What is a Floribunda Rose? Garden Tips 2024

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With over 150 species of roses around the world, choosing one variety can be a bit overwhelming. However, one category, floribunda roses, may be exactly what you are looking for in your garden.

What is a floribunda rose: Roses are all about hybrids, which is why classifying them can be a bit confusing. Floribunda roses are a grouping of roses and they were created as a hybrid from hybrid teas and polyantha roses. A result is a large group of roses that have gorgeous, multi-layered blossoms. While the flowers are a bit smaller than other groups of varieties, you often get more blooms per bush. Furthermore, the roses are smaller in stature but spread out a bit more. Floribunda roses are a great way to fill in space in your garden and you can pick almost any color to complement your existing flowers. As an added bonus, they will flower all summer long.

Different Floribunda Rose Varieties


What happens if you have a variety of roses that looks as if a child has painted them? You get the eye-popping Scentimental.

This play on words has white blossoms that are splattered with deep burgundy pops of colors. The flowers are quite large and incredibly fragrant.


We love color but sometimes the absence of color is just as striking. As the name implies, Iceberg roses are almost pure white and the petals make gorgeous circles around the middle.

Iceberg roses truly stand out in any garden and are so amazing they have won prize after prize since their creation in 1958.

Candy Cane Cocktail

Who says you can’t celebrate Christmas in the summer? Candy Cane Cocktail roses have white petals and red tips. As you move out from the middle, the red slowly takes over from the while.

Candy Cane Cocktail roses are perfect if you have a romantic disposition. Furthermore, each flower has no shortage of petals and even the ground around your garden will be awash with color.

Betty Boop

Not at all shy, Betty Boop roses are multi-colored. Their peach-pink petals end in a ruffle of deep red.

Although Betty Boop flowers are not the most fragrant, they are a real show-stopper in any garden. You will be sure to get multiple compliments with this variety.

Rose At Last

With a subtle yet mesmerizing peach hue, Rose at Last flowers is demure and authentic. They are bold enough to stand out but complement other colors, as well.

Rose At Last really shines thanks to its fragrance. If you want to stop and smell the roses, this is the perfect variety to go with.


What’s more classic than a red rose? While there are many variations you can find, Montana roses are vibrant and gorgeous.

These roses radiate flare with their all-red petals. The blooms are quite large and will be the true show-stopper in any garden.

Ketchup and Mustard

While the name might not be that appealing, Ketchup and Mustard roses really live by their name. On the underside of each petal, you will find a peachy-orange color while the top side of the petals is a bold red color.

Ketchup and Mustard colors bloom from spring until fall and are best planted in a way you can see the two tones, in order to display their amazing beauty.

Rhapsody in Blue

Finding blue flowers can be difficult and while this floribunda rose isn’t quite blue, its lush violet hues are pretty close. The vibrant purple color really stands out and you can choose to incorporate the plant into your garden or let it stand out against a wall.

Rhapsody in Blue roses will blossom for the whole season, so you can have this lovely adornment in your garden.

Summer Fashion

With pale hues of yellow, cream, and pink, Summer Fashion allows you to pair just about any other color of flower next to it. These roses fade slightly from paler colors to final bold pops on the very edge of the leaves.

Mardi Gras

If you are ready to party, then Mardi Gras roses will provide an instant mood booster. These flowers have a golden yellow hue to their middles, fade into a peachy pink, and finally settle into a bold fuchsia color at the outer tips.

These flowers are slightly larger than you will find with other floribunda roses and they will continue to bloom throughout the season.

Monkey Business

Not quite white, Monkey Business roses actually have a pale yellow color to them with tightly-wrapped petals. The petals expertly contrast the dark green leaves.

Monkey Business is a favorite among those that grow floribunda roses. In fact, it won the top prize in 2010.

How do I identify a floribunda rose?

Smaller and bushier

The appearance of floribunda roses is a bit different than your standard rose. Both the blossoms and the plant itself will be smaller in size.

Furthermore, the entire plant will be bushier. Some roses are quite narrow in appearance but floribunda roses will spread out to the sides.

Not as sprawling

Even though floribunda roses are usher than hybrid teas, they are not as sprawling as polyantha varieties. Instead, they are in that in-between size.

Smaller flowers

In contrast to hybrid teas, floribunda roses have smaller flowers. However, each plant will have larger sprays which is why they are often used in a garden. You can easily add floribunda roses for a fuller, attractive appearance.

What is the difference between floribunda and hybrid roses?

Although both floribunda and hybrids are groups of roses, their main difference is with how often they bloom.

Hybrid roses only re-flower three times a year whereas floribunda roses will continuously re-flower. The result is a continuous new stream of roses in your garden, which is most gardeners’ favorite dream.


If you are looking for continual roses in your garden, floribunda roses are a great option. A cross between hybrid teas and polyantha roses, these flowers are smaller but a bit bushier, and will give you lasting color all year long.

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