Spring Roll vs Egg Roll – Know the Difference!

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spring roll vs egg roll

Ready to order your favorite dish from your favorite Chinese restaurant? But what if they only have spring rolls listed and not your tried and true egg rolls? Find out how similar, and how different the two are.

Spring roll vs egg roll: Spring rolls and egg rolls are both delicious. They are tasty packets of dough with warm fillings of cabbage, vegetables, and pork inside. There are some differences between the two, however. Spring rolls usually have a cabbage and vegetable filling while egg rolls normally add pork inside. Spring rolls have a lighter, crispier wrapper while egg rolls have a thicker, doughier wrapper. Egg rolls use egg in their pastry which accounts for this. Despite the differences, most people can agree that either one makes for a tasty treat.

What is a spring roll?

what is a spring roll

A spring roll is a popular dish in Chinese cuisine. They are normally savory rolls filled with cabbages and vegetables.

The pastry is thin and once everything has been wrapped up, a spring roll is usually deep-fried, although there are variations where there is no frying involved.

When you bite into a spring roll, you will encounter a crispy sensation, with the pastry flaking right away. Inside will be a nice mixture of cabbage and vegetables that is fully cooked.

What is an egg roll?

what is an egg roll

An egg roll is very similar to a spring roll although it is more considered to be Asian-American cuisine.

Inside you will find cabbage and usually pork. The pastry is made with wheat flour and eggs, and when you bite into it the outside is both crispy and chewy.

Egg rolls are normally deep-fried to a golden brown color and the contents are hot when served.

What is the difference between a spring roll vs egg roll?

difference between spring roll vs egg roll

Origin of Recipe

You might think that both spring rolls and egg rolls are part of traditional Chinese food. However, this is only true of one of the food items.

Spring rolls definitely come from China. They originated as a spring dish, using fresh, local vegetables, and wrapped up in a dough similar to a pancake.   

If you go to a dim sum restaurant, either in China or North America, spring rolls are often served.

There are also variations of spring rolls that can be found all over the world. Southeast Asia often features spring rolls in their cooking, and you can even find them in Australia and Europe.

Egg rolls are a definitive part of Asian-Chinese cooking. It’s thought that Chinese immigrants took their traditional knowledge of spring rolls and adapted the recipe in the United States in the 20th Century.

As more Americans started to frequent Chinese restaurants, the egg roll became increasingly popular.

Both spring rolls and egg rolls are often served with hoisin sauce or soy sauce although they can also be enjoyed without a sauce.

Ingredients or Fillings

Both egg rolls and spring rolls can have vegetarian or meat fillings. Almost always, there will be cabbage inside both versions.

Spring rolls will also often have other vegetables in them while egg rolls almost always have meat. These vegetables can include bamboo shoots, bell peppers, bean sprouts, carrots, and mushrooms.

When there is a meat component, pork is a popular ingredient. If you are deep-frying spring or egg rolls, the pork doesn’t have to be cooked fully.


One of the main differences between egg rolls and spring rolls is the wrapper. As its name suggests, egg rolls have egg in their pastry, as well as wheat flour.

Once the dough has been made, it is rolled out and is thicker than spring rolls. When you bite into an egg roll, the wrapper is crispy but it is also doughier, because of the thickness and ingredients.

On the other hand, spring rolls are made with flour and water. They are thinner wrappers and the result is a crunchier texture that crumbles as soon as you bite into it.

Method (Preparation)

Both spring rolls and egg rolls are now found in most grocery stores. However, you may want to try cooking them at home for a fresher experience.

First, prepare the vegetables, such as bamboo shoots and bean sprouts, slicing them into very thin pieces. If you are adding pork, cook it until it is dry as a soggy filling will quickly seep through the wrappers.

While you could make your own wrappers, it’s far easier to purchase pre-made spring roll wrappers. You can also find egg roll wrappers, but don’t mix up the two as spring roll wrappers are much thinner.

Add the filling but don’t overstuff. Try to remove any air and add a bit of water to the edge of the wrapper to seal it tight.

How it is cooked

Spring rolls are usually deep-fried while egg rolls can be either fried or baked.

You can fry spring or egg rolls in canola or peanut oil in a large pot. This will take 2 to 3 minutes.

You can also bake egg rolls, which although healthier, won’t result in a crispy outside. This takes 10 to 15 minutes.


Spring rolls and egg rolls are relatively low in calories as they are a small snack. They have some amounts of protein, fiber, and depending on the filling, sugar.

While they are deep-fried in oil, becuase the filling and dough is healthy, the total amount of fat is quite low.

What’s healthier spring roll vs egg roll?

Spring rolls are a healthier alternative to egg rolls. While both have cabbage in them, spring rolls will usually have additional vegetables in them while egg rolls will almost always have pork in them.

Spring roll wrappers are also thinner and don’t have egg in the pastry. In comparison, egg rolls have thicker, deep fried wrappers.


Expanding your culinary palette from sources around the world is always a good idea. Both spring rolls and egg rolls taste delicious and while their filings are often similar, it is the wrapper that most distinguishes them.

Egg rolls have eggs in their thicker wrappers, while spring rolls have a lighter, crispier wrapper.  

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