Are Quaker Grits Vegan? – Healthy Tips 2024

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Grits have been a staple food in the Southern diet for a long time. There are many brands that produce this tasty cornmeal mixture, with Quaker’s being among the most popular in the USA.

But are Quaker grits vegan? Yes, Quaker Quick Standard Grits, Quaker Standard Grits Old Fashioned, and Quaker Instant Grits Original Flavor are vegan. These grits are made from white corn, which makes them suitable for people following a plant-based diet. Flavored Quaker grits contain milk and whey protein and aren’t vegan. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about grits. Keep reading to learn if grits contain dairy and whether they are vegan-friendly.

Are Grits Vegan-Friendly?

Yes, grits are 100% vegan. Grits are a type of porridge made from boiled cornmeal using ground corn and water.

Plain grits are perfectly safe for people following a plant-based diet. However, grits are often made with flavorings and served for breakfast.

This popular Southern-style dish was originally made by boiling stone-ground corn and water. However, modern grits are a far cry from the original plain corn-and-water-based meal. 

Nowadays, grits can be savory or sweet. When it comes to savory seasonings, most grit recipes call for butter, cheeses, milk, cream, bacon, or shrimp. 

Although they add flavor and give the grits thick and creamy consistency, none of these popular seasonings are vegan-friendly. People following a plant-based diet can make grits with vegan butter or tofu for a savory breakfast or use vegan jam or jelly to make sweet vegan grits. 

Different Vegan-Friendly Quaker Products

In addition to vegan grits, Quaker also sells oats, oatmeal, breakfast cereals, granola, oat snacks, oat flour, rice snacks, barley, corn meal, and mixes. 

Please note that not all Quaker grits are vegan-friendly. Quaker quick grits, Quaker Instant Grits, and Quaker Standard Old Fashioned Grits are 100% plant-based. These grits are suitable for vegans when prepared with water or plant-based milk. 

On the other hand, flavored grits, including Quaker Instant Grits Butter Flavor, Quaker Instant Grits Cheddar Cheese Flavor, and Quaker Instant Grits Jalapeno Cheddar Flavor, aren’t vegan because they contain milk, whey protein, or cheddar cheese.

Now that that’s covered check out other vegan-friendly Quaker products:

1. Old Fashioned & Quick Oats

The Quaker Old Fashioned & Quick Oats product line consists of four vegan-friendly products. The following whole-grain Quaker oats are vegan and suitable for people following a plant-based diet:

2. Instant Oatmeal

Quaker produces several instant oatmeal flavors, but most contain controversial ingredients like sugar and palm oil. Take a look at vegan Quaker Instant Oatmeal flavors:

3. Steel Cut Oats

People following a plant-based diet can enjoy Quaker Steel Cut Oats combined with plant-based milk or yogurt. 

4. Hot Oat Bran

Quaker Hot Oat Bran Hot Cereal is made from 100% oat bran and is 100% vegan when prepared with water or plant-based milk. This delicious bran is full of essential micro and macronutrients and is suitable for breakfast. 

5. Oat Flour

Featuring whole-grain oats as the sole ingredient, the Quaker Oat Flour is 100% vegan and an excellent choice for plant-based baked goods.

6. Barley

Quaker’s Barley is an excellent choice for a hearty vegetable soup and is completely safe for vegans. Quaker sells two types of vegan-friendly barley:

7. Corn Meal

Quaker manufactures two kinds of corn meal, but only Quaker’s Yellow Corn Meal is 100% plant-based and suitable for vegans. 

8. Rice Cakes

Quaker makes a variety of rice cake flavors, some of which are vegan and safe for people following a plant-based diet. Here are the different types of vegan Quaker rice cakes:

Do Grits Contain Dairy?

Grits are made from one ingredient only – corn and are naturally dairy-free. However, most modern-day grit recipes call for milk, butter, cheese, or other dairy products to add flavor and creamy texture to grits.

Most restaurant-made grits are cooked with at least one type of dairy product, and it’s virtually impossible to find a restaurant that serves dairy-free and vegan grits. Hence, it’s easier for vegans to make plant-based grits at home. 

Use water or plant-based milk like oat, almond, or rice milk to cook delicious vegan grits.

Which Is Healthier: Oatmeal or Grits?

Grits and oatmeal are popular breakfast dishes that offer numerous health benefits. 

Oatmeal is higher in fiber and protein than grits, but it also contains more calories. On the other hand, grits have fewer calories than oatmeal. But grits are higher in carbohydrates, which may help keep you energized longer through strenuous activities. 

Both grits and oatmeal are nutritious breakfast options, loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, and can help you feel full and energized throughout the day. While they differ in flavor, you can’t go wrong by choosing either grits or oatmeal for your next breakfast. 


Quaker is a popular brand that manufactures a variety of wholesome goodness, including grits. This company makes several types of grits, some of which are vegan-friendly.

If you’re following a plant-based diet, look for Quaker Standard Grits Old Fashioned, Quaker Instant Grits Original Flavor, or Quaker Quick Standard Grits. These products are 100% vegan-friendly and are suitable for vegans when prepared with plant-based milk, yogurt, or vegan butter. 

Besides grits, Quaker offers a variety of other plant-based products like oat flour, quick oats, instant oatmeal, hot oat bran, barley, and more. 

Check the ingredient label whenever you’re looking for vegan-friendly products. This way, you’ll ensure that the desired product doesn’t contain animal-by products or controversial ingredients like sugar or palm oil. 

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