Keep Paring Down

Save for later!

We arrived in Texas mid-school year, and I figured we’d likely have to wait to join the homeschool sports teams, orchestra, co-ops and other such programs as they had already begun their semesters.

That was okay with all of us. There was new a town to discover, a business to get off the ground, people to meet and connections to make.

Friendships are developing and we are feeling more and more at home in this community, but on the simple account that our circle is smaller here than it was in Canada, I’ve had more time to spend with our kids.

And I’ve loved it so!

Gone is the pressure (self-inflicted or otherwise), to be involved in all the things, regardless of its effect on the home atmosphere.

There’s a new appreciation for family relationships when you’re in a new place and your best friends become each other. That has been one of the sweetest, most unexpected blessings out of this move so far.

I’m not sure what kinds of things will be added to the schedule in the Fall, but it will be few. Charlotte Mason was so wise in her encouragement to keep paring down until there is peace within your home.

A good education is never the result of busyness or undue stress, but hinges on “the science of relations,” which requires unhurried time to connect with each other and God’s created world.

I pray the Lord will be merciful and increase our love for one another, uniting us in an everlasting bond through Jesus Christ, and sending His Holy Spirit to help us fight against the sin that would so easily ensnare us, giving great satisfaction to the Family-Destroyer.

Save for later!

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