Best Rabbit Hutch – Indoor and Outdoor Guide 2024

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best rabbit hutch

Having a good rabbit hutch is the key to keeping a healthy, happy rabbit.

The rabbit needs both shelter and exercise space, and you need a hutch that is easy to use and clean and fits well in your lifestyle.

Top Picks for the Best Rabbit Hutch in 2024

Petsfit Wood-Rabbit Cage with Deeper Removable Tray

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This wood rabbit hutch from Petsfit is big enough for one rabbit or two dwarf rabbit breeds and is easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to clean.

It’s a cute design that comes in three colors, to suit any taste.

The Petsfit Wood-Rabbit Cage with Deeper Removable Tray has a sheltered bedroom/bathroom area and an open play area.

Both sides can easily be accessed with top-opening lids, and the sheltered side has a lid that pops open so you can reach in and out without holding the lid.

The bottom of the hutch is a removable tray that makes it easy to clean and remove bedding and waste.

It is made of cedar wood painted with water-based paint, so it is safe for the occasional chewing.

It comes with all the parts and hardware needed for assembly and has a 30-day return policy

What We Like

This is a cute hutch that is easy to assemble and easy to use.

What We Don’t Like

It really doesn’t have enough room for a rabbit to get healthy exercise, and because it’s elevated it is more difficult to attach to a run or play area.

The floor IS the removable cleaning tray, which means that pets are standing in soiled bedding.

The tray is shallow, so if you pile the inside with bedding, when you open the cleaning tray it either jams or spills bedding out of the sides.

When the tray is open for cleaning, the hutch has no floor, so pets have to be placed in another enclosure during cleaning.

The wood is soft and not very durable, not suitable for chewers or outdoor use.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive design
  • Made of natural materials and water-based paints


  • The lack of a floor makes the tray difficult to use and the hutch difficult to clean
  • Not large enough for full-size rabbit breeds
  • Not suitable for chewers
  • Not very durable

SmithBuilt 48” Rabbit Hutch – Two Story Wood Bunny Cage

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This rabbit condo from SmithBuilt has plenty of room for sleeping, feeding, and exercise, and is made of durable fir wood that can be used indoors or outdoors.

The hardware is high quality and rust-proof, and the design offers protection from weather and predators.

The SmithBuilt 48” Rabbit Hutch – Two Story Wood Bunny Cage is a generous size, with two stories that give rabbits plenty of space to exercise as well as shelter from the elements.

It has easy doors and access points on all sides, making it simple to access for cleaning, feeding, or petting your rabbits.

The upper story has a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning, and the floors are connected by a durable non-slip ramp.

It is made of fir wood and has an asphalt-covered roof for great durability and protection from the elements.

The heavy-duty wire areas are finished with a durable epoxy coating, and the hutch is built to withstand years of use, indoors or out.

What We Like

This hutch is spacious and gives rabbits plenty of room, but the two-story design is also space-efficient, so the hutch doesn’t take up more room than necessary.

It has high-quality materials and durable construction to last for years, used indoors or outside.

The variety of ways to access the hutch, with doors at every level, the removable tray, and the fully opening lid, make it super easy to use.

What We Don’t Like

The lack of a floor or base on the bottom may be a problem.

While the open bottom means that you can simply and safely place the hutch on the grass outdoors, there is nothing to stop rabbits from digging or tunneling out of it.

Used indoors, you need to create some kind of floor, base, or bottom lining to preserve cleanliness.

Larger predators may simply knock it over and easily access the pets inside.


  • Spacious hutch with lots of room for 1-2 rabbits
  • Thoughtful design with lots of easy access
  • Durable construction and quality materials that can be used inside or outside
  • Made of safe and natural materials
  • Easy to assemble


  • Lack of floor means that owners have to devise solutions for digging or flooring
  • Some rabbits may chew and damage the hutch

ROCKEVER Small Animal Hutch

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The small animal hutch from Rockever is a great way to shelter 1-2 rabbits with room for rest, feeding, and exercise.

It’s weatherproof for outdoor use and resists rain, UV rays, and moisture damage.

The ROCKEVER Small Animal Hutch has rain and weatherproof nesting and feeding area attached to an outdoor run for exercise and play.

It is easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary hardware. The sheltered area has a generous lid for easy access, with a rod to keep it open while you work, and a removable floor for cleaning.

It is made of wood and has an asphalt roof for durability in the weather.

What We Like

This hutch is a good size for 1-2 rabbits and offers protection from weather and predators.

What We Don’t Like

Since it doesn’t have a floor in the exercise area, rabbits may dig themselves out.

The removable floor in the sheltered area lifts out from the top, which may spill bedding and waste everywhere as you remove it for cleaning.


  • Good size for 1-2 rabbits
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Weather-resistant


  • Lack of floor means that owners have to devise solutions for digging or flooring
  • Some rabbits may chew and damage the hutch
  • The removable floor needs to be lifted out, which may spill and cause messes

Merax Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch Wood House Pet Cage for Small Animals

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This multi-level deluxe hutch from Merax has plenty of room for sleeping and playing, with easy access at every level for simple feeding and cleaning.

The two-story design adds space and means that you can clean it without all the bending and lifting of lower hutches.

The Merax Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch Wood House Pet Cage for Small Animals is made of natural fir wood and offers protection from rain and cold, with simple assembly and included hardware.

The asphalt roof resists rain, while the waterproof coating prevents rot. It has a variety of easy access points, with a removable tray beneath the upper floor for easy cleaning.

The non-slip ramp and heavy-duty wire are well-made and durable.

What We Like

The two-story design gives lots of room for hopping and exercise, and even allows rabbits headroom to stand up, as is recommended by experts.

The removable floor on the top level makes cleaning easy, and it’s made of water-resistant materials for outdoor use.

What We Don’t Like

As with other hutches, some rabbits will dig and may burrow out the bottom.

For the upper floor, the removable tray serves as the floor, so bedding may jam the drawer and make it more difficult to open.

The construction isn’t all that sturdy.


  • Good size for 1-2 rabbits
  • The two-story design has multiple access points for easy feeding and cleaning
  • Weatherproof materials


  • Not especially durable
  • Rabbits may chew on wood
  • Lack of floor means that owners need to manually prevent digging
  • The removable tray is the floor, so may build up with bedding and waste

Petsfit Bunny Cages, Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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This deluxe rabbit hutch from Petsfit is so cute that it makes an attractive piece of lawn décor even without a rabbit.

The little window box is a convenient place to keep plants and add visual interest or store cleaning items right where they are needed.

The Petsfit Bunny Cages, Outdoor Rabbit Hutch is a good size for 1-2 rabbits, with a nesting and feeding area as well as an exercise area.

Three interior lockable doors mean that you can easily contain rabbits while you clean, or give them extra protection from predators.

Both the upstairs and base have removable drawers for cleaning, with see-through acrylic to allow light.

It is made of durable cedar wood and wire that resists chewing and treated with water-based paint that isn’t harmful to pets.

It comes with all the hardware and pre-drilled holes necessary for assembly and has a 30-day return policy.

What We Like

This pet condo is extremely cute and has a floor that makes it easy to use indoors, with a weather-resistant exterior that makes it easy to use outdoors.

The floors have removable trays for easy cleaning and interior lockable doors that make it easy to contain bunnies while you access the hutch.

What We Don’t Like

While it does come with everything needed for assembly, it doesn’t always go together easily.

Some of the parts don’t fit very well, or the pre-drilled holes aren’t aligned correctly.

As always, some rabbits may chew on the wood, making this hutch much less durable.


  • Cute design with convenient access points
  • Has removable tray floors on both levels, resisting digging and making it easier to clean
  • Good size for 1-2 rabbits
  • Interior locking doors make it easy to contain and protect rabbits
  • Weatherproof materials


  • Some rabbits may chew the wood

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Best Rabbit Feeder FAQ

How big should a hutch be for 2 rabbits?

A hutch for two rabbits should be a minimum of 6 x 2 x 2 feet. If a hutch has a ramp, give extra floor space to compensate for the ramp.

Both rabbits need room to lie completely stretched out, to stand on their back legs without their ears touching the top, and to make at least 3 hops.

The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund of the UK also recommends a minimum of an 8-foot run attached to the hutch, so that rabbits can run and get exercise.

How do you insulate a rabbit hutch in the winter?

The most important thing in winterizing a hutch is to make sure that it is dry inside.

The roof should be free of leaks and checked all winter long. Extra winter bedding can’t be warm if it is wet.

Also, remember that rabbits should never live alone, and particularly not in winter, when they will group together for warmth.

To insulate a rabbit hutch for winter, experts recommend:

  • Cover the hutch with old blankets or duvets, making sure that the bunnies can’t chew on the blankets. Leave bunnies good ventilation and room to see out
  • Cover the hutch and the blankets with a tarp that has eyelets so it can be tied in place
  • If necessary, put up windbreaks around the hutch and run
  • If necessary, add plexiglass sheets to hutches and runs to improve weatherproofing but leave visibility. Don’t completely seal the hutch; remember to allow for ventilation
  • Fill one cardboard box per rabbit with straw (it’s warmer than hay) and cut a small hole in it, so that every rabbit can have a toasty bed.
  • If necessary, add a low wattage heater or heating pad overnight, but make sure that rabbits can’t chew the cord.

What do you need in a rabbit hutch?

The hutch should be large enough for at least two rabbits to spend time together. Every rabbit hutch needs:

  • Unlimited hay. Rabbits need access to hay or grass at all times.
  • Food and water. Since rabbits can make a water bowl messy, water bottles are preferred for keeping everything clean and dry. Ceramic or stainless steel feeding bowls stand up better to a rabbits teeth
  • A nesting box. Fill a box with straw or nesting material for your rabbit to have a nice warm bed
  • An exercise area. Rabbits need room to move and get exercise
  • A litter area. When newly in their hutch, rabbits will usually choose a corner to use as a litter box. Once they have chosen their preferred spot, place a litter box in that spot and line it with hay or scrap paper
  • Toys. Rabbits love toys that are safe for them to chew on, roll around, dig in, or hide in. Almost anything can be a rabbit toy, as long as it is safe for them to chew or eat, so use your imagination and find out what your rabbits like best.

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How do you toilet train a rabbit in a hutch?

Rabbits naturally tend to eliminate in the same place, which makes it easy for them to use a litter box. The best way to toilet train a rabbit is to:

  • Place the rabbit in the hutch, and wait for it to go to the bathroom. Once it has chosen a spot, make that where you place the litter box
  • Place the litter box in the hutch. Line the chosen area with newspaper, and add a litterbox lined with hay or shredded paper. Do not use wood shavings or clay cat litter products in a rabbit’s litter box
  • Place a hay feeder near the litter box. Most rabbits prefer to snack on hay while they use the litterbox, so keeping hay nearby encourages them to use that spot
  • Keep the litterbox clean. Change the litter daily to keep the hutch clean and smelling fresh

Will a rabbit dig out of its hutch?

Rabbits naturally live in underground burrows and enjoy digging, so they will often dig even in large hutches with lots of toys and room for exercise.

It’s a natural behavior, and it is difficult to keep rabbits from tunneling out of their hutches. Here are some methods people use to prevent digging:

  • Place the hutch on a solid, dig-proof surface like a deck or patio
  • Place stone slabs around the edges of the hutch, so rabbits can’t dig through them
  • Place small-holed wire mesh beneath the hutch, and then line it with something soft to prevent the mesh from hurting the bunny’s feet

If a rabbit really enjoys digging, you may want to provide them with a digging box to redirect the behavior.

To make a rabbit digging box, take a large cardboard box and fill it with shredded paper, straw, twigs, pine cones, or other safe material.

It’s a good idea to not use the same material you use in the litter box, to prevent the rabbit from getting confused about what the box is for.

Avoid glossy magazines or heavily inked papers (like a newspaper), or foams and plastics.

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