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This FREE Farmhouse Headboard Plan is one of our favorite beginner woodworking projects! It is easy to build, even though it is a gorgeous statement piece! Beginner woodworking projects are often gimmicky, but this Queen Sized Farmhouse Headboard is useful, too! 

We’ve even had friends ask us if they could pay us to build one for them! So, if you can wield a hammer and saw, you could be in business!  

If you’re looking for an easy project and have limited tools, this is perfect! You can build this free Farmhouse Headbaord Plan in less than 2 hours for around $75.

A drill is required to fasten the headboard to a set of rails, but aside from that, all you need is a a hammer, a hand saw, a paint brush, and a couple of nails.

The boards used come in standard sizes at most wood shops or hardware stores, so there really isn’t a lot of cutting to done!

If you have a miter saw, you can use it on this project but it is definitely not required. A simple hand saw will do just fine for the 5 small cuts that need to be made.

In this project, we have listed the tools in the free Farmhouse Headboard Plan below, along with the materials we purchased to make it happen. 

If you use our plan, we’d love to see your finished project! Tag us on Instagram, or send us an email! 

Free Farmhouse Headboard Plan

Free Farmhouse Headboard Plan

This simple, yet gorgeous farmhouse style headboard is an excellent beginner project, for a great bedroom upgrade!

Prep Time 30 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes


  • 10 pcs 1"x6"x5'
  • 1 pc 1"x6"x6'
  • 5 pcs 2"x4"x8'
  • 2.5" Deck Screws
  • 2" Nails



OPTIONAL: You can glue each joint before nailing/screwing it together. We didn't bother, so it isn't strictly necessary.

Overal Size:

Step 1

Start by cutting all 5 of the 2x4s down to 72 inches. 

Step 2

Next is to build the 2 side posts by joining 2 of the 2x4s by screwing them together as seen below. 1 screw every 18" or so fine.

Note that it is good to pre-drill and countersink the screws to avoid splitting the wood. This isn’t always necessary when using soft wood such as the pine as we used in this project but if you use other types of hardwood and want to play it safe, then using a countersink and pre-drilling is the best option in avoiding cracking, chipping or splitting the wood.

When you're done, You can lay the extra of the 2x4 in the middle as it will provide hold and support for the boards later on as you start to nail or screw them piece by piece. It should look something like this:

Step 3

The next step would be to start adding the 10 pieces of 1x6.

Put the first one on and just line it up at the edge of the side posts made in step 2:

Step 4

Step 4 would be adding the next 1x6 about 1/8" away from the edge of the first one; and the repeating for the rest of the 1x6s.

2-inch nails on each as shown by the arrows below, and an inch in from the end of the board to avoid cracking or splitting the board should do nicely.

And then just proceed to do all 10 of the boards until you’re left with the space on the lower end as seen in the image below:

The space you see in the bottom will provide the room for your bed frame which you can choose to be bolted through the 2x4x72inches board.

You will also need to position the center upright and nail the boards to it.

Step 5

Once you have placed all 10 boards down to both side uprights and the center one, the only step that remains is to place the 1 piece, 1x6x72inches board on the top.

The easiest way to do that is to find the center of the board and line it up with the center of the center upright:

Lastly, you want to measure both sides to see if it’s even on both sides. There should be about 4 1/2" on both ends or at least, equal in measurement on both ends as seen in the picture below:

At this point, we’re done building our frame and all we need to do is stain it or paint it!

Finished Product

Here’s a picture of the actual product


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2 thoughts on “Free Farmhouse Headboard Plan”

  1. This looks amazing and your instructions are very easy to follow. Now all I need to do is talk my very handy husband into making it for me. The only change would be in size, because I want to go to a king size bed. My husband builds cedar strip canoes for a hobby, so this should be a breeze

    • Thanks Patricia!

      We’d love it if you’d send a pic when he’s done 🙂

      We’re actually going to be doing a King Size one in the spring as well; we might try a different style – we’ll post the plan if we do!


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