How Often to Water Aloe Vera?

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There are many plants that are helpful to have around. Aloe vera not only looks nice but its cooling properties are perfect if you need to soothe a burn. Find out how often to water your aloe vera plant so it stays nice and healthy.

How often to water aloe vera: Aloe vera is drought-tolerant so it can go a long time between watering, even in hot, dry climates. Water every three weeks or once the soil is completely dry.

How often do you water indoor aloe vera?

Indoor aloe vera plants are incredibly easy to take care of. They have minimal soil expectations and you don’t have to water very frequently.

During the growing season, which is between spring and fall, you should water your aloe vera plant about every three weeks. Then, when it becomes dormant in the winter, you can water every four or five weeks.

How often do you water outdoor aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a tropical plant and can only grow in warmer, southern parts of the United States. In particular, Texas is home to many aloe vera plants as it prefers its dry climate.

When you first plant your aloe vera outside, you may need to water it more as you want to ensure the roots establish themselves. Make sure the soil is patted down around the plant so it stays firm in the ground.

Water that first day after you plant. Then, monitor to see how fast the water drains.

Aloe vera plants, whether they are outdoors or indoors, do not like to have soggy roots. Always plant in an area that can drain well. If you need to, amend the soil so that it has sand or small rocks to allow water to drain through it.

Once your aloe vera plant is established, which takes a few months, you shouldn’t have to water the plant at all. It is very adaptable and can go for long periods of time without watering.

However, if you are in the middle of a severe drought, you might want to check on your aloe vera plant and give it some extra water so it will survive.

What is the best way to water aloe vera?

Aloe vera prefers the chance to dry out completely between watering. The best way to water aloe vera is by using a soaking method.

If you have an indoor plant, take the container to the sink and allow water to run into the container for a minute or two. You want the entire soil to be saturated.

Then, let all the excess water drain out. This can be messy, so you may want to leave the container in the sink during this process.

Finally, when all the dripping water stops, you can move your aloe vera back to its home. Be sure to put it on a plate or tray to catch any extra water or else you will have a large mess on your hands.

After the soaking method, leave your aloe vera plant alone for a few weeks. Let all the water dry up and after about three weeks, you can repeat the process.

As for outdoor plants, you only have to water them if you are in the middle of a drought. Again, try to soak the plant by leaving the hose on a low level and letting the water fully soak into the soil.

If you have other plants that need a lot of water, it’s best to plant your aloe separately so that you can set up timers and irrigation that won’t affect your aloe vera.

How do you know when aloe vera needs water?

The knuckle test is an easy way to know if your aloe vera plant needs water. To do this, simply place your finger in the soil, up to your second knuckle.

If the soil is dry, then the plant needs water. Please note that if there is any moisture still in the soil, you should wait a few more days before watering.

You can also look at the plant itself to see if it needs water. Aloe vera will hold water in its leaves and if these look brittle or deflated, it means there is no water left to store.

Another sign is if the leaves are drooping over. Water carries nutrients and if the plant is lacking water, then there won’t be enough energy to keep the plant upright.

Finally, extreme signs that your aloe vera needs water include discoloration. Brown spots will appear along the leaves and if you touch them, they will have a dry, dehydrated texture to them.

For the most part, aloe vera is adaptable and if you catch the warning signs early on, you should be able to bring your plant back to life.

What are the signs of overwatering aloe vera?

Unfortunately, the most common issue with aloe vera plants is that we think they must need more water. As a result, the plant can quickly suffer from overwatering.

The most common sign of overwatering your aloe vera plant is when it forms brown spots. Unlike underwatering, these brown spots will be very spongy and if you touch them, they may leak water.

While aloe vera can hold water in its leaves to get it through drought conditions, it can only hold so much. As a result, all that water needs to escape somehow.

If you think your plant is getting too much water, be sure to look at the container. The pot should have drainage holes at the bottom and a dish to collect extra water.

Does aloe vera need to be in direct sunlight?

The best place for aloe vera is in indirect sunlight. Too much sunlight can burn the plants.

While they do like heat, shaded areas outside are preferable. As for indoors, place your aloe vera in a sunny room but away from windows.


Aloe vera plants have a lot of beneficial properties to them. Be sure to read our article on how much sunlight aloe vera plants need so you can properly care for them.

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