Mushrooms Growing Kits – Garden Tips 2024

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When you think of mushrooms, you most likely think of a forest environment. However, with the help of a mushroom growing kit, you can actually grow them right in your own backyard.

Mushroom growing kits: Thanks to mushroom growing kits, you can bring the forest to your very own home. These kits have the starting necessities to grow mushrooms. All you need to do is open the bag, add some water, and in a few weeks mushrooms will start to grow.

What is a mushroom growing kit?

While flowers and plants need seeds to start growing, mushrooms need a special substrate or mycelium to start. Mushroom growing kits provide this mycelium house in a special block that will start growing with the right conditions.

How do mushroom growing kits work?


There are a few different shapes that mushroom growing kits can come in but they all work similarly, so you shouldn’t have to worry about how it looks. While blocks are the most common, you can also find boxes, bags, and even logs.

What’s included

Mushroom mycelium takes a while to establish itself which is one of the benefits of a mushroom growing kit. This mycelium will already be inoculated and have gone through an incubation period, so you won’t have to wait as long for your mushrooms to begin growing.

What’s the alternative to a mushroom growing kit?

There are many other ways to grow mushrooms in your backyard but none are as easy as a kit. This is because you will have to work with the mushroom substrate, which is the beginning of how mushrooms grow.

This substrate needs to be sterilized to begin with, which includes heating it at a very high temperature. Not only is this a technical process, but it can take up quite a bit of effort.

Without the sterilization process, contamination is possible, which will ruin your whole growing efforts. Furthermore, it can take weeks during the incubation process, so a lot more patience is needed.

Can you grow mushrooms from a kit?

Yes, you can grow mushrooms from a kit. Furthermore, it is a fun, easy way activity to do.

You can find kits that are meant for both indoors and outdoors, so no matter what type of space you are working with, there is an option for it.

Outdoor kits are more versatile as you can place them in your garden, as long as they are in a cool, damp area. There is far less worry about messes when the kit is placed outside.

As for indoor mushroom kits, there are smaller options that will actually fit right on your kitchen counter. These are more often boxes so the mess is contained and you have easier access to the mushrooms.

How do you grow mushrooms from a kit?


The first step with a mushroom growing kit is finding the right location. While the kit will have clear instructions on it, generally you want a space that has good airflow.

Your kit will produce more mushrooms at the right temperature, so aim for a space that gets at least 10 hours of indirect sunlight. Indirect light is better than direct light as it will keep the temperature even.


Mushrooms love damp temperatures, so creating a humid environment will help with growth. Get a mister and regularly mist the mushrooms as they grow, or even just around the box at the start.

Now, this is where growing mushrooms can get a bit messy. It is a good idea to place your grow kit in a larger box, as long as there is still good airflow. At the very least, put an old blanket down underneath the kit so any excess water from misting won’t damage the structure.


Growing mushrooms from a kit do not take a lot of effort as, apart from misting, there is little you need to do. However, if you don’t mist the container, nothing will grow.

Unlike houseplants, which can be left alone for a few days, your mushroom kit needs to be misted every day. If you happen to go out of town for a few days right after you open the package, the mushrooms won’t grow.

If you’re worried about long absences or being forgetful, invest in a timed mister. And, while it may seem a bit out of the ordinary, you might want to employ a neighbor to do your misting for you.

What is the fastest mushroom to grow?

The beauty of many mushroom growing kits is that the mushrooms grow so quickly. This is thanks to the preparation of the kit.

Some mushroom kits will produce mushrooms in as little as two weeks. If your mushrooms don’t come this quickly, stay patient and if you’re worried, adjust the location for a warmer, brighter spot. Kits that don’t have the mushroom mycelium already activated can take up to a year for the mushrooms to grow.

Oyster mushroom kits are very popular and are some of the fastest-growing types. However, you can find many kits, and pear oysters are another popular option.

How long do mushroom kits last?

Unlike in the wild, mushroom kits don’t last forever so you will have to continue purchasing them if you want more mushrooms. The cycle of mushroom growth is called a flush, and you can get between two and three flushes from each kit.

After that, the block the original mushrooms are grown in won’t have enough original substance to produce more mushrooms.

Another important factor to consider is how quickly you use your mushroom growing kit. While it will be sealed when you purchase it, it won’t stay fresh or active forever.

Don’t take more than a few months between purchasing and activating the mushroom substrate. Unfortunately, this substrate will start to break down and even though it is in a sterile environment, it has a lifespan.


It may seem like growing mushrooms is a lot of work but thanks to pre-made kits, you can have mushrooms in your home or backyard in just a few weeks. Set up the kit in a bright area and regularly mist the area for ideal results.

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