Yes To Better Things

Save for later!

Today, we started another school year.
(My theory is that by taking advantage of the air conditioning inside the surface of the sun that is Summer in Texas, we’ll have more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors the rest of the year!)

I’ve never chosen a theme verse for a school year, but yesterday, I read Colossians 3, and it hit home for me in so many ways. Verse two was a reminder to “Set {my} affections on things above, not on things on the earth.” 

There are so many things vying for my attention right now: the business set to open in 3 weeks, our upcoming visa renewal application, a new church plant, plans for a future home, forging new friendships in a new country.
All good and worthwhile endeavors. 

All things that have the potential to distract me and our children from what’s most important in this life and the next – a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  

I have 24 hours each day to squander or to seize. Everything I say “yes” to requires me to say “no” to something else. 

And vice versa. 

When I say “no” to good things, I can say “yes” to better things.

Martha was involved in much serving, so much so that she felt stretched beyond capacity. That’s a common scenario for homeschool Moms, isn’t it? Who of us hasn’t felt overwhelmed by good things?! 

But Jesus didn’t applaud Martha for her busyness; He commended Mary for leaving space to sit at His feet. 

Mary could easily be perceived as the lazy sister, but Jesus tells us that she chose the better part, the one thing needful which would not be taken away from her.  

If I teach our children the way to Harvard but fail to teach them the Way to Heaven, I’ve abdicated my responsibility as a mother and teacher. Responsibility is ours; results are God’s. This world is perishing, but eternity is forever. Only what’s done in Christ, through Christ, and for Christ will last. 

May God prevent me from getting involved in good things that would not be advantageous to His purposes. 

May He stamp eternity on my forehead, give me big-picture lenses, and a conscience that is tender towards the needs of the souls He’s entrusted to our care. 

May He provide grace to be present in the moment, and sensitive to opportunities for spiritual and academic instruction.

May He shield me from the temptation to compare, igniting a desire and providing the energy to work heartily as to the Lord and not unto men. 

May He build a hedge of protection about us, and remove anything that would crowd out room for me to sit at His feet with our children.  

May “the Lord bless {our home}, and keep {our home}: the Lord make his face shine upon {our home}, and be gracious unto {our home}: the Lord lift up his countenance upon {our home}, and give {our home} peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

For Jesus’ sake. 

Save for later!

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