Best Rabbit Feeder: Complete Guide for 2023

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best rabbit feeder

In nature, rabbits would be grazing on blades of grass, morning until night.

As pets, they need the same free access to grass and hay in order to be healthy and happy – pellet food is simply no substitute for natural grass hay.

But hay can be messy and difficult to feed, so specialty rabbit feeders are a great way to give pet rabbits all the hay they need while reducing mess and waste.

Best Rabbit Feeders of 2023

Miller Manufacturing AF5ML Metal Rabbit Feeder

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The Miller Metal Rabbit Feeder can hold a good amount of food and works well for rabbits and other small pets.

By keeping the food off the floor of the hutch, it keeps food freely available, without getting spoiled or soiled.

The Miller Manufacturing AF5ML Metal Rabbit Feeder is made of galvanized steel, which resists chewing and rust to last a long time.

It has independent wire hooks that allow it to be securely hung inside or outside the hutch.

The design stores a lot of food, dispensing it a little at a time, making feeding easier for you and for your rabbit.

What We Like

This feeder is best used by cutting a window in the wire mesh of a hutch, and hanging the feeder so that it dispenses to the rabbits inside, but can be filled from the outside without opening the hutch.

Installing it in that way makes it very convenient to use, and the solid bottom prevents small grains or pellets from simply falling out of the feeder.

It’s incredibly durable and well made, to last a long time in tough conditions.

What We Don’t Like

It’s a bit less easy to use when installing inside a hutch, without cutting a “window” in the wire, but still works well.


  • Quality manufacture with durable hinges and a well-fitting lid
  • Rust-proof, chew-proof, and rugged
  • Easy and convenient
  • Holds a generous amount of food


  • None

Niteangel Wooden Hay Manger with Seat

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This big hay feeder from Niteangel has a top designed to double as a perch for adventurous bunnies to get a new perspective.

The Niteangel Wooden Hay Manger with Seat is a generous size that holds plenty of hay while keeping hay fresh and clean.

It attaches easily to a wire hutch with the included nut kit and makes it easy for rabbits to eat the hay with less scattering and waste.

The lid is sturdy enough for even large rabbits to sit on and enjoy a new perspective in their world.

What We Like

It’s a fun and useful design, keeping hay convenient and accessible without spoiling or wasting it, with sturdy construction and easy operation.

What We Don’t Like

It’s made of wood, which is a safe and natural material, but some rabbits may want to chew on it, which may reduce its lifespan.

It’s a good idea to check the dimensions; many people feel that it’s smaller than it looks online.


  • Easy to mount and use
  • Gives rabbits a good supply of hay and a new seating bench
  • Durable construction


  • May invite chewing

Andwe Hay Feeder Cylindrical Stand Feeding Manager

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The cylindrical shape of the Andwe hay feeder makes it a fun and engaging toy as well as a feeder.

The sturdy design allows rabbits to interact with it in lots of ways.

The Andwe Hay Feeder Cylindrical Stand Feeding Manager doesn’t have to be mounted; it can simply be filled with hay and placed in the hutch.

It holds up to 0.5 pounds of hay, with a top that locks in place.

The design allows it to be enjoyed by multiple rabbits at once, instead of having to line up for a narrow feeder, and it doubles as an interactive toy for bunnies. 

What We Like

It’s made of untreated birch so that if a rabbit decides to chew on the feeder, it is safe for them to do so.

We like that they can play with it and roll it around while

What We Don’t Like

Depending on how rabbits interact with this feeder, it can be messy and not contain hay very well.


  • Holds a generous amount of hay
  • Made of untreated birch wood, so it’s safe for chewing
  • Fun and interactive design


  • Can allow hay to be scattered

Rabbit Hay Feeder Rack

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This rabbit hay feeder rack by SunGrow has a spring-loaded rack door that keeps hay securely in place, reducing scattering and waste.

The SunGrow Rabbit Hay Feeder Rack has a sturdy plastic body and a spring-loaded wire rack that closes on hay to catch and hold it in place.

It prevents waste and scattering by holding hay securely and is easy to clean.

What We Like

We like the way the door holds hay securely even in place, even as the hay gets eaten, with the tray below catching stray pieces.

It’s a tidy way to feed rabbits.

What We Don’t Like

It’s fairly small and doesn’t hold a lot of hay.

It requires a horizontal wire on a hutch in order to be mounted, so if you don’t have a horizontal wire at the right height it can be difficult to install.

It isn’t very durable, and some bunnies like to chew on plastic.


  • Holds hay securely to prevent scattering
  • Compact, easy to use, and easy to clean


  • Fairly small in size
  • Shouldn’t be used with rabbits who like to chew plastic
  • Isn’t very durable

Nylon Hay Pouch Rabbit Feeder

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This CuteNFuzzy Small Animal Pouch Feeder is a great solution for giving rabbits a lot of hay while keeping things tidy and safe.

The fabric won’t harm their teeth if they accidentally chew or bite, and it conveniently holds a lot of hay.

The CuteNFuzzy Nylon Hay Pouch Rabbit Feeder has a sturdy fabric design with a Velcro closure and heavy-duty rustproof hardware, so it’s surprisingly durable for a hay feeder made of fabric.

It’s incredibly easy to use and install nearly anywhere and holds a large amount of hay.

It comes in three sizes and four colors, so you can choose the nylon feeder that is right for you.

What We Like

This flexible, durable bag is a great way to simplify hay feeders and holds a lot of hay.

The material prevents potential tooth damage from rabbits accidentally biting at the wires of other kinds of hay feeders.

We like that there is a choice of sizes and colors, so you can choose the bag best for your pets and your style.

What We Don’t Like

While the bag is sturdily constructed, it won’t stand up to rabbits that enjoy chewing on everything.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Holds a lot of hay
  • Choice of colors and sizes for different pet families


Won’t stand up to even mild chewing

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Best rabbit feeder faq

Which hay is best for rabbits?

Rabbits can eat and enjoy all grass and grain hays, but shouldn’t eat legume hays like alfalfa and clover once they are adults.

It’s best to feed rabbits a variety of grass and grain hay, for natural variation in their diet and nutrients.

What can I put my rabbit’s hay in?

You can buy a variety of hay racks and hay feeders for rabbits, like the ones in this article.

They come in different sizes and can be configured for different hutch types.

You can also make your own hay feeder, or simply stuff hay in an empty toilet paper or paper towel tube and let rabbits play with it while they snack on the hay.

Should rabbits drink from bowl or bottle?

Rabbits can drink from a bowl, but they are likely to spill the water or get the bowl messy.

It’s better to give them a water bottle for the sake of keeping the hutch clean and dry.

How do you keep rabbit hay fresh?

Hay needs to be stored somewhere dark and dry with excellent ventilation.

Avoid wrapping it in plastic or anything air-tight, and don’t set it directly on a concrete floor.

In a wooden crate or on a wooden pallet in a basement, shed, or garage is a good spot, as long as the air isn’t too humid.

Properly stored hay will stay fresh for up to a year.

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