What to Plant in June – Garden Tips 2024

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As spring turns to summer at the end of June, there is still a wide range of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers that you can plant. It does, though, depending on your hardiness zone, particularly if you live in a very hot or very cold part of the world. 

Generally, the best seeds and seedlings to plant in June are those that thrive in warm weather. Veggies that grow quickly are a particularly good choice. A few vegetable options we haven’t listed below include aubergines, cabbage, beets, carrots, okra, and peppers. Many annual flowers and herbs can also be planted in June.  

15 Seeds to Plant in June

We have chosen 15 seeds that you can plant in June. They include the so-called three sisters, corn, squash, and beans, all of which grow best in summer when there’s lots of sunshine. 

Whether you opt for transplants or are planting seeds, make sure to keep the ground well watered. 

Also, keep an eye out for common pests as they love the warmth of summer as much as we do. If necessary, use some sort of row cover for protection. A fabric row cover will work well for most seedbeds. 


Corn is a hugely rewarding vegetable to grow in summer. It is fast-growing and normally produces throughout the growing season in Zones 3-10.

Ideally, if you are growing from seed, plant corn progressively from early spring until early or even mid-summer, depending on your local climate. 


You can grow a variety of different types of cucumber, both bush-type plants and fast-growing vine cucumbers. Generally, the vine varieties taste better but they need more space. 

Cucumbers are fast-growing vegetables that should be picked when they are young and tender. Frequent harvesting encourages the plants to keep fruiting to ensure you have a constant supply of cucumbers throughout the summer season. 

If you live in Zones 3-8, cucumbers are a great bet for planting in June. 


Celosia is a stunning perennial that thrives in the summer sun. It’s hardy to Zones 10 and 11, so you can grow it just about anywhere in the U.S. In cooler climates, rather grow it as an annual. 

Even though it is usually grown for its stunning flowers, Celosia is edible. You can eat the leaves, the tender stems, and the young flowers! 

Spring is a great time to sow seeds of the many different celosia varieties. So, a good time to start is early in June, before it gets too hot. 


Both summer and winter squash do well in summer and you can plant a seed in June. There’s a big selection of different types of summer and winter squash, so let’s look at the most popular types.

Summer Squash 

Summer squash will thrive in Zones 3-10 if planted in June. Types include zucchini, patty pans, yellow crookneck, and various heirlooms. 

All types of summer squash grow quickly and are usually prolific producers. 

Winter Squash  

There are many types of winter squash, all of which take longer to develop than summer squash. They include spaghetti squash, various pumpkins, butternut, acorn squash, hubbard squash, as well as buttercup, banana, and the wonderfully decorative turban squash.

Winter squash only matures in late summer until mid-winter and it is firmer and generally sweeter than summer squash. It always has a thicker skin, while you can eat the skin of summer squash. 


Also known as Welsh and/or green onions, scallions are a great option to plant in June. They are perennials, so once they are established they’ll keep coming back, year after year. 

Sweet Potatoes

While you won’t grow sweet potatoes from seed, you will find that June is a great time to plant the slips (or sprouts) of existing sweet potatoes. They will be ready to harvest after about 100 days, at the end of summer. 


A favorite annual flower, the cosmos will reward you with its simple but beautiful flowers throughout the summer growing season. 

Sow the seeds in June and let them grow until they are a few inches tall. Then thin them out, leaving the strongest to thrive. You’ll likely be rewarded with self-seeded cosmos flowers next June.  


Leafy vegetables, commonly called greens, are a particularly good option if you are planting the seed in June. 

Spinach, Swiss chard, kale, spinach, collard and beet greens, cabbage, arugula, endive, and bok choy (Chinese cabbage), are all greens that will thrive in summer. So, all of these are good plants to grow. 


If you live in Zones 3-8, there are many different types of beans that you can plant in June. 

These include pole beans and bush beans that you can train over a trellis. French beans and runner beans, which are actually butter beans in the legume family, also do well. 

All beans grow quickly when the soil temperature is warm enough. Most varieties will be ready for harvest in a little more than a month, often in 35 days or so. 


Whichever hardiness zone you live in (from 3-10), herbs will grow outdoors or in a sheltered area in a pot on your patio or in a greenhouse if you sow the seeds in June. In addition to basil and sage, which we talk about separately, oregano, rosemary, summer savory, and thyme are excellent choices. 


If you are loving herbs in your garden, don’t miss out on sage. It’s a hardy perennial, so if you plant it in June, it’s going to keep coming back. That’s a bonus! 


If you like melons and have the space to grow them, be sure to plant in June. There’s a surprisingly wide choice including watermelon, cantaloupe, and super-sweet honeydew melon.  

If you live in Zones 3-8, you’ll be sure to produce great treats for long summer days when family picnics rule. 


Better known as Sweet William, dianthus plants are fragrant and colorful. They belong to the carnation family and look like bright pink gems in the garden.

Like all the flowers we plant in June, dianthus is a summer-flowering plant and it needs at least six hours of sun every day. 


Fast growing and easy to grow, zinnias will add an amazing burst of color to any summer garden. Plant your seeds in June to ensure they last throughout the summer growing season. 

Zinnias are sensitive to frost, so wait until the end of June to sow seeds. They will thrive in the full sun of summer! 


Basil is a particularly easy herb to grow, and it thrives in summer. June is a great time to plant this wonderfully fragrant herb which will simply keep on growing strong once it is established. 


There is so much you can plant in June, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s a great time for planting seeds of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits like melons, much of which will be ready for harvest before the end of summer.

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