10 Popular Types of Sausage – Complete Guide 2024

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Sausage is commonly found in cuisines around the world. It began as a solution to food waste, as many parts of the animal are used in sausage.

Furthermore, it can be preserved, making it a great source of food when food refrigeration is at a premium.

What is a sausage?

A sausage is a type of food that is incased in a tubing material. The inside of a sausage is a mixture of meat and spices, and sometimes other foods such as oatmeal or breadcrumbs.

As for the casing, it was traditionally made from the cleaned intestines of an animal. The mixture would be squeezed inside the intestine, forming a link that was then preserved.

Nowadays, synthetic casings are used and are usually made from cellulose or collagen, although some also use plastic. This is both a more hygienic method and a more practical one.

Sausage can be preserved and eaten uncooked, or left raw and therefore needs to be cooked. While some sausages are boiled, the majority are fried or roasted, usually with oils and other spices.

You can eat sausage on its own, with a side dish, or cut up and added to a meal such as a pasta or stir-fry.

What kind of meat is sausage?

Sausage can contain many different types of meat. The most common is pork, closely followed by beef and chicken.

Sometimes sausage only contains one type of meat while others contain multiple types of meat.

10 Types of Sausage

Liver Sausage

Sausage can be made from many different parts of animals, and liver sausage is just one example of this. Specifically, liver sausage is made from beef livers.

The most common form of liver sausage is liverwurst. While it usually uses beef liver, there are some forms that use pig livers.

In addition to liver, other ingredients include nutmeg, marjoram, and mustard seed. It is a very vibrant-tasting sausage.

Liver sausage can look very different from other sausages. In fact, it looks more similar to a spreadable pâté, than to a typical Bratwurst.

For cooking, liver sausage is first boiled and then smoked to provide more flavor. It can be sliced or spread on bread or crackers.  

Pork Sausage

Out of all the possible meats, most sausage is made from pork. Ground pork is used, and it can come from all different cuts of pig.

One of the most popular types of pork sausage is the Bratwurst. Hailing from Germany, this is a larger sausage that is typically cooked in a pan or sometimes roasted.

Cooking Bratwurst is a family affair. There are many different recipes, many that are passed on from generation to generation.

You can also find Spanish chorizo smoked sausage. It is made from pork intestines and has a rich, smoky taste. It is usually seasoned with dried red pepper flakes and is popular in Spain.

Cooked Sausage

Most sausages are cooked sausages, and this merely means that they need to be cooked. Unlike cured sausages, this category contains raw meat and is not suitable for consumption unless they have been cooked in some manner.

While there is a different category of boiled sausage, cooked sausage refers to sausage that has been baked or fried. During the cooking process, oil and spices are used to enhance the flavor.

The most popular form of cooked sausage is hot dogs. While some people do simply boil them, other people prefer roasting them or in a pinch, holding them over a campfire.

Other common cooked sausages include breakfast sausage and Bratwurst.

Boiled Sausage

In its most basic form, boiled sausage is prepared by boiling the meat. It is not seasoned with oil, and no spices are added during the cooking process.

However, if you think this sausage may be lacking in flavor, it is common to serve boiled sausage with a sauce.

In Catalan, Spain, you will find traditional boiled sausage, also known as fuet. The pork is flavored with garlic, black pepper, and anise seed.


A traditional deli meat, salami is made from either beef or pork and is common in both Europe and North America. It is a cured sausage, so you can eat it without cooking it.

Salami is popular on sandwiches and also as a pizza topping.

The most popular form of salami is Italian salami. It is heavily seasoned with fennel.

You can often find a mild salami and a hot salami. Hot salami is further seasoned with red pepper flakes while mild salami usually includes basil for a sweeter taste.

Beef Sausage

As its name suggests, beef sausage is made from beef. It is a richer, denser sausage, and different parts of the cow are used.

Beef sausage is extremely popular with different ethnicities, especially when the ingestion of pork is prohibited. Packaging will be clearly labeled so you can find a beef sausage that is not contaminated.

A popular type of beef sausage is kielbasa. This is a Polish sausage that is heavily flavored with cloves, garlic, pimentos, and marjoram.

The sausage is smoked and can be cooked on a grill. While it can be eaten with many foods, kielbasa is usually paired with traditional sauerkraut.

Raw Sausage

Even though raw sausage isn’t cooked, it can still be eaten safely. Just don’t confuse this category of sausage with that of uncooked sausage.

Raw sausage has been preserved by lactic acid fermentation. This process involves brining, drying, or smoking the sausage so that any bacteria present has been killed.

Raw sausage can be kept for months at room temperature, as long as it is stored in a cool, dry area.

Common types of raw sausage include salami and Mettwurst. However, while you can eat raw sausage, if you prefer, you can always add it to other dishes for a cooked experience.

Blood Sausage

Yes, blood sausage has blood in it. However, blood is not the only ingredient and indeed, it can be quite tasty.

Different animal blood can be used in blood sausage. This includes blood from cows, pigs, sheep, duck, and even horses.

In addition to blood, animal meat is also used so that the sausage has a thick enough consistency. Oatmeal or breadcrumbs are also used to thicken the mixture.

While blood sausages can be found all over the world, they are not as common in North America.

Some specialty butchers in Canada and the United States will carry them, but you probably will not find them at your local supermarket.

Chicken Sausage

While not as popular as pork or beef sausage, it is still easy to find chicken sausage. This variation is made from chicken and has a nice, soft texture to it.

Many parts of the chicken are used in this type of sausage, including chicken meat, fat, and even skin. However, they are all emulsified together.

Usually, just basic spices are added to chicken sausage, including salt, pepper, and garlic.

Because of its texture and mild taste, chicken sausage is vey versatile. It can be eaten on its own but is often cooked in omelets and pastas.

Smoked Sausage

Different kinds of sausages are made in different ways. One method is by smoking them.

After sausage has been processed and stuffed, it can be smoked to add another layer of flavor. This is usually done by smoking the sausage over burning wood, and depending on the type of wood, different flavors are infused into the meat.

Smoked sausage will come already cooked when you purchase it. Therefore you don’t have to worry about cooking it.

A common type of smoked sausage is a Kielbasa smoked sausage. Kielbasa, which is just a Polish word for sausage, can be made from pork, beef, lamb, or chicken.

Another common type is Andouille smoked sausage. It comes from France and uses pork as its main ingredient. Andouille smoked sausage is full of rich spices such as garlic and pepper.  

What is the most popular sausage?

Chorizo, which comes from Spain, is one of the most popular sausages. It is a spicey sausage that pairs pork with seasonings such as garlic and paprika.

Red in color, chorizo sausage is a favorite ingredient in dishes such as jambalaya and as a topping for pizza.

Another popular, all-purpose sausage is Bratwurst. It can be enjoyed on its own, or even used as a more flavorful substitute for standard hot dogs.

What is the most common sausage in the US?

One of the most popular sausages in the United State is breakfast sausage. It is made with pork and uses pepper and sage for seasoning.

Breakfast sausage is usually a bit smaller than other sausages, making it a great addition to any breakfast.


Sausage is a broad category of food and there is a type for every taste. While some sausages are spicy, others are milder. Y

ou can choose from pork, beef, chicken, and more, depending on your dietary preferences. As you travel around the world, you are sure to find some variation of a local sausage to try.

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