Construction Update: Month 2!

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Our new home has been under construction for 2 months now! 

Here’s what happened during Month 1! 

To recap all that’s transpired over the last month, let’s back up to Brad’s birthday – the day they started booming trusses! 

Day 37, April 14

They’re booming trusses up today! That’s officially the most unique gift Brad has ever received in all his birthdays combined. 😁

This is a view from the back of the house. We put a bay door at the back of the garage so the kids can easily bring out their bikes and play things without needing to go in the front of the house. Even though our property is in a rural location, the road we’re on is pretty busy, and this will hopefully make it easier for the kids to stay in the back yard. 

Day 41, April 18

Saturday morning outing to the new house! It’s literally the only place we go these days!

This is the view from the front door into the Great Room. I think the double vault in the ceiling and the window overlooking the forest will be my favorite feature of the house!

The windows frame God’s Masterpiece: a forest full of both coniferous and deciduous trees that looks absolutely stunning in the Fall! There will be very little need to hang much artwork on the walls, as the kitchen, dining, and living areas are open to each other, and have windows on 3 out of 4 sides.

It’s a strange time to be building a house. We’re constantly reminded that “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps” (Prov. 16:9), “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it” (Psalm 127:1).

I’m thankful the Lord has brought us to this point so far, and we are trusting Him to see us through.

Day 45, April 22
Today’s job: deciding where to put all the lights and electrical outlets before we meet with the electricians!

Thankfully, we had already been planning this back in November while were waiting for permits, so it wasn’t as time consuming as it might have been!Here’s a post we wrote up listing all the genius places people told us they had put outlets (or where they WISHED they had them!).

How about you: Where do you love having a plug or light?!

Day 46, April 23

Dormer is up, all the windows are in, and shingles are going on today! We chose Charcoal colored Timberline Shingles from GAF Roofing.

We also made the decision not to put faux windows in the gable by the porch and above the garage. I feel like the spaces are too small to warrant a window, and it would like they were an after thought, or just sorta jammed in there.

Ah, decisions, decisions!

Day 51, April 28
Electrical and plumbing work is well under way! I’m so impressed at how well the electricians figured out the pot light placement for the double vaulted ceiling in the Great Room. It’s a tricky room to work with, but they had everything laid out in perfectly symmetrical grid when I got to the house this afternoon. I can’t wait to see how it looks all lit up! It took us 3 hours last week to decide things like:
  • Where do you think you would naturally flick a switch?
  • How many switches would you like and in which places to turn on the same lights?
  • Which lights would you like on a dimmer?
  • Do you want all of your exterior lights on the same switch, or separate?
  • Would you like pot lights or a chandelier over the stairs?
  • Do you want the bathroom fans to turn on the same time as the light, separately, on a timer?

There were many more questions, but this just gives a little taste of the things electricians think about all the time, that I’ve often taken for granted! I have a new appreciation for their craft.

Day 52, April 29

The garage and basement floors were poured today! Now we can open up the main floor and begin framing downstairs. 

I also picked out a gas fireplace for the Great Room. The fireplace will be centered in the 19 ft. vault. We’re planning to have white brick surrounding the unit, a thick, wood beam mantel that’s stained the same color as our kitchen island, and white shiplap above the mantel to the ceiling.

Day 56, May 3

This morning, I met with the stairs guy! Currently, we have this temporary stairs in place so the work can be finished downstairs before the “nice stairs” is installed. 

Here’s what we’re planning for the stairs:

  • straight black iron/steel spindles
  • a square profile, wood stained handrail,
  • enclosed treads
  • skirt and box newel posts painted white
  • low-pile, neutral patterned carpet on treads and risers (less noisy, less expensive, and less slippery!)

Day 59, May 6

I met with the electricians again this afternoon to plan out the lighting for downstairs. We’re keeping it pretty basic, as most of the basement will be left unfinished for now (with the exception of 3 bedrooms and a bathroom). 

I snapped this picture of our Great Room and dining windows, which are showcasing the glorious, lush green grass and budding leaves of the forest behind! 

Our one-piece shower unit is currently located where our kitchen island will be. 😀 

The fireplace will be installed to the left of the patio doors, centered in the vault. 

That’s a wrap for Month 2!

We’re so thankful for how smoothly the last 4 weeks have gone. and are looking forward to sharing some color (hopefully!) on the house in Month 3! 


Save for later!

2 thoughts on “Construction Update: Month 2!”

  1. Just a thought on your stair railing … are you planning for your straight black upright rails? That is what I have now – I really like them…however until just before they were placed upright, our desire was the “new look” we see everywhere with those same spindles horizontal. Last minute, I thought about the ease of young children climbing those and falling over the handrail to fall a great distance to injury or possible death. I find it a horrific thought – most likely those could be my future grandbabies. We enjoy our upright spindles. I trust you will also. It is a pleasure following your build progress. What a wonderful busyness you’ve had to purposefully occupy during the covid isolation time. God Bless!

    • Hi Darlene,

      I had exactly the same thought about horizontal spindles! I know our bunch would find a way through them, and they just don’t seem safe to me at all. I’m curious if they’ll ever be recalled. I also think they’re a fad and not as timeless as traditional spindles (I’m not opinionated about this at all, eh?!). Ha!

      Glad to know you’re enjoying yours!

      We have greatly enjoyed having this project on the go during iso!


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