How to Get Started on


Power to change starts with the mind; if you truly want to be a Trim Healthy Mama, you need to be willing to give some things up…but I promise you’ll gain a whole lot more (and I’m not talking pounds).

Physical Benefits of Trim Healthy Mama

– Stabilized blood sugars – Clearer skin – The ability to feel satisfied for hours after a meal – More energy – Increased mental clarity – Balanced hormones – A trimmer waistline


Choose good fats (S’s) or good carbs (E’s) for each meal. Do not eat both together unless you’re pregnant, nursing, or need to gain weight. Eating both fats and carbs together is called a Crossover.

Always have a source of protein in your meal that fits your fuel type

Having protein with each meal keeps you feeling full, boots your muscle mass while you shed excess fat.

No Sugar

In addition to cane sugar and its various forms, this includes all other blood sugar-spiking sweeteners like syrups, nectars, and honey

For your E meals, skip refined or empty carbohydrates or starches

No white potatoes, white flour, cornstarch, or rice flours. Choose healthy carbs like fruit, root vegetables, oats, and sprouted grains, etc.

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