What Are The Best Soils For Every Type of Gardening? Easy Guide

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It’s true that not all the soils are the same. They have different textures, qualities, nutrients, and aspects.

The landscape determines the soil of an area. There are sandy areas, marshy areas, soil that clumps, rock soil, and various other kinds.

A lot of factors determine why a particular soil is found in that certain place. 

When it comes to growing plants and gardening, the most significant factor is the soil. Soil indeed influences the growth of the plants. 

Even the soil requires nutrients to sustain. 

Several factors make up the soil; the distinguishing characteristics of the soils found worldwide vary with the elements they contain. 

If you want to find out the kind of soil you have, there is a simple test. It’s called a “feel test” that will give you an idea of what soil your garden is made up of.

For this, you’ll have to take a small chunk of the soil and wet it slightly. Now you’ll have to make a ball out of the chuck. 

  • If you can mold a bowl, your soil is clay.
  • If you are unable to make a ball even after trying hard, then it is sandy soil.
  • If it crumbles, you have a combination of both clay and sand.  

So, once you are aware of the kind of soil you’re working with, you can adjust it to help your plants grow. Altering the texture of the soil is possible by adding other components. 

There is a lot of premixed soil available. If you understand what your plants require, you can get the ready-to-use soils for your plants.

A wide range of mixes is available in the gardening stores that will contain all the soil requirements for your plants.

And that’s why it’s essential to know the type of soil you’ll need for your plants.

Here’s a list of some of the best gardening soils that are good for all types of gardening: 

Potting Soil

Potting soil is a light and airy mixture that is quite contrary to the garden soil that is thick and dark. The potting soil is best for plants that are grown in containers or pots specifically. This soil will help the roots to grow well.

The loose texture will allow excess water to drain. When the plants are placed in the pots, the resources are limited.

Thus, it’s essential to equip the plant with all the within the small pot it occupies. So there is a need to provide a perfect soil for its growth.

The potting mix consists of peat, which is a good absorbent that consists of plant remains. Another significant element is the coir. 

Peat is mixed with other components such as bark, coir, sand, fertilizers, compost, and others.

The composition will contribute to enabling the plant to grow. With a good root system, the plant will surely grow well.

Soilless Mix

As the name suggests, there’s no soil involved in this composition. The plants grow on organic or inorganic mixtures instead of soil.

It’s said that the soilless mixture grows more healthy plants as the mix directly provides all the essential nutrients for the plant. 

With the soilless mixture, gardeners need not worry about pests.

Types of Soilless mixtures

Peat Moss

Best for germinating seeds. The peat moss had adequate aeration and was capable of holding water. 


This is in the form of light rock, and it’s in white colour. It helps in good drainage. You must mix the Perlite with other compositions as it cannot retain water.

Coarse Sand

Good for plants that require more drainage of water and aeration.


The topsoil is the uppermost soil that has the highest percentage of organic matter and microorganisms. It comprises the best mineral aspects, organic matter, and adequate air and water.

Topsoil helps in retaining plants. You will find a lot of different topsoils but make sure to choose the one that fits your garden’s needs. 

The blended topsoil consists of other components, such as limestone. It will keep your plants healthy. This kind of topsoil will help in proper drainage. 

It will help the growth of newly embedded plants. Revive gardens that are affected by soil erosion and would repair soils that have been damaged.

Raised bed Soil

Like the potting mix, the raised bed soil helps the plants grow while being placed in a confined container. You can use the Raised bed Soil in large container gardening.

The raised garden soil will need the essential nutrients for its best growth. Boosted with organic nutrients and components, the plants they grow on the raised bed soil are nourished well. 

You will need additional help from fertilizers while using this type of soil. Most of the organic edible plants will need heavy feed. So, the soil needs to be well-fed during its growth.

The raised bed soil is a good balance of both garden soil and potting mix. It has an excellent drainage system.

The raised beds enable great drainage and aeration of the soil, opening doors for good growth.

Lawn Mix 

The lawn mix is known as a fine grain soil with very little organic matter. This quality enables it for good drainage.

It’s best for lawn soils that have suffered damage. A lawn mix will usually comprise nature such as water-retaining and fertilization.

Mix for succulents

Some mixes are specially made for succulents. These plants don’t require a lot of water.

Thus, the soil needs to be able to drain water. The soil would be dry most of the time but will ensure the healthy growth of these plants.

Most gardeners love to have the succulents as they require low maintenance. Having these plants grow on the right kind of soil will ensure that they grow well even without constant maintenance.

How Compost and Manure enrich the soil?

Compost and manure are components that improve fertility by providing nutrients to the plants.

These components give the plant much more than what chemical fertilizers provide. They act fast making providing plenty of benefits for the plants. 

The most beneficial role of compost and manure is that they condition the soil. It prepares the soil to be healthy enough for the plants to grow. 

You can use composted manure as mulch, and it would be great for your plants. Keep in mind to not use fresh manure as it is very strong for the plants. 

Compost is good at retaining moisture. It’s good for the lawns as it settles into the soil and establishes nutrients for the plants.

You can add manure to the top layer of the soil, and it will be slowly absorbed into it.

Though there are various soil types in different regions, it’s possible to create perfect soil for the plants with the right mix and components. There are plenty of ways you can enhance your gardening experience.

Soil is the primary aspect that influences the growth of the plants. It’s indeed necessary that you find the right soil for your garden. 

After testing your garden soil, you can decide on how you can enhance it. 

The different mixes have enabled the good growth of the plants. With the right soil textures, you can assure that the plants are set to grow in a healthy environment.

You can either buy the ready-made potting mixes from the market or make one by yourself. 

When you strive to give your plant the right ground to grow, you can expect good results.

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