Best Guinea Pig Cage – Complete Guide and Reviews 2024

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best guinea pig cage

If you’re ready to add a new addition to the family, a guinea pig that is, then you will need the perfect cage as well.

Here we’ve found five of the best guinea pig cages for you to consider.

There are many cages for guinea pigs on the market, all with their pros and cons. Ultimately, your needs will determine which is the best pet habitat. If you have one or two, or even three guinea pigs, you will need to find the right size so that they all have enough space. If you’re new to raising guinea pigs, then finding a starter pack that includes food and bedding is always a plus. Guinea pigs are cute, cuddly, and adorable. Reciprocate their love by finding the perfect home.

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

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This lux guinea pig cage is rather aptly called a guinea habitat. It offers a dividing panel, an adorable and comfortable ramp, and is very easy to clean.

Product Highlights

The Midwest guinea pig habitat measures 47 x 24 inches, making it an extra-large cage. Its sides are 14 inches tall although the wire mesh top is completely removable so you can decide if you want to keep it on or not.

Inside the habitat, there are two areas which makes it ideal for one or two guinea pigs. You can organize the habitat and create a separate space for eating which will make the whole area cleaner.

The bottom of the cage is lined with a PVS canvas that is durable and leak proof. It is easily removable so that you can quickly clean up after your guinea pig and get their habitat back in order.

Because the entire top is removable, you can even set it up outside. Just place the top cage on soft grass and let your guinea pigs enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about their safety.

What We Like

The large, two area habitat is ideal for cleanliness.

You can remove the top part of the cage and even put it outside for your small pets.

What We Don’t Like

The cage still needs bedding and it can be hard to tuck fleece material into the bottom.


  • Large enough for two guinea pigs
  • Easy to set up


  • Will not offer enough protection from large dogs

Cavie Guinea Pig Cage

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If you have just one guinea pig, this Cavie product will work just well.

It has a cute borrowing area and the included water bottle and hay feeder are important accessories to have.

Product Highlights

The Cavie guinea pig cage is built for one animal. It measures 30.3 inches x 18.5 inches and has a height of 16.5 inches.

If you are new to owning a guinea pig, this is the perfect starter’s kit as it includes everything you need to start caring for your new pet.

Your purchase includes the cage itself as well as a food dish, a water bottle, and a mini hiding area for your guinea pig to find a bit of sanctuary.

However, the water bottle isn’t the most durable. It is prone to leaking and many people have found themselves needing to purchase a better product, which then increases the overall price.  

It is easy to get the Cavie guinea pig cage up and running. The wire top easily clips on so you can remove it for easy access and cleaning.

What We Like

This is a nice, all-in-one product for new guinea pig owners.

The cage is large enough for one guinea pig and won’t crowd it.

What We Don’t Like

While the water bottle is included, it is not the best quality and may need to be replaced.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to remove top for cleaning


  • Price tag is a bit higher if you need to replace the free accessories

Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Sunseed Guinea Pig Cage Starter Kit

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For those completely new to the world of guinea pigs, a basic product like the Ware Manufacturing guinea pig cage will be just perfect.

This is a budget-friendly cage that still has all the essentials your new furry friend will need.

Product Highlights

Every guinea pig has its own personality and it can be hard to anticipate what type of environment they want. Some like tunnels while others like holes.

The Ware Manufacturing guinea pig cage is ideal because it can allow you to experiment with different habitat apparatuses.

You can easily move the food dish around and place extra accessories as you would like.

The cage measures 28 ¼ inches x 17 ¼ inches with a height of 15 ½ inches. This is plenty of spaced for one guinea pig.

To help you clean your guinea pig’s habitat, the wire top of the cage is easily removed thanks to the clips.

What is really nice about this product is that you actually get a lot with your purchase.

In addition to the cage, you also receive a bag of bedding, a bag of Timothy hay, a bag of food pellets, a water bottle, a food dish, some chew toys, and a savings book. Together, this makes a great starter pack.

What We Like

The amount of accessories is perfect for new guinea pig owners.

It is easy to assemble the cage and remove the top for cleaning.

What We Don’t Like

While functional, this cage doesn’t offer a lot of excitement


  • You can create your own habitat
  • A lot of accessories are included


  • Pretty basic cage

AmazonBasics Canvas Bottom Pet Cage Crate

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When you think about guinea pig cages, you often imagine a hard plastic base.

However, with the Amazonbasics cage, you get a canvas bottom that is a bit softer and more practical for small animals with sensitive feet.

Product Highlights

The Amazonbasics cage is a large, rectangular cage perfect for one or two guinea pigs. It has a bottom made out of canvas that is leak proof.

Unlike other cages, this one does not have a top on it. Rather the wire sides are quite deep so there is no risk of your guinea pig escaping.

Clean up is easy thanks to the open top; however the bottom is attached via many cloth clips which can make it quite cumbersome to disconnect.

Furthermore, because the bottom is only canvas, you can’t really pick up and move the whole cage once it has been set up.

However, it is does fold up easily and is great if you plan on storing it away in the future.

What We Like

The canvas floor is a bit softer and perfect for sensitive feet.

The cage is large enough to accommodate two guinea pigs.

What We Don’t Like

The floor isn’t stable enough to carry around once assembled.

The lack of a top means it isn’t practical if you have larger pets in the home.


  • Convenient to store when not in use
  • Comes in two colors: black and blue


  • Design means it’s a bit harder to clean

Kaytee Complete Habitat Kits

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New guinea pigs will want a stylish design and the Kaytee guinea pig cage is the perfect starter.

It is large enough for one guinea pig and its traditional design will make both pet and owner happy.

Product Highlights

The Kaytee guinea pig cage measures 30 inches x 18 inches and has a height of 16.5 inches.

However, if you like the design but would prefer something bigger, there is a taller model that has multiple platforms in it.

Included in your purchase is not only the cage but also a water bottle, a food dish, a package of cozy bedding, and a package of food.

These accessories make it so much easier to get started with your new guinea pig.

As for assembly, it is quite easy thanks to the secure snaps. The lid clips on easily to the base and doesn’t take long to detach.

Clean up is very simple thanks to the design. However, there is no hole in the top so it can be a bit hard to remove the guinea pig itself, or to perform any simple rearranging.

What We Like

The cage includes basic accessories that are needed for your first guinea pig.

It is easy to assemble and disconnect the top of the cage.

What We Don’t Like

There is no top hole to make it easier to get your guinea pig.


  • An affordable option
  • Includes basic accessories you need


  • Not a very exciting cage

Features to Consider When Buying the Best Guinea Pig Cage


Size is really important in a guinea pig cage as it relates to how many of the animals can fit together.

If you have two guinea pigs, you will want a cage that is at least 30 inches x 50 inches.


The upper part of a guinea pig cage will consist of metal bars. These should be coated and bite-proof.

The floor space should be made of a waterproof substance, such as plastic or vinyl.

Alternatively, you can use just the upper, cage part, and put it on a level grassy area outside for your guinea pigs to run around on.  

Cleaning and Maintenance

Guinea pigs can create a lot of mess in their cages. It is therefore important to have a model where it is easy to clean the cage.

Look for guinea pig cages that have large openings on the top. This way you can take away or add bedding as you see fit.

Most of the time, it should be easy to lift off the entire upper part of the cage. This way you can clean out all of the wood chips and stuffing and clean into all the corners.


Some guinea pig cages are meant to be stationary while others will have a handle on them so they can be moved around.

However, even if a cage doesn’t have a handle on top, it should still be light enough to be picked up and carried.

Cages with solid plastic bottoms are more portable than those with soft vinyl bottoms.

If you plan on moving your cage around a lot, say from outside to inside, make sure you find one with a hard plastic bottom and preferably a handle.

Related Questions

What kind of cage is best for a guinea pig?

The best kind of cage for a guinea pig is one that has a mixture of open space and snuggly corners. Guinea pigs like to borrow, so make sure there is room for both cozy bedding and wood chips.

The cage will also need a proper food dish and a hanging water bottle to keep your new pet properly nourished.

Will guinea pigs use multi level cages?

No, guinea pig cages do not need multi-level cages. While some rodent pets, such as hamsters and rats, like multi-layers in their cages, guinea pigs prefer larger flat areas.

Do guinea pig cages need a top?

As long as you have a deep-sided cage, you don’t actually need a top for it. This is because guinea pigs can’t jump and therefore escape.

However, if you have other animals in your house, such as a cat or a dog, then yes, you will need a cage top to protect your guinea pig.

If you plan on putting your guinea pig outside for a bit of fresh air, then a top is definitely a necessity.

Can guinea pigs climb out of cages?

No, guinea pigs can’t climb or jump out of their cages. This is why a top on the cage is technically optional.

Is a Midwest cage big enough for two guinea pigs?

You can find many Midwest guinea pig cages that are big enough for two guinea pigs.

You will want to have a habitat that measures 30 inches x 50 inches to provide enough living space for the two animals.

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Pet owners will know that a proper cage for their guinea pigs is a necessity.

With these choices and information, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect home for your new friend.

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