10 Quick and Easy Substitutes for Maple Syrup

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Is there anything yummier than fresh French toast drizzled with thick, sticky maple syrup? Exactly, nothing comes close. But this sticky deliciousness can be pretty pricey, especially if you buy genuine maple syrup. There may be another type of syrup that can give maple syrup a run for its money.

So what are the 10 quickest and easiest substitutes for maple syrup?

One of the most popular substitutes for maple syrup is golden syrup. Maple syrup has numerous substitutes available such as healthy options like date syrup, coconut nectar, honey, and agave nectar. The less healthy options include buttermilk syrup, molasses, brown rice syrup, and corn syrup. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy substitute for maple syrup (that tastes amazing), this guide is exactly what you need.

10 Substitutes for Maple Syrup

Surprisingly, there are quite a few delicious substitutes for maple syrup. The best part is that most of these substitutes can be made in your kitchen with the ingredients you already have in your panty.

Let’s take a closer look at the 10 most popular substitutes for maple syrup:

1. Date Syrup (Paste) 

Date syrup is one of the healthiest substitutes for maple syrup. There are no added sugars; it’s cholesterol free and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. This natural syrup is made from Medjool dates and water.

The ratio of date paste is ⅔ cup for every ½ a cup of maple syrup.

2. Coconut Nectar

Coconut nectar is harvested from the flower of the coconut palm tree, and its texture is a lot like maple syrup. The flavor also has rich hints of caramel and is naturally sweet. 

Coconut nectar has a low glycemic index score compared to some other sweeteners. 

The ratio of coconut nectar to maple syrup is 1:1 (1 tablespoon of maple syrup can be substituted with 1 tablespoon of coconut nectar).

3. Buttermilk Syrup

Here’s a maple syrup substitute that’s sweet on the lips and a little heavier on the hips. This thick caramel-like sauce is made from buttermilk, vanilla, and sugar. It’s the perfect substitute for maple syrup and is easy to make at home. 

The ratio of buttermilk syrup to maple syrup is 1:1.

4. Maltose Syrup 

Maltose syrup, also known as brown rice syrup, has more of a nutty butterscotch flavor and isn’t as sweet tasting as maple syrup. It’s made by exposing cooked brown rice to enzymes and filtering out any impurities. 

The ratio of brown rice syrup is 3:4 (¾ cup of brown rice syrup for every 1 cup of maple syrup.) 

5. Honey

Honey is the easiest substitute for maple syrup, as you don’t need to add any extra ingredients. Simply use it as is. 

It’s sweet and sticky but has a more floral taste (depending on the type of honey you buy) than maple syrup’s caramel flavor.

The ratio of honey to maple syrup is 1:1.

6. Molasses

Molasses is another good substitute for maple syrup. It’s a syrup made from refined sugar cane and sugar beets. 

You can buy light or dark molasses, but if you want something closer to the texture and taste of maple syrup, go for the light-colored molasses (the dark one has a more bitter taste.) 

The ratio of molasses to maple syrup is 1:1.

7. Brown or White Sugar Syrup

This substitute is easy to make, and you probably have brown or white sugar in your pantry. The type of sugar you use won’t make a difference to the flavor. To make the syrup, you need 3 parts of sugar to 1 part of water. 

The ratio of sugar syrup to maple syrup is 1:1.

Good to Know: If sugar syrup is used as a substitute to bake with, ensure you reduce the temperature and baking time, as sugar browns faster than maple syrup.

8. Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is another quick and easy substitute for maple syrup. This sticky syrup is made from corn starch and has numerous sugars such as maltose and glucose. 

As a substitute for maple syrup, instead, go for dark-colored syrup as it has a stronger flavor. 

The ratio of corn syrup to maple syrup is 1:1.

9. Agave Nectar

If you’re looking for a more natural sweetener, agave nectar has a slightly sweeter taste but the same consistency as maple syrup. The nectar comes from the agave plant and is perfect for baking and cooking.

For every cup of maple syrup, use ¾ cup of agave syrup (adjust to your preferred sweetness).

10. Golden Syrup

And last but not least is the famous golden syrup (also known as light treacle). This thick honey-colored syrup has a more buttery taste to the caramel flavor of maple syrup, but it makes an excellent substitute.

The ratio of golden syrup to maple syrup is 1:1.

Can I Use Honey Instead of Maple Syrup in a Recipe?

Honey is an excellent substitute for maple syrup in a recipe as it has a similar color and consistency. However, it has a more floral flavor than maple syrup’s caramel flavor. The ratio of honey to maple syrup is 1:1.

Can You Replace Maple Syrup with Brown Sugar?

Brown sugar can be used to replace maple syrup in a recipe. The syrup is thicker, so you’ll need to add extra water to make it runnier (3 parts brown sugar to 1 part water). 

Remember, sugar burns quicker than maple syrup, so adjust your baking time accordingly.

The ratio of brown sugar to maple syrup is 1:1.

Can You Replace Maple Syrup with Regular Syrup?

You can replace maple syrup with regular syrup for baking. However, it isn’t thick enough to use as a topping (on pancakes, for example). One cup of regular syrup can be used in place of ⅔ cup of maple syrup.

Top Tip: Make the best homemade maple syrup by letting white and brown sugar and water simmer in a saucepan until it thickens (approximately 3 minutes).

My Last Foodie Thoughts 

Whipping up a batch of pancakes and realizing you have no maple syrup is the worst. But with all the substitutes available (and most of the ingredients at home), there’s no excuse not to make a delicious syrup to go with those tasty pancakes.

Even better is that you can choose different flavors (more buttery, more butterscotch, or more floral hints) and adjust the consistency to your liking. If your new year’s resolution is to go on a diet, no problem. 

Why not give the coconut nectar syrup or honey a go? There’s nothing like sweet syrup on the lips and a little kinder on the hips (#Wink).

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