Holland Lop Rabbits – Complete Guide 2024

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holland lop rabbits

The Holland Lop is the smallest lop-eared rabbit. This adorable dwarf rabbit breed that originated in the

The Netherlands, and has come to be an incredibly popular pet around the world.

Typical adults weigh only 2-4 pounds, and they have a friendly, active, sweet disposition that makes them ideal pets for families with young children or small living spaces.

Holland Lop Rabbits History and Origin

Holland Lops were first bred in the Netherlands by Adrian de Cock.

He wanted a larger version of the Netherland Dwarf rabbit, with the ears of the French Lop.

Eventually, with some breed strengthening from an English Lop, he was successful.

The Holland Lop was recognized by the Netherlands Governing Rabbit council in 1964, and then in 1979 by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

They were bred specifically as pets, so they are not only cute, but they are good-natured and easy to care for.

Holland Lop Rabbit Characteristics

holland lop rabbit characteristics


The Holland Lop is a dwarf rabbit, so they are only about 4-5 inches tall, and 10-12 inches long when stretched. They weigh up to 4 pounds.


Holland Lops have compact bodies that are strong for their size, about as wide as they are tall.

The body to head ratio is about 2:1. They have short, rounded noses and long, almond-shaped ears.

Coat and Color

Holland Lops come in a wide range of colors and patterns, and have soft fur that is short or medium in length. 


Holland Lops are active bunnies for their size and like lots of exercises.

They thrive on attention and are friendly and good-natured.

They are also known to be a bit inquisitive, which can get them into trouble.

Many people prefer the active, friendly, curious, sweet Holland Lop to breeds that are a bit more passive and cuddly.


Holland Lops live for about 5-7 years. 

Holland Lop Rabbit Care

holland lop rabbit care

Holland Lops are known for being relatively easy to care for among rabbits, which is yet another reason why they are such popular pets.

They are not susceptible to hereditary diseases, and their coats and claws are easily maintained.

If you are already familiar with caring for rabbits, they will be a breeze.

Here are the highlights of Holland Lop rabbit care:


Holland Lops don’t have long hair and it doesn’t tangle easily, but they still need coat maintenance.

Like cats, rabbits should be brushed regularly to reduce the amount of fur they eat when they groom themselves.

You should brush your Holland Lop once a week, and more frequently during shedding season.

Brushing is also a great time to examine your Holland Lop, checking their teeth, feet, and the rest of their bodies for the healthy condition.


Pet rabbits that are kept indoors are often at risk for overgrown claws which can become painful.

Nails should be clipped every month or two, and checked regularly.


As with the nails, a rabbit’s teeth may grow too long if their feed is too soft.

Providing lots of hay and healthy chewing toys helps to prevent tooth problems.


Holland Lops need lots of exercise and activity. Make sure they have plenty of space in their home, with fun and interesting toys.

If they live inside, consider using a rabbit run outdoors so they can play more freely for an hour or two a day.


Holland Lops are susceptible to typical rabbit diseases, so they should be observed closely for any changes in eating or drinking habits, or changes in behavior.

Monthly inspection of their coat, bodies, teeth, and paws is always a good idea.

All rabbits need a health checkup with a veterinarian at least once a year.


Before you get a Holland Lop, it’s always a good idea to identify a veterinarian in your community who is used to working with rabbits.

Not all vets are familiar with these animals, and it can be tricky to anesthetize a very small rabbit for tooth care or spaying.

Spaying or neutering your rabbit can help prevent some health risks, and give them a more even temperament, but it’s important to find a good vet and discuss your options.


All rabbits need unlimited amounts of fresh, clean water.

Some Holland Lops may have digestive issues, and most rabbits do better with a diet that is healthy and consistent, rather than a diet with a lot of variety.

Choose a very high-quality pellet with low protein, high fiber, and a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals.

Check the ingredients of your rabbit pellets, to make sure that they are high quality and natural.

After pellets, choose a high quality hay.

Rabbits need hay in their diets to support their digestive system, and timothy hay is best for the teeth of a Holland Lop.

If their pellets have alfalfa hay, do not give additional alfalfa hay.

You can give occasional treats to adult Holland Lops, but avoid giving them to juveniles.

Holland Lop Cost

When bought from a good breeder, a pet quality Holland Lop typically costs $25-50. Show quality Holland Lops can cost much more.

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Related Questions

Do Holland Lop Rabbits make good pets?

Holland Lop Rabbits are among the very best rabbit breeds for a pet.

They are sweet-tempered, low maintenance, and adorable.

How big of a cage does a Holland Lop need?

All rabbits need a cage big enough for them to hop or jump 3-4 times, and for them to stretch their bodies out fully.

As a rule, rabbits need a cage that is 4 times larger than the rabbit, so a Holland Lop should have a cage that is at least 24 square inches.

How much is a Holland Lop bunny?

Holland Lop bunnies are an affordable pet and typically cost $25-50.

What do Holland Lop bunnies need?

Holland Lop bunnies need a sturdy cage with room for exercise, feeding, watering, sleeping, and their litterbox.

They need lots of freshwaters, and both timothy hay and rabbit pellets for feeding.

They also need hay for bedding, some toys for play and chewing, and a brush for brushing their hair.

They need lots of love, affection, and attention.


The Holland Lop rabbits or bunnies are the perfect companion as pets. This docile creature shows lots of love and affection to those who care for it.

Providing them with their basic needs such as fresh water and hay would easily make them submit for your attention.

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