Best Small Electric Kettle – Complete Guide 2024

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best small electric kettle

There are many electric kettles on the market and it can be hard to know just which one will work for you.

Between LED displays, glass vs stainless steel, and even capacity, we’ve put together a list of the best small electric kettles so you can better understand what all your options are.

There are many electric kettles to choose from but before you purchase one, ask yourself this: just what will I be using mine for?

Think about whether you’re a tea drinker, coffee drinker, or both. Do you plan on using a kettle for hot cocoa or soup? What about travel?

There are many elements to consider when purchasing a tea kettle. The following five products are the best kettles on the market.

With careful research, we have put together our list and included everything we like and don’t like.

Hopefully, with all the information organized for you, you can be sipping your perfectly brewed cup of tea in no time.

Miroco Double Wall Stainless Steel Cool Touch Tea Kettle

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Melding the latest in technology and design, the Miroco tea kettle allows for a classic design that will keep your hot water hot.

Product Highlights

This 1.5-liter tea kettle holds just enough water to pour 8 cups of tea. And, it only takes 6 minutes to reach a boil.

This particular Miroco tea kettle model comes with a white, black, or bold orange exterior. You can also purchase slightly different models that have stainless steel and glass exteriors.

The Miroco tea kettle has an interior made of stainless steel while the outside is plastic that is BPA free.

In addition to the stainless interior, the spout, rim and inner lid are also made of the same material. This ensures no contaminants will come into contact with your water.

The outer plastic coating means you can touch the kettle and not worry about any burns. This is an especially nice feature if you have little kids running around the kitchen.

Other safety features include an auto-shutoff once it has reached the maximum temperature. Not only does this keep your kitchen safe but it also saves electricity.

What We Like

The Miroco tea kettle has a stylish, simplistic design.

The external plastic material means it stays cool to the touch.

What We Don’t Like

There is no water window to see how much you have filled up.


  • Stylish design
  • Numerous safety features


  • Can’t see into the kettle

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle

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Brought to you by AmazonBasics, this kettle is a bit, well basic. However, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Product Highlights

With a 1-liter capacity, the AmazonBasics kettle is on the slightly smaller size. This is a kettle perfect if you just need a cup or two of tea or coffee.

Its compact size also makes it perfect for students living in a dorm room or if you don’t have much space in your RV.

The AmazonBasics kettle has a pretty standard design. It has a nice, stainless steel exterior and interior.

There is a small window with water lines to see how much you are filling up. The handle is made of black plastic and overall it is designed to fit with just about any kitchen’s décor.

Inside the kettle is a removable filter. You can easily take it out and clean it, ensuring all your water is poured through a clean filter.

The AmazonBasics kettle has an automatic shut off function. This gives you peace of mind knowing it won’t boil dry, posing a fire risk.

While this kettle is on the smaller size, there is also a 1.7-liter model available. However, this means you have to choose between small and large when many people would prefer a medium size.

What We Like

The kettle is small and portable.

The auto-off function is standard but necessary.

What We Don’t Like

The design is a bit basic and not very interesting.


  • Simple but effective
  • Affordable price


  • Size options are a bit lacking

Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle, 1 L, Cordless

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There’s something quite beautiful about seeing water boil. While stainless steel tea kettles hide this process, the Hamilton Beach tea kettle makes it a feature with its glass construction.

Product Highlights

The Hamilton Beach tea kettle is able to boil 1.7 liters of water. It has a glass body so you can see exactly how much water is inside and where it is in the boiling process.

You can easily lift it off its heating element for a cordless pouring option. The bottom of the kettle also emits a soft blue LED, making this tea kettle an appliance that deserves a spot on your kitchen counter.

While this tea kettle does have an automatic off function, there have been some reports that it doesn’t always work. While these reports were not universal, it is something to be aware of, and something that could happen to any kettle and any time.

What We Like

The beautiful blue light makes this tea kettle quite unique.

The glass construction turns boiling water into a piece of art.

What We Don’t Like

With a 1.7-liter capacity, this kettle can become heavy very quickly.

There have been reports that the auto-off function doesn’t always work.


  • Very stylish design


  • Watch the auto-off function

BonNoces Portable Electric Kettle – 0.5L Small Stainless Steel Travel Kettle

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If you’ve ever looked at a stainless steel tea kettle and thought about how boring it looks, you will want to consider this BonNoces product.

Furthermore, it is small and extremely portable.

Product Highlights

For those that can’t contemplate not having their tea kettle with them, the BonNoces kettle is a must-have. It is only 0.5 liters in size so this is not meant to be your primary at-home tea kettle.

Rather, it is designed so you can take it on road trips or anywhere your travels take you.

A really unique feature of the BonNoces kettle is that while the interior is stainless steel, the exterior comes in three delightful color options. You can choose between a pastel blue, a blush pink, or a classic white.

Apart from the aesthetics, the mechanics are quite impressive as well. In just 5 minutes you can have boiling hot water. The large opening means it is easy to clean.

Because the exterior is made of plastic, this is a cool touch product so you never have to worry about burning your hands. It features an auto-off function and even while in use it doesn’t get too noisy.

What We Like

The kettle comes in three adorable color choices.

This kettle is small enough to accompany you on any travels.

What We Don’t Like

For a small-sized kettle, this is rather expensive.

You will still need to purchase a large, at-home kettle.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Perfect for travels


  • Expensive

Posame Electric Kettle – 1.7L BPA-Free Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle

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There’s nothing wrong with basic. But if you want something a bit more exciting, the Posame tea kettle will really excite you.

Product Highlights

The 1.7-liter Posame tea kettle is not your grandma’s tea kettle. It incorporates all the latest technology so you get precision and flair.

On the handle of this tea kettle are a few buttons, all lit up by an LED display. Instead of having to flip down a lever, you simply press the on/off button to turn this tea kettle on.

For anyone who has accidentally hit that lever while working in the kitchen, you will know how handy this button is.

There is also a digital display of the temperature of your water. As more and more people turn to pour over coffee methods, having the perfect temperature of the water is a necessity.

With the Posame tea kettle, you don’t have to judge the temperature of your water based on how much steam is coming out.

If you know just how hot you want your water to be too steep tea, you can actually program this tea kettle with up to six presets. Once the water has reached this temperature, the kettle will automatically shut off.

What We Like

With six temperature presets, you can decide what you like and always have it your way.

The on/off button means not accidentally turning the kettle on.

What We Don’t Like

This is an advanced tea kettle that some might find unnecessary


  • Keeps water warm up to 2 hours
  • Easy to use controls


  • More expensive than basic models

Small Electric Kettle Buying Guide – Things to Consider


Tea kettles come in all shapes and sizes. On the smaller end, there are kettles with a 0.5-liter capacity. On the larger end, there are tea kettles that can hold 1.7 liters of water.

It is better to purchase a larger tea kettle as you can always fill it halfway. The ability to boil more water is better than being stuck having to wait for multiple kettle productions.


The interior of most tea kettles will be stainless steel. This allows water to be safely boiled and poured, without being contaminated with any plastic particulates.

Some tea kettles will also have a stainless steel exterior while others will have a plastic exterior that comes in different color choices.


Boiling water hurts which is why safety should always come first. Tea kettles should always have an auto-off function.

This means once the water has reached a boiling point, the kettle will automatically switch off.

You never want to run the risk of a kettle boiling with no water as this can create a real fire hazard.


Most tea kettles require you to fill them up with water, flip a switch, and wait.

Thanks to advancing technology, however, more tea kettles have advanced features.

Some will include LED displays where you can program your preferred water temperature.

While impressive, make sure you need this technology as it usually comes with a higher price tag.


For the most part, tea kettles are relatively inexpensive. You can expect to find one between $20 and $40.

The more features there are in a tea kettle, the more expensive it will be. Interestingly, size is not always an indicator of price.

Smaller sized tea kettles may be more expensive than larger ones because of their extra features.

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Related Questions

What is the healthiest electric kettle?

Mot electric tea kettles are made with stainless steel or glass interiors. These materials are the healthiest as they won’t invite bacteria to grow.

If you have plastic elements on your tea kettle, make sure they are BPA free and don’t come into direct contact with your water.

Finally, remember to regularly clean your tea kettle. Models with larger spouts make it easier for you to wipe them down.  

What is the smallest travel kettle?

On our list, the smallest travel kettle is the BonNoces Portable Electric Kettle.

It is only 0.5 liters in size and can go just about anywhere you need it to.

What is the best electric tea kettle?

Overall, the most advanced electric tea kettle on our list is the Posame Electric Kettle. It has a large, 1.7-liter capacity.

The Posame kettle also has the ability to heat your water to specific water temperature. It might give more options than you need, but it’s always better to be over-prepared than underprepared.

Which electric kettle boils the fastest?

All of the electric kettles on our list take between 5 and 7 minutes to boil.

If you have less water in your kettle, it will take less time to boil.

How do I choose an electric kettle?

When you first decide to purchase a new electric kettle, think about what your needs are.

If you are the only one who drinks tea or coffee and just wants a cup or two, smaller size is fine.

If you regularly entertain, then a larger size kettle is necessary.

Most tea kettles are simple to use and just require you to press a lever.

If you have specific water temperature needs, look for a more advanced electric kettle that allows you to control your temperature.


Any of these five amazing tea kettles will boil you water in a fast, convenient manner. Whether you need a 0.5-liter kettle for traveling or a larger 1.7-liter kettle for entertaining, there is a model for you.

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