Best Tea Infuser Mug Reviews 2024

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best tea infuser mug

Looking to make your morning a bit easier? With a tea infuser mug, you can brew a cup of tea and drink it, all from the same place.

Tea is just one of those drinks that is calm, soothing, and delicious. There are many ways to craft the perfect cup of tea, but one of the most time-efficient ways is with a tea infuser mug.

With this product, you simply add your favorite tea leaves, pour in water, and wait a few minutes for the flavors to develop. Then, remove the infuser basket and your cup of tea is ready to go.


There’s a lot less cleanup involved. To help you find the best tea infuser mug, we have found five of the best options on the market.

Each mug is reviewed, highlighting its pros and cons. We’ll leave you with our suggestions and hope your future mornings are filled with bliss and calm.

Sweese 201.101 Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid, 15 OZ, White

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This cute and compact tea infuser mug is easy to use and comes in 10 color choices.

It’s perfect for when you want to match your teacup with your mood.

Product Highlights

This 15-ounce Sweeese tea mug has a sophisticated and highly functional design.

First, you can decide from 10 color choices, including navy, pink, turquoise, yellow, and more.

And, if you can’t decide, this is an affordable mug so it may be best just to purchase a few colors.

To craft your perfect cup of tea, simply place your tea leaves in the stainless steel infuser.

It is a nice, deep vessel so even if you don’t want a full cup of tea, there is enough room for the water to cover your tea leaves.

As an added bonus, the lid can be removed and used as a coaster to place the infuser on once it’s been used.

When you purchase the Sweese tea mug, it will come gift-wrapped in a pretty box. This makes it so much more versatile.

What We Like

The ability to place the used infuser on the lid helps reduce any mess.

There are so many colors to choose from, there is something for everybody.

What We Don’t Like

While the colors are nice, they are all monotone and not the most unique designs.


  • An abundance of color choices
  • A functional mug that works well


  • Not travel-worthy

Tea Forte Kati Cup Ceramic Tea Infuser Cup with Infuser Basket

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If you feel that much happier sipping tea out of a pretty cup, you will want to consider the Tea Forte Kati cup.

It has different design options to choose from that can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

Product Highlights

The Tea Forte Kati Cup is one of Amazon’s recommended products for a reason.

The lid keeps your tea hot while steeping and then can be removed to place your strainer on to prevent any spills.

The mug is made from ceramic and has a double-wall construction, ensuring your tea stays hot for a long time.

The infuser basket is made from premium stainless steel so your tea can steep to perfection.

With 20 design choices to choose from, the hardest part about this teacup may be choosing just which one to purchase.

Options include cherry blossom, tree, and bird motives.

The only thing to watch for is that the Tea Forte Kati cup can be a bit breakable. While this is true of all ceramic mugs, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

If you do stumble upon a hole or crack that is not your fault, be sure to contact customer service right away to see what they can do for you.

What We Like

The designs are all elegant and inspiring.

The teacup is functional and creates delicious tea.

What We Don’t Like

While the designs are lovely, they are a bit feminine which may turn off male tea drinkers.


  • 20 gorgeous designs to choose from
  • Affordable tea infuser mug


  • Somewhat prone to breaking

Tealyra – Peak Ceramic Turquoise Tea Cup Infuser

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The Tealyra tea infuser mug is perfect for when you want to make just one delicious cup of tea.

It comes in a variety of colors to suit your mood or décor.

Product Highlights

When you purchase a Tealyra tea infuser mug, you can choose from 10 color choices, including orange, purple, and yellow.

The mugs are all monochrome and come with a lid that is removable to rest your infuser on.

The mug itself is made from ceramic that is heat resistant up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. T

his means you can pour boiling water right into the mug and not worry about it cracking.

Another nice feature is that the Tealyra is microwave and dishwasher safe. It’s always nice when a product is as simple and easy to use as possible.

One of the biggest benefits of the Tealyra is that it has a 19-ounce capacity. This is slightly larger than other infuser mugs on our list.

If you really like tea and want to brew a big mug in the morning, this product is for you.

Even if you want a smaller mug, that’s ok as the stainless steel infuser basket goes deep into the cup.

You can fill as much or as little water you want and know that all the tea leaves will be covered.

What We Like

The color options are modern, sophisticated and will appeal to both men and women.

The larger size mug gives you more options when making a cup of tea.

What We Don’t Like

The design is ok, but not as sleek as other similar models.


  • Large 19-ounce capacity


  • A bit bulky looking

Sweese 201.224 Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid

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Sometimes you want to brew a good cup of tea but don’t want to spend money on an expensive apparatus.

If you’re ok with an average tea mug, the Sweese 201.224 is the way to go.

Product Highlights

The Sweese 201.224 tea infuser mug is half the price of the other products on our list.

As such, it does offer about half the benefits of the other products, but it still functions well.

The Sweese mug only has one design option, that of a sick woman running with a purse. It’s cute but probably not the best if you’re male and looking for a new tea mug.

As for construction, the Sweese 201.224 is ceramic while the infuser basket is stainless steel.

The lid can be removed and act as a coaster for your infuser basket.

However, there are no grooves on the lid so any water that seeps from the infuser basket will inevitably drip off the sides of the lid coaster.

One nice feature is that the mug is a standard 15 ounces. This is perfect for making a single cup of tea.

It is also dishwasher and microwave safe, which leads to easy and safe use.

What We Like

The mug is large enough to brew a good cup of tea.

This is a very affordable mug and perfects if you’re new to the world of infuser mugs.

What We Don’t Like

The one design option is very limiting.


  • Incredibly affordable


  • The lid won’t prevent spills with infuser basket

amHomel Porcelain Tea Mug With Infuser Basket

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Ready to drink tea in a simple, elegant tea mug?

The amHomel tea mug is a choice worth considering, and it comes in a package of two for a more affordable purchase.

Product Highlights

The amHomel mug with infuser comes in packages of two. The designs are simple and include options such as white and blue, white and white, and white and pink.

Each mug is 15 ounces in size, which is quite standard. You can brew your tea once you wake up and enjoy it all morning.

Like the other products on our list, the mugs themselves are ceramic and the infuser baskets are stainless steel.

They are also dishwasher and microwave safe, adding to greater convenience.

What We Like

The two-pack combination cuts down on purchase price and shipping costs, making them very affordable.

The design is simple and elegant and perfect if you want a tea mug that will fit with existing décor.

What We Don’t Like

The design is nice, but perhaps a bit too subdued.

If you only want one tea infuser mug, this product is not for you.


  • Affordable price


  • Need to buy two mugs, not just one

Tea Infuser Mug Buying Guide


Each tea infuser mug will have an infuser basket that is detachable.

It should be stainless steel so that it doesn’t rust or warp when exposed to hot water.


Unfortunately, ceramic mugs are breakable. Upon delivery, check for any manufacturer defects, just in case.

Beyond, that be careful when handling, especially if you plan on washing your mug in the dishwasher.

Sometimes, it’s better to buy two or more mugs, just in case.

Volume and shape

The standard volume of a tea infuser mug is 15 ounces. However, you can find some that are up to 20 ounces in size.

Tea infuser travel mugs will be even larger as they assume you will want a larger mug of tea as you go about your travels.


Tea infuser mugs are normally made out of ceramic although some can be made of glass and even high-quality plastic.

The infuser basket part should be made out of food-grade stainless steel.

Heat Preservation

Tea infuser mugs all come with lids. These should fit well so that heat doesn’t escape.

You can also look for double-wall glass or ceramic for added insulation.

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Related Questions

What is the best tea infuser?

The best tea infuser mug on our list is the Tea Forte Kati mug. It has 20 design options that are all absolutely beautiful.

Drinking tea should be a calming experience. That is why the design options are all soothing, including a subtle leaf design and a simple snowflake design.

The Tea Forte Kati cup is 15 ounces and the lid has a nice design that allows you to place the infuser basket on it so that there are no leaks.

How do you use a tea infuser mug?

  • First, hold the infuser to make sure it is nice and clean. Then, pop it into the tea infuser mug.
  • You can use any loose leaf tea or fine tea.
  • Add boiling water to your cup, ensuring the tea leaves are completely covered. Let the tea steep for your desired time.
  • Remove the lid and place the infuser basket on it or another surface in case it leaks.
  • Sip and enjoy your freshly brewed tea.

Are stainless steel tea infusers safe?

Yes, stainless steel is considered food grade as it can be used with most foods. Its surface is non-porous which makes it easy to clean and doesn’t provide areas for bacteria to grow.

Stainless steel also won’t rust which is essential as your infuser basket will be submerged in water during the steeping process.

What is the best teapot for loose tea?

The best teapot for loose leaf will have an infuser basket attached to it.

This will hold the tea leaves and allow the water to circulate in an even manner.

Then, once you pour your tea, you don’t have to worry about picking tea leaves out of your teeth.

How do you properly steep tea?

How long you want to steep your tea is a very personal choice. Some people like weaker tea while others like stronger tea.

The first step is to boil your water. Then, pour the hot water over the tea leaves and leave it to steep.

The amount of time to steep will vary between 2 to 7 minutes. Green and black tea should take less time while Oolong and herbal tea can take longer.

In the end, you will have to indulge in some trial and error to find what works best for your taste buds.


Are you a tea lover that wants to craft the perfect cup of tea? Having a tea infuser mug means complete control over your tea experience.

It also means you can brew one perfect cup and not have to worry about wasting any precious tea leaves.

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