How To Make A Faux Vintage Sign For Less Than $10

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This faux vintage sign was such a fun and inexpensive way to fill of the massive expanse of unbroken wall space by our stairs!

It cost us a total of $9, and I could not have done it with out my hubby’s help!

Originally, I thought about doing a gallery wall here, but it’s a hard wall to hang things on without a special ladder, and being a bit of a minimalist, I didn’t want it to look cluttered, or spend my time dusting frames, or staring at dust I couldn’t reach!

I thought about the least expensive way to make a vintage looking sign about two things I really love: home and garden. I also thought about using this space to say something more meaningful like a hymn, Psalm, or the first Question and Answer of the Heidelberg Catechism), but lots of letters were too tricky for the stencil material we were working with!

I made the logo on Pic Monkey using the name of our creek, and Brad turned it into a stencil at work.

Then, I bought a 4×8 piece of hardboard paneling that Brad cut to size (87×48″).

I brushed on leftover ceiling paint, crisscrossing two coats to give it texture.

Then I used painter’s tape to mark out a border and painted that black with acrylic craft paint we already had.

I distressed the edges with leftover dark brown wax from another project and flecked black paint on with a brush.

Next, we stenciled on the logo and sanded it down to help make it look old.

We screwed our faux vintage sign into the studs with drywall screws inside the black border, so you can’t see them.

I’m so pleased with how it turned out, and thankful for a hubby that happily helps out with any creative projects around the house! 

Save for later!

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