Rabbit and Pig Compatibility – Can They Live Together?

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Gone are the days when we had to choose between having a cat or a dog as a pet. Now there are many options but with these choices comes the decision of what is compatible with what. Let’s find out if you can indeed have a rabbit and a pig living under the same roof.

Rabbit and pig compatibility: Rabbits and pigs may seem completely different but they are quickly growing in popularity as household pets. Both have unique challenges and positives about entering the domestic space and they can live together in harmony. You will want to start with a rabbit that is large and a pig that is small so that that the rabbit can easily get away if it feels threatened. Furthermore, each pet should have its own space, its own litter box, and its own food dish. The earlier age you introduce these two animals, the easier it will be for them to get along.

Do pigs get along with rabbits?

Amazingly, pigs and rabbits can get along. Even though they are not natural allies in the wild, as semi-domesticated pets, they can get along just fine.

However, there are a few considerations to take into account in order to make the situation more harmonious.  

Things to consider when pairing pigs with rabbits


First, please note that you shouldn’t pair a small rabbit with a large pig. Pigs are still animals and they can be territorial and sometimes aggressive.

Your rabbit needs to be large enough to escape a pig. Rabbits won’t defend themselves and instead will plan an escape route in case they feel threatened.

Aim to have a larger breed of rabbit rather than a tiny breed. Similarly, aim for a small mini pig breed instead of a very large one.

Because of their different species, you will never find a rabbit and a pig that are of the same size. However, they should be as close to size as possible rather than far apart.


If you live in a tiny apartment, rabbits and pigs will not make for good companions. Not only is this possibly not enough space for just one animal, it definitely won’t allow for enough space for both.

Every animal needs its own space, even cats and dogs. So, while they may be happy hanging out together, your pig and rabbit will need their own area to retreat to when they want some alone time.

Aim to have a separate hutch for your rabbit and a crate or enclosure for your pig. You can take them out when you want everyone to be together but you should monitor their behavior and separate them as need be.

Giving your pets their own areas from an early age will allow them to make their own territory and know it as a safe space they can escape to.


Despite your best efforts, you may realize that pigs and rabbits are not as clean as you would hope. It’s best to go in with clear expectations.

First, you should do your best to house train both animals. Pigs are a little easier as they are smarter and want to keep clean.

Set up a litter box just for your pig, somewhere easy for it to access and away from the general bustle of the house. This should be used just for your pig.

If you want to try to litter train your rabbit, place a separate litter box for it in a different part of the house. If the two boxes are too close to each other, it can confuse both animals.


The Good news with both pigs and rabbits is that they are both relatively clean animals. They don’t like being in their own filth and rabbits will even lick themselves clean, just like cats.

However, you may want to increase the frequency at which you vacuum. Rabbits and pigs both have fur that sheds and you don’t want this accumulating around the house.

Also, further to the issue of house training, you should expect the occasional accident. If you have easy-to-clean floors, such as wood or tile, you will be better prepared for the odd mess.

Outdoor space

Even if you want to keep your rabbit and pig inside most of the time, they still need regular access to outside. This will allow them to move more, exercise, and enjoy nature.

You may want to see how they interact together before deciding if they can be outside together, unsupervised.

Start out with small times and keep them in a large area that is fenced off. Both animals are capable of digging so be sure the fence is below ground so they can’t escape.

Once it becomes obvious that your pig and rabbit can co-habitat outside, then you can let them roam around together. You might even be able to teach them a few tricks together.

If you have toys for your animals, make sure there are plenty as it can be hard to teach animals how to share. Incorporate new stimulations for them but don’t overwhelm them.

Other animals that can live with pigs

Remarkably, there are quite a lot of animals that can live with pigs.

  • Cats have been known to snuggle up with pigs, which is pretty adorable. If you have kittens, they especially love the warmth a pig can offer and the bond they form at an early age will last them throughout their life.
  • Lizards are an unlikely pairing with pigs but even these reptiles like a good snuggle. The heat that pigs radiate is a comfort to lizards and they will happily explore a pig’s body before finding just the right spot to cuddle.
  • Guinea pigs and pigs are completely different animals, despite their common name. Nevertheless, these two animals get along just fine. Furthermore, it’s kind of neat to introduce someone to your pet pig and your pet guinea pig.


If you’re looking for an exotic pet pairing, rabbits and pigs are remarkably good at getting along. As long as you give them their own safe space and plenty of room to roam, they will be happy companions.

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