Can You Have a Peacock as a Pet? Peacock Guide 2024

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Not content with a dog or a cat, and instead are looking for an exotic pet for your menagerie? You may be considering a peacock. Let’s find out if these gorgeous animals make for a good pet.

Can you have a peacock as a pet: Peacocks live to be 20 years old and can indeed make good pets. If you raise them from chicks, they will become very used to you and are less likely to feel threatened or attack. When raising a peacock as a pet, be sure to take good care of it. These birds need large habitats where they can forage for insects and run around as they like. They also need protective areas in their habitats, especially when they are chicks. If you live in a cold climate, be sure to add a heater in their shelter as peacocks are meant for tropical climates and can’t survive below freezing temperatures. While it might be tempting to bring your peacock inside for a while, expect a lot of damage and mess if you do. Peacocks belong outside. If you want to buy a peacock, they are a lot cheaper than chicks. You can wait until they are older, but they will cost a few hundred dollars.

Do peacocks make good pets?


Yes, peacocks make good pets, as long as you have the right expectations. For example, these birds are not meant for indoors.

As much as you may love the idea of having a peacock roam your home, if you do so, expect a lot of damage.

Peacocks are rather large birds and if they happen to unravel their giant, five-foot tail feathers, a lot of things will quickly break. They also may run or hide if spooked, again adding to the description.

Unlike cats, dogs, and even rabbits, you cannot toilet train a peacock. Instead, it will simply go where it wants, which can lead to a lot of grossness.


Always keep your peacocks outside. They need plenty of space and this way when they do poop, it will be a lot easier to clean up.

Outside, peacocks can scratch the dirt as they please and move around in an unconstrained matter. They will be much happier and so will you be.

Is it legal to have peacocks?

In Canada and the United States, it is legal to have peacocks. However, they need to be from the Indian peafowl species. It is illegal to own Green peafowl or Congo peafowl.

You can also eat Indian peafowl, including their eggs.

In other parts of the world, it is not legal to have peacocks. For example, in India, the Indian peafowl was made the national bird in 1963.

As a result, it is illegal to own Indian peafowl. You also cannot kill or eat these birds.

How to take care of peacocks at home

Provide food and water

Like any animal, peacocks require fresh food and water. While they are able to forage somewhat for food, they will not have access to enough food in your yard.

Peacocks are omnivores, which means they eat both meat and vegetables. Be sure to give them plenty of green, leafy vegetables to keep them healthy.

You should also invest in peacock pellets for their protein intake. In a pinch, dry cat food is also a good food source.

You can actually feed your peacocks kitchen scraps, as long as there are no processed foods. Also, make sure there is no sugar as the birds are not used to this in their diet.

While you can feed them fruit, keep it to a minimum as fruit has natural sugars in it.

Finally, allow your peacock the chance to forage for their own food. Give them a habitat with both dirt and grass so that they can peck around and hunt for insects.

Just be careful if you have a vegetable garden. Peacocks are crafty and if the gate is left open, or they can fly into the garden, they will quickly gobble up all your plants.

Provide shelter

If you decide to raise peacocks as chicks, you will need to provide them with a warm shelter. They will be too small to survive on their own without an artificial heat source.

Peachicks should be led inside the shelter every night for protection from predators. It also allows them to have a cozy spot to sleep.

As your peacock becomes bigger, you will need to provide it with a larger shelter. Make sure it is big enough to enter and if you have multiple peacocks, you may need to have multiple shelters.

Then, once your peacocks are fully grown, you will want to provide a platform up high for them. Peacocks naturally like to roost in trees at night for protection and this will make the peacock feel more at home.

How much does it cost to buy a peacock?

Overall, peacocks are actually quite affordable to buy. If you don’t mind if there is a defect, such as poor toes, you can find one for $40 to $50. However, if you want a peacock in pristine condition, expect to pay up to $200.

You can also purchase baby peachicks at a much lower cost. These will run you about $10 to $30.

Within the Indian peafowl species, which is the only species you are allowed to purchase, there are different rare breeds that will cost more. These have been designed by breeders.

A black shoulder peacock will cost around $200 while a cameo peacock, which has duller colors, will cost around $300.

White peacocks are some of the most prized breeds. They can cost at least $300.


While you wouldn’t want to bring a peacock into your home, it can indeed make for a good pet. Just be sure to provide your peacock with fresh food and water and give it ample space for its habitat. If you can start with a peachick so that it will be sued to you and be friendlier as it grows.

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  1. Hello. Long-time peafowl owner, breeder from Ontario, Canada, here. I am also a past-president of the Canadian Ornamental Pheasant & Gamefowl Association.
    Regarding your statement that only Indian Blue peafowl are legal to own in N.America – I cannot address Congo peafowl, BUT there is nothing illegal in owning Green peafowl, at least not in Canada. In fact, Spauldings, which are a hybrid of the Blue and Green, are fairly common, and a high-percentage Spaulding is, genetically, a near-Green peafowl.
    Green peafowl are tropical birds, so require special housing in colder climates, but that said, there is nothing illegal about owning them, at least not here in Canada.


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