26 Types of Sandwiches – Complete List and Guide 2024

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Sandwiches are a lunchtime staple. They are easy to prepare, stay fresh for a long time, and are just plain delicious. There are many types of sandwiches, so if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, let’s dive in.

What is a sandwich?

At its most basic, a sandwich is different ingredients between two pieces of bread. However, those ingredients can vary greatly as can the type of bread.

History and Origin

In the 18th Century, John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich, asked for meat placed between two pieces of bread. And the rest was history.

While the modern form of sandwiches has existed since then, there are references throughout history, across cultures, of meals that include meat and bread together.

Different types of Sandwiches

Pastrami Sandwich

Head to any Jewish deli in New York City, and you will find a pastrami sandwich. Pastrami is a cured meat and the sandwich is served with cheese, tomato, and lettuce.

A bit of mayonnaise is spread on rye bread to finish everything off.

American Club Sandwich

An American club sandwich is a slight variation of the classic club sandwich. In this version, instead of chicken, turkey breast is used.

In addition to turkey, an American club sandwich will also have lettuce, bacon, and cheese.

Tuna Sandwich

While your work colleagues might not appreciate your tuna sandwich, it is highly nutritious. Combine tuna, usually canned, with cheese and spices.

Spread everything between two pieces of bread and enjoy, preferably in your own home.

Combination Sandwich

If you’re not sure what to put in your sandwich, just make it a combination sandwich. There are no real rules for this concoction; the name simply refers to the fact there are multiple main ingredients.

Common examples of combination sandwiches include a BLT or a sub sandwich.

Simple Sandwich

A simple sandwich is incredibly simple. Whereas most sandwiches have multiple ingredients, this version has jut one.

The ingredient could be just cheese or even just meat. The key to success is ensuring both the bread and the ingredient are incredibly fresh as every bite counts.

Steak Sandwich

For those that are craving steak but want a lunch-time special, a steak sandwich is where it’s at. Start with a smaller, 6-ounce portion of sliced steak.

The steak is then served on a large roll. It often has lettuce and tomato on it, but can also have grilled onions or mushrooms. Alternatively, a steak sandwich can be served open-faced on a piece of garlic bread.

Panini Sandwich

Instead of bread, a panini sandwich will use Italian ciabatta bread. It usually has chicken and cheese for ingredients.

While you don’t necessarily need a panini press to make this sandwich, it does help. The press will grill the sandwich and leave lovely grill marks on the outside of the bread.

Broadway Sandwich

The Broadway sandwich is a nice treat if you like things a bit crispy. Start with toast instead of fresh bread. In between the toast add smoked salmon, hard boiled egg slices, and shredded lettuce.

This sandwich is also usually served with mayonnaise. It is quite hearty and intense in flavors.


Can you ever really go wrong with a hamburger? Start with ground beef and form it into patties, adding salt and pepper.

Grill the ground beef. Then, add whatever toppings you desire, topped by a bun. Seriously, you can add anything on a hamburger, even a fried egg.

Falafel Sandwich

To begin with you will need to make falafel, which is usually ground chickpeas and herbs that are deep-fried into a ball.

Once you have your falafel balls, you can add them to a pita bread and then add chopped vegetables and tahini sauce.

Po Boy Sandwich

You can’t visit Louisiana without enjoying a po boy sandwich. The sandwich uses a half baguette as its base.

Inside you will find meat such as roast beef or shrimp, but you don’t have to look too hard to find alligator. Lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise are also added.

Buffet Sandwich

The name of the buffet sandwich comes from where you will most likely find it: the buffet. These sandwiches are cut into small triangles and can be easily picked up with your fingers.

Inside you will find common sandwich ingredients, including cold cuts, cheese, and lettuce.

Club Sandwich

The ingredients for a club sandwich are all there in the name: grilled chicken and lettuce under bacon. As for bread, toast it first and spread a bit of butter on each side.

You can also add tomato to your club sandwich and mayonnaise.

Bookmaker Sandwich

Simple and French, a bookmaker sandwich will leave you satisfied. Start with a buttered roll, or if you prefer, soft French bread.

The only ingredients are grilled steak and mustard, preferably Dijon.

Conventional closed sandwich

If your sandwich has a middle, two pieces of bread, and the crusts still intact, then it is a conventional closed sandwich.

This is the type of sandwich most people create at home, including variations that use cold cuts or the traditional peanut butter and jelly.

Banh mi Sandwich

Originating from Vietnam, the banh mi sandwich is a savory meal. Instead of bread, start with a baguette that is cut lengthwise.

Inside the baguette, fill your sandwich with pork or chicken, fresh cucumber and cilantro, and pickled carrots and daikon.

Ribbon Sandwich

With such a fancy name, it’s surprising that a ribbon sandwich is actually pretty basic. Inside you will find layers of ingredients.

A typical ribbon sandwich will include bread, meat, cheese, a spread, and then repeat itself before a third piece of bread is placed on the top. To finish it all, a ribbon sandwich has no crusts and is cut into small, 1-inch by 1-inch squares.  

Pinwheel Sandwich

Not all sandwiches need to use bread. A pinwheel sandwich usually is composed of a tortilla because it can be rolled without cracking.

Inside a pinwheel sandwich, you will normally find spreads, such as cream cheese, and even peanut butter and jam. After you have wrapped a pinwheel sandwich, cut it into ½ inch slices.

Double Decker Sandwich

Imagine a double-decker bus but in the form of a sandwich. Three pieces of bread are needed, to hold all the filling together.

Between the slices of bread, you will find tomato, lettuce, and cucumber. Often a toothpick or cocktail stick is used to hold the sandwich and its contents together.

Egg Salad Sandwich

Before you get rid of those last few eggs, why not turn them into a lunch dish? An egg salad sandwich starts with boiled eggs that have been diced.

Add mustard, mayonnaise, onion, parsley, salt, and pepper to finish off the sandwich.

Croque Monsieur Sandwich

Grilled to perfection, a croque monsieur sandwich starts with two pieces of bread that are buttered. Ham, and gruyere cheese are placed in the middle.

Once assembled, the sandwich is dipped in an egg wash. It is then grilled or baked for a crunchy experience.

Reuben Sandwich

An American staple, the Reuben sandwich will surely fill you up. It is made with corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese.

Also included on the sandwich is a mixture of horseradish, paprika, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

Fancy Sandwich

While many types of sandwiches can get a bit sloppy, there are some that are rather fancy. Fancy sandwiches have two different types of bread, one light in color and one dark in color.

The bread is offset so that you can look to have a checkerboard sandwich. The filling is thin and not at all messy.

Grilled Sandwich

The best part about grilled sandwiches is that they can contain just about anything you want. Simply place your ingredients between two pieces of bread, butter the outside, and grill until golden brown.

The most famous is the grilled cheese sandwich, which is shown to be perfect when you can create a string of gooey cheese from the bread.

Tea sandwich

Tea sandwiches are small and dainty, and are a perfect pairing for afternoon tea. Start with white bread that is cut into small sizes, either squares or rectangles.

Then, spread butter on a piece of bread and a filling on the other. Place together and set aside in the freezer until you are ready to enjoy them.

Multi-Decker Sandwich

The biggest factor to consider with a multi-decker sandwich is just how big your mouth is. This sandwich means that there are more than two slices of bread in your sandwich, providing you with plenty of height.

Common ingredients include cold cuts such as ham or turkey, lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

What is the most popular sandwich?

While there are certainly many types of sandwiches to choose from, the most popular sandwich in the United States is the grilled cheese.

Simple yet delicious, a grilled cheese sandwich can warm you up and offer a bit of nostalgia at the same time.


Lunch time can be a bit boring if you’re always eating the same sandwich. However, after reading this guide, hopefully you will be inspired to try something new.

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