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We have the best of intentions when it comes to plants but life can get in the way of caring for them. If you’ve ever struggled with overwatering or underwatering your plants, you might want to consider moisture control potting soil.

Moisture control potting soil: Thanks to its construction, which includes peat moss, perlite, and coconut coir, moisture control potting soil provides a moist environment for your plants. It is neither too wet nor too dry, which helps keep your plants healthy.

What is Moisture Control Potting Soil?

Moisture control potting soil is made up of different materials, including peat moss, coconut coir, perlite, and fertilizer. These ingredients hold water in them and then slowly release them into the rest of the potting soil so that your plant’s roots are gradually exposed to more water.

Regular topsoil does the opposite. Topsoil filters the water all at once so that unless you water really deeply, where the cooler soil can retain it, your plants only have a short window of opportunity to absorb the water before it moves through the dirt.

How does moisture control potting soil work?

The key to the mechanics of moisture control potting soil is in the ingredients. Items like peat moss and coconut coir absorb moisture.

These materials can absorb a lot of moisture and then hold it for longer periods of time. Plant roots that are next to these materials will slowly absorb the water but only as they need it.

As a result, plants have continual access to water, which allows them to grow steadily rather than in sudden bursts. This makes the plants stronger and healthier.  

Benefits of using moisture control potting soil

Perfect for travelers

If you live a busy life where you are constantly traveling, it can be a source of anxiety to figure out what to do with your plants. You may have to ask people to come to water them, and these people may not always be the most reliable.

Instead of this extra hassle, you can use moisture control potting soil and give your plants a good soak before you leave. Then, you can be confident that the moisture will be absorbed by the soil, not the plants all at once, and there will be enough moisture in the container to slowly water your plants for the next few weeks.

Great for children

Getting your children interested in gardening at an early age can lead to a ton of benefits. Not only do they get to learn about the lifecycle of plants but gardening can also lead to healthier eating habits.

The one issue with children gardening is they can sometimes be too eager. Watering is a fun activity and they may want to go back over and over again, even if your plant is drowning.

Having moisture control potting soil is a way to make it easier for kids to have fun all while lessening your anxiety that they have to do things perfectly.

Added fertilizer

Most moisture control potting soil blends include fertilizer. This will be an all-purpose fertilizer blend that works with most plants.

It’s nice not having to worry about another step when planting. Having the fertilizer in your potting soil means your plants will be off to a good head start and you won’t have to worry about adding more in at a later date.

Constant growth

When plants have access to a lot of water, they will grow quicker but once that water disappears, their growth will stall. As a result, they become weaker and more susceptible to disease.

Having soil that slowly releases water so that roots can absorb a constant level of moisture ensures that growth is consistent. Your plants will be healthier and will last longer.

This constant growth is also essential if your plants bloom or produce fruit or vegetables. If a plant is stressed, it will conserve its energy, meaning it might not bear fruit in that season.  

Vibrant blooms

Flowering plants want to show off but only if they have the ideal elements. This includes the right amount of watering.

There are plenty of plants that don’t like to be watered too often but still want their soil to be somewhat moist. This is where moisture control potting soil comes into play.

The soil will stay moist but not too wet, which means less stress on the plant. Then, when it is time to bloom, the flowers will be larger and more vibrant.

Fewer weeds

Weeds will pop up anywhere there is bare soil. Weeds take advantage of soil conditions where other plants might not grow, so if you have healthy, full plants, there is less chance of weeds.

Moist roots

When reading through gardening articles, you will often see the advice that your soil should be moist but not soggy. This is hard to accomplish as it can require misters, an overly-regulated watering schedule, and a good memory.

Using moisture control potting soil will ensure that the soil remains in the ideal moist environment. As a result, your plant roots will be happy. They won’t dry out or become so soggy that they rot, leading to a much healthier plant.

Is Moisture Control Potting Mix worth it?

Whether you should use a moisture control potting mix or not largely comes down to your lifestyle. If you are someone who is busy, travels a lot, or is just a bit forgetful, this type of product will help keep your plants alive.

While you can use moisture control potting mix both indoors and outdoors, it does seem to be a product that is better for indoor use. Outdoor plants are exposed to rainwater as well as sprinkler systems.

Indoor plants, on the other hand, are entirely dependent on hand watering so using a moisture control potting mix ensures constant access to water.


If you have a tough time remembering to water your plants or you just want one less thing to worry about, using moisture control soil can help you out. This potting soil is best for indoor plants but can be used outdoors if you live in a dryer climate.

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