Green for Christmas? The possibilities are as endless as the variety of soaps you can buy.


Save for later!

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