IKEA Kitchen Reno: Before & After!

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Sorry for yelling. I’m just very happy to have a stove after 8 weeks of “cooking” for 7 without one!

(By “cooking,” I mean we ate prepackaged carbs that tasted similarly to the boxes the came in.)

It’s an overcast day, so these photos aren’t great, but I thought I’d share a few shots anyway. Here’s a photo of our old kitchen from the MLS listing when we bought our house two years ago:

This is our kitchen now:

Another before:

Same spot, after:

A before photo of the dining area:

And how it looks now:

It felt like a long haul while we were in the middle of the chaos, but now that it’s finished, I’m so thrilled we plowed through the challenges (I’ll share those another day).

This was the part where I seriously second guessed our decision to renovate the kitchen!

Except for the electrical work, Brad and I installed the entire kitchen ourselves, working in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Removing the island resulted in a much better flow of traffic for our family of seven.

The kitchen is so much brighter, even on this rainy day, thanks to IKEA’s white Grimslov cabinets, shiny white subway tile, under cabinet lighting, and new, recessed lights.

We chose Formica’s Argento Romano laminate counter tops because of their affordability, but everyone asks if they’re granite!

The addition of two pantries and a built in desk provide more than enough storage for food and all our homeschooling books.

The kids love to do their schoolwork here, and when they’re not using it, it makes a wonderful command station for me!

This invisible spice drawer in our double bank of drawers next to the stove is one of my favorite features. I love seeing my most-used spices at a glance and knowing how much of everything I have left.

Originally, I had envisioned an undermount sink, but since they aren’t yet compatible with laminate counters, we opted for IKEA’s NORRSJON stainless steel double bowl, top mount sink that sits almost flush with the counter. We’re loving our IKEA Kitchen Sink!

We also chose IKEA’s RINGSKAR faucet. It’s a super simple, sleek design with a pull-out sprayer. It’s quite high, which makes it really nice for filling up large stock pots.

You can see more of this art gallery wall on the other side of the table here.

A few side by side before & afters:



More IKEA kitchen details and hacks we discovered to come. šŸ™‚

Save for later!

57 thoughts on “IKEA Kitchen Reno: Before & After!”

  1. Currently in the middle of a Ikea kitchen remodel.
    I hope my kitchen ends as beautiful as yours.
    I am concerned about my kitchen sink.
    I too selected the Norrsjon and am considering returning for another brand due to mixed online reviews.
    My home is filled with rough boys have you experienced scratching or rusting with your sink?

        • Would you be willing to send me picture of your upper corner cabinet? We are a year out from our install and are just now doing the filler piece and the top molding and the pieces under the upper cabinets. Iā€™m not totally sure how to do those parts.

  2. Beautiful kitchen!! Love it all! What are the dimensions of your beautiful table? Did you make this or purchase it?


  3. Hi Jacinda, Love your kitchen! We too were once a homeschooling of five, and now that the children have mostly flown from the nest, we’re renovating our kitchen. My question is, why did you prefer to shop instore as opposed to online? Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Jacinda,

    I have a question. It looks like you went with the taller kitchen wall cabinets (40 inches vs 30). Did you have to add crown to the top of the cabinets? It appears as if there is a small gap between the ceiling and top of the cabinets, but it looks very clean and deliberate. It looks great, I’m just wondering how you achieved the look. Thanks!

  5. Love the kitchen! I see you have used ikea savedal doors – they are so nice and simple with clean lines! The old kitchen was nice but looked really heavy, but the new one is beyond fantastic!! We have a dreadful old kitchen – it is literally falling apart!
    I see you have also used white subway tiles – also my tile of choice ! Just love it!

  6. Are these the grimslov doors in off-white? We are wanting to do something similar and you said you got the white doors, but it seems all ikea has in this style is off-white.

  7. WOW!! Talk about a dream kitchen! It is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I don’t know if my husband and I could handle doing a kitchen ourselves, but this makes me want to try!! (He’s going to be terrified when I show him this lol.) It’s gorgeous. Great job!!

  8. Your Grimslov cabinets look white, When I picked up a sample they look so creamy and yellowish. Is it due to your lightening? What made you select the Grinslov over the Bodbyn? How hard is it to put the cabinets together? We plan on tackling them ourselves as well. Thanks

  9. I love your kitchen! Can you tell me what the dimensions of the kitchen/dining space is? I would love to do something similar! Thank you!

  10. The reviews sound good. I need my small dark kitchen updated as I am getting my house ready for sale. I want to move back to Oregon and I have 10 months to get it ready for sale I saw your advertisement in a magazine and the pricing sounded better than Home Depot. The cabinets will have to be replaced as the ones I have now are 1988 style and materials.

    Do you send someone to house for an estimate?

    Bobbie Varien

  11. Did you use the side panels for the top of the cabinets as well? I like the straight lines and seems they only have the rounded soffit.

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