Best Glass Teapot with Infuser Reviews 2024

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best glass teapot with infuser

Ready to take your tea to the next level?

A glass teapot with an infuser allows you to create the perfect flowering tea in a gorgeously designed atmosphere.

What are the best glass teapots with infusers?

Brewing tea has become more of an art form lately.

Tea drinkers have their preferences and while tea bags are convenient, they don’t offer the same taste as loose leaf tea.

For those that want to use loose leaf tea but not have tea leaves stuck in their teeth, a teapot with a built-in infuser is the best way to go.

There are many products available and we have found five of the best. These glass teapots with infusers are crated with the finest materials.

They come in many different shapes and sizes so there will be a teapot perfect for you.

It’s time to make a pot of flowering tea and relish in the taste, smell, and artistry.

Cusinium Stovetop Safe Teapot with Infuser For Loose Tea

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For quality and quantity, the Cusinium teapot is the perfect combination.

It is a beautifully crafted teapot with a large infuser and as a bonus, comes with a wide array of accessories.

Product Highlights

The Cusinium teapot has a 31-ounce capacity. Its infuser is large enough to fill with enough tea for 3 to 4 cups.

You can either pour boiling water into the teapot or you can even boil water within it, as this product is stovetop safe. It’s always nice when you can eliminate a step!

As for accessories, you get a cozy that wraps firmly around the teapot. As glass is not a good insulator, the cozy allows you to keep your tea hot for longer.

Unfortunately, while the teapot is elegantly designed, the cozy is more about function than form. It is black and uninspiring, and definitely not your grandma’s traditionally crocheted design.

You also get a wooden coaster to place your teapot on, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your countertop. Also included is an e-book with handy instructions on brewing the perfect cup of tea.

What We Like

The teapot has an elegant design.

There are a lot of accessories, including an e-book, coaster, and cozy.

The large capacity brews enough tea for a small gathering.

What We Don’t Like

The included cozy doesn’t have an attractive design.


  • lots of accessories for the price
  • well-designed
  • stovetop-safe


  • Outer layer could be more attractive

Teabloom – Stovetop Glass Teapot Kettle – 40 oz

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If you take great stock in knowing what Amazon’s product recommendations are, then you will love the Teabloom teapot.

It is their pick for glass teapots with infusers!

Product Highlights

This elegant teapot has a more modern circular design with a large rounded, ergonomic handle.

The glass teapot is topped by a stainless steel lid, melding classic taste and modern flair.

If you’re worried about breaking your glass teapot, this product is perfect for you. It is made from extra-thick glass that is lightweight at the same time.

The capacity of the Teabloom teapot is an impressive 40 ounces. You can bring this teapot out at your next book club and have enough tea ready for everyone.

One final feature that will be sure to delight you is the money-back guarantee. If you do have any issues, their excellent customer service will take care of you.

What We Like

The sophisticated and modern design make this teapot a work of art.

The 2mm thick glass is strong and won’t easily break.

The included satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service give good peace of mind.

What We Don’t Like

With a higher price tag, it (unfortunately) doesn’t come with any extra accessories.


  • Incudes a satisfaction guarantee
  • Large 40-ounce capacity


  • A bit on the expensive side

TOYO HOFU Tea Pot with Infusers for Loose Tea

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If you’re the only one in your household who drinks tea, it makes sense to have a smaller, more compact teapot. The Toyo Hofu is perfect for the 1 or 2 cup tea drinkers out there.

Product Highlights

The Toyo Hofu teapot has a capacity of 20 ounces. This is much smaller than others on our list but it is perfect if you only need to brew a cup or two.

The taller, angular shape of this teapot makes it more compact, saving space. However, its design is still elegant, especially if you like a more geometrical style.

Like most modern teapots, you can use the Toyo Hofu teapot on the stovetop, saving you the extra step of boiling water in a separate tea kettle.

The infuser section reaches all the way down so even if you only fill the teapot halfway, you still get maximum flavor.

If you really like the specifications of this particular teapot but aren’t sold on the design, don’t worry. There are four other Toyo Hofu designs you can choose from, many with larger capacities.

What We Like

There are many products from this manufacturer to cater to all tastes.

This teapot is perfect for people that just want 1 or 2 cups of tea.

What We Don’t Like

There have been some reports of damaged inner rings.


  • Modern, rectangular design
  • Perfect for small batches of tea
  • Space-saving size


  • Check for any defects upon delivery

CnGlass 20.3 oz Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

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Glass purists take heart. Unlike most other glass teapots that have stainless steel lids and infusers, the CnGlass teapot is 100% glass.

Product Highlights

This 20-ounce glass teapot is exactly that – glass. The body, the lid, and even the infuser are all glass.

The construction of the CnGlass teapot is quite remarkable. It is made from durable borosilicate glass which means it is stovetop safe.

The spout is constructed to be spill-proof and the handle allows for a strong, sturdy grip.

One quite remarkable feature of this teapot is that it is dishwasher safe, making it very easy to clean.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit and enjoy a tranquil cup of tea and not have to worry about cleaning the teapot later?

If you really like the CnGlass teapot but are worried about its smaller size, you can also purchase similar teapots in 30-ounce and 33-ounce sizes.

Furthermore, the company sells matching teacups that are made in a very modern, handle-less glass construction.

The only real thing to consider is that with all the glass, the chance of breakage does increase.

If you are clumsy or just a bit worried about your teapot’s fate, this might not be the best option for you.

What We Like

The innovative all-glass design makes this teapot really stand out.

This teapot is also available in larger sizes.

If you like the design of the CnGlass teapot, there are matching teacups and even a teapot stand to purchase.

What We Don’t Like

The all-glass construction increases the probability of breakages.


  • Elegant and innovative design
  • Dishwasher safe


  • More prone to breaking

Vivoice Ultra 8.5oz(One Cup) Clear Heat Resistant Glass Teapot Infuser

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You’re a creature of habits. You like your one, perfectly-brewed cup of tea, and that’s it. If there’s no need for more tea, then there’s no need for a large teapot.

Product Highlights

The Vivoice Ultra teapot makes 8.5 ounces of tea, perfect for that one cup of delicious tea.

This small, cute teapot is great for at home or even if you want to take it with you on a trip or even camping.

To go with the small size is a nice, small price. This is quite an affordable teapot and is perfect for any tea lover out there.

Even with a small size, the Vivoice Ultra is still made with premium qualities. It has thick, borosilicate glass that is very durable.

Both the lid and the infuser are also made from glass, giving this teapot an aesthetically pleasing look.

While the overall construction is good, the infuser has a few flaws. Fine tea leaves can become stuck in the strainer and clog the design.

What We Like

This is a cute and pretty teapot perfect for once cup of tea.

The complete glass construction is visually appealing.

What We Don’t Like

The small size means you will likely have to purchase an additional larger teapot at some point.

Fine tea leaves can get stuck in the infuser and cause it to become clogged.


  • Perfect for one cup of tea
  • Very cute


  • Not practical for large groups

Glass Teapot with Infuser Buying Guide


Teapots come in all shapes and sizes. You can find teapots that have a capacity of as little as 8 ounces, all the way to 40 ounces.

Before you purchase a teapot, think about if just you will be using it or multiple people.

Having to make multiple batches of tea because your teapot is too small will quickly become an unnecessary headache.


All of the teapots on our list are made of glass. Within this material, there are many designs to be found.

There are round teapots and rectangular teapots. Some will have glass lids while others will have stainless steel lids.

Furthermore, some infusers will be glass while some will be stainless steel. It’s best to look around as you might not be aware of all the designs available.


Unfortunately, glass is breakable. While the teapots on our list are all made out of heat resistant borosilicate glass, you still want to take great caution when storing and using them.

This type of glass is usually stovetop safe. However, if you’re still a bit cautious, you can always use a kettle for hot water separately before pouring it into your teapot.


Some teapots will come with extra accessories, such as e-books and coasters.

This may increase the price but is a great starting kit for beginner tea drinkers.


Generally, glass teapots with infusers are affordable. Prices range between $15 and $50, depending on the make and size.

Usually, larger teapots will cost more money.

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Related Questions

How do you use a glass teapot infuser?

Some glass teapots will have infusers built-in. Simply place your loose leaf tea inside the filter, about 1 oz for every 8 oz cup of tea.

Boil water and pour it into the glass teapot. Allow the tea leaves to steep for 4 to 8 minutes, depending on your preference.

Once you have achieved your desired infusion level, simply remove the infuser. Pour your tea as needed and enjoy.

Which is the best tea infuser?

There are many tea infusers to choose from. Stainless steel is more practical as it is less likely to break.

If you are a purist, you might want to consider a glass tea infuser instead as it doesn’t have the risk of tainting your tea with a metal taste.

Are glass teapots good?

If making herbal tea, glass teapots are preferred. They allow the right mixture of your precious tea and in the end, you get to see a gorgeously bloomed tea.

However, glass teapots are fragile, so take care and handle them properly. They also do not hold heat very well so they are not well-suited if you plan on sipping tea for lengthy periods of time.

Are metal tea infusers safe?

Yes, metal tea infusers are safe. Anything that is used for food purposes must be properly tested.

However, loose leaf tea will taste better if it is able to float through the water and not be confined to one contraption.

What is the best material for teapots?

If you want to maintain hot tea for a long time, ceramic teapots are the best option.

If you like a more ornamental design, porcelain is nice although it is breakable.

If you make a lot of herbal tea, glass teapots are best for creating the perfect flavors.

Just be sure to drink your tea quickly as glass won’t retain heat for very long.

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For those tea lovers that desire blooming teas, investing in a glass teapot with an infuser is a must.

The construction of these teapots allows for the most delicious flavors and a beautiful display to delight your senses.

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