How to Store Banana Bread – Extend its Shelf-Life!

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Overripe bananas are perfect for use in a multitude of banana bread recipes.

The problem now is this: what do you do when you’ve baked too many?

Fortunately, extending the shelf life of banana bread is easy.

How to store banana bread? Keep your banana bread at room temperature, in the fridge, or the freezer. Before you do, cool the bread completely, and put it in a sealable container with some paper towels to absorb any excess moisture. Alternatively, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or layers of aluminum foil if you plan to store it for longer.

Read on for the complete details of storing banana bread the right way.

Things to Consider in Storing Banana Bread

Before you store the bread, here are a few things to consider so that it stays fresh when you plan to eat it.

Cool down

After taking it out of the oven, cool the bread completely. Banana bread is a quick bread, which means it is very moist, and it has the texture of a cake.

As you may already know, molds grow in damp environments. The moisture that may leak from the banana bread can be a trigger for mold growth.

If you keep freshly-baked banana bread in a sealed container without letting it cool down, condensation happens.

The bread will then start to become soggy if it gets wet from the condensation.

Always cool the bread completely before storage because prematurely stored warm bread equals soggy bread.

Sticky Bottoms

The sticky bottoms of banana bread also have something to do with being left warm in its baking tray.

If you don’t line the tray with a baking sheet, there is a good chance that the bread will stick to the tray.

To avoid ruining it, do not let it cool completely in the same container where you did the baking.

You can let the tray cool down for a few minutes to avoid any burns, but take the bread out from the tray as soon as you can.

To do this, get a bread knife and score the sides of the bread touching the baking tray.

This way, you can effortlessly release the bread onto a cutting board or storage container.


Also, decide if you want to store whole loaves of banana bread or if you want them sliced before storage.

If you want to have quick access every time you plan to eat banana bread, pre-storage slicing can save you lots of time.

Thawing individual slices of banana bread is quick and easy. In contrast, freezing an entire loaf will entail a lot more waiting time before consumption.

We will discuss more on this in the following section.

Different Ways on How to Store Banana Bread

The most appropriate way to store banana bread depends on when you plan to eat it.

Any of the following storage options will work perfectly so long as you cool the bread completely.

Room Temperature

You can store your banana bread at room temperature on the countertop, on your dining table, or inside your pantry.

Keeping it there allows you to grab a slice instantly anytime you want a perfect pairing for your coffee or tea.

Besides, everyone loves banana bread, so it will probably be long gone before it maxes out its shelf life at room temperature.

Check out the following procedures for storing banana bread at room temperature.

Plastic Container

If you want to keep your banana bread in a nice plastic container, line its bottom and sides with a layer of paper towels.

After the bread is thoroughly cooled, put it in the container and top it with another layer of paper towels before sealing the lid.

The paper towel will absorb any excess moisture that may leak from the banana bread over time.

It will keep the bread dry and firm, preventing the formation of molds on the surface.

Plastic Bag

If you’re keeping the bread in the pantry and want to save space, you can use a sealable bag that can fit the whole loaf.

Using the same procedure, line the inside of the bag with paper, put the bread into the bag, and seal the bag completely.


Depending on how fast you can consume a loaf of banana bread, you might want to put the excess bread away or freeze it.

You can freeze banana bread slices, halves, and loaves.

Remember that if you have more slices for freezing, you will also need more wrapping material.

Use the following materials to keep your banana bread in good condition even after freezing.

Plastic Wrap

Again, cool the bread completely.

Once it is cooled, cut a piece of plastic wrap large enough to wrap the whole loaf or slice two or three times around.

Lay the bread on top and wrap it tightly until all the plastic wrap you just tore off is used up.

Ensure that no surface of the bread is exposed to air to avoid freezer burn, diminishing its quality.

Repeat this process until you have wrapped all of the slices of banana bread.

Fix the wrapped pieces into a freezer bag and seal them before putting them in the freezer.

Aluminum Foil

You can replace plastic wrap with layers of aluminum foil or add an extra layer of protection by wrapping aluminum foil over banana bread already wrapped in plastic wrap.

Whichever material you choose, make sure to wrap it tightly so that no surface of the bread is openly exposed to freezer burn.

How to Thaw Frozen Banana Bread

If you’re ready to consume your next batch of properly frozen banana bread, you will need some time for thawing it.

Thaw banana bread simply by taking it out of the freezer and leaving it on the countertop.

Sliced banana bread will thaw in about 30 minutes, while half or whole loaves will take a few hours.

If you want to speed up the process, you can use an oven or a toaster.


A fridge circulates cool air that can dry quick bread, such as cake and banana bread.

If you don’t want to wait for frozen banana bread to thaw, you can store it in the fridge, but be sure to use airtight containers.

Follow the same process of using plastic wrap or aluminum foil, and add an extra windbreaker for the bread by keeping them inside airtight containers.

How Long Does Banana Bread Last?

Using the proper storage techniques, banana bread kept at room temperature can last between two to four days.

Add a few days, say about four more, if you store banana bread correctly in the fridge.

On the other hand, you can expect a longer shelf life with properly frozen banana bread.

If you did everything to avoid freezer burn, properly frozen banana bread can last between three and four months.


A slice of banana bread is a deliciously comforting treat you can enjoy for breakfast or even as a snack.

You’ll be happy to know that banana bread stays perfectly delicious for a long time under the correct storage procedures.

Decide when you plan to eat the bread, and assign some for countertop storage and others for freezing.

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