How Much Does a Peacock Cost?

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Whether you want a peacock for practical uses, such as their eggs, or to keep as an exotic pet, these birds are easy to keep and come with a lot of benefits. The first step is finding a peacock and being prepared for the sometimes quite high price.

How much does a peacock cost? There are many breeds of peacocks, so their price will vary. You can purchase baby peachicks at a much lower price, and this may be a better option if you want a pet that will be loyal and affectionate. You can also purchase adult peacocks, and their prices range from $40 to $300. While India Blue peacocks are the most common, and therefore the cheapest, white peacocks will be the most expensive. Other costs to consider are transportation from the breeder’s farm as well as building a large coop. Overall, however, peacocks make a fantastic addition to any hobby farm.

Are peacocks easy to keep?

Yes, peacocks are easy to keep! They may not be the most common animal in a backyard but those that have experience keeping peacocks usually rave about these animals.

Easy to feed

First of all, peacocks are easy to feed. They are natural foragers, so if you give them space, they will be able to supplement a large part of their diet with bugs such as ants and caterpillars, and even slugs.

You will still have to feed your peacocks, despite their foraging tendencies, but again, this is fairly simple. In addition to fresh grass and water, you can give your peacocks vegetables and fruit.

Kitchen scraps, as long as they are healthy, are easy ways to feed peacocks and you can ensure they have enough protein in their diet by feeding them dry cat food.

Acts as a pet

It’s best to get a peacock at an early age so that they recognize you as their owner. In fact, many peacocks that are raised from babies will act affectionately, as if they are a household pet.

Peacocks that are used to specific humans will allow them to hug them or sit near them, and love to eat out of your hands.

Adaptable to weather conditions

Peacocks are native to India but they have quickly adapted to a North American climate. Rain, snow, and sun are no real issues for peacocks, although you will want to provide them with adequate shelter to protect them from the elements.

Rodent control

Peacocks like to forage for food and in addition to small insects, they also enjoy larger rodents and pests. In fact, peacocks will eat mice, frogs, and small snakes when given the chance.

Not aggressive

If you have other backyard animals, such as chickens, peacocks will get along with them. Peacocks are more worried about food and avoiding confrontation, so they are a good companion animal if you have other backyard animals.

Danger alerts

Peacocks are timid animals and are always aware of their surroundings and any potential predators. While they can fly short distances to get to safety, they are not able to fly far or fight off larger animals.

As a result, peacocks are quick to use their vocal powers to alert other animals of potential threats. If there is a coyote in the area, they will screech loudly, which is a good alarm system if you have other animals, such as chickens in your yard.

Factors that Affect Peacock Price

Peacocks range greatly in price, from as low as $40 to as high as $300. There are a lot of factors that determine the price of a peacock.


You can purchase adult peacocks for a higher price or you can purchase younger, peachicks, at a fraction of the cost. Peachicks range from $10 to $30.


There are different breeds of peacocks, and they usually refer to the color or patterns of these birds. India Blue peacocks, which are quite common, cost the least amount, around $40 to $80.

Cameo peacocks and White peacocks cost the most, ranging from $200 to $300.


Unfortunately, there may not be a reputable peacock breeder in your area. While not entirely rare, it is not very common to have peacocks in your yard.

As a result, you may need to pay extra to have your peacock delivered. An alternative would be to travel to pick your peacock up, but this also includes extra expenses.

It’s far easier if you can find a local peacock breeder, as these birds are quite large and it is hard to transport them long distances. Be sure to do your research and when possible, ask other locals where they attained their peacocks.


Prized peacocks will have straight toes and no issues walking, and if this is the case, expect to pay a premium. Any feet issues and the price will be significantly lower.

Can you buy a peacock as a pet?

Yes, you can buy a peacock as a pet but it needs to live outside. Peacocks are wild animals, despite their usually docile behavior, and need ample space to move around.

Furthermore, peacocks love to forage, so they need space outside to peck at the ground. And, of course, peacocks can be messy and need space outside to go about their business.

Where to buy Peacocks?

Peacocks can be hard to find but not impossible. Start by asking around your community to see if anyone else has peacocks. Then, you can find out where they purchased them.

The next step is to ask your local livestock community. There are many online groups and websites that can direct you in the right direction.

Always do your research when it comes to any sort of animal breeder. You want to ensure you are supporting a reputable business that treats its animals to the highest standards.


Peacocks are gorgeous animals that are easy to take care of and feed. They are useful for meat, eggs, and even as pets. While they can be expensive to purchase, their affectionate nature and immense beauty will make the price worthwhile.

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