March On Motivated! 1 Month THM Challenge

They say March is the best time to buy fitness equipment (or anything else health related), because it’s typically the month where the best intentions and January 1st resolutions go sideways. Motivation and inspiration dwindle, commitment wains, unused treadmills waste space, and expensive ingredients expire. 

But not you! You don’t have to succumb to old habits just because everyone else does!

You can “be that girl!” (Listen to this Poddy for a motivational boost.)

Be that girl who chooses to fuel her body with foods that heal, and energize, and make her best fit to be about her Father’s business. 

Be that girl who chooses to March On Motivated.

And you don’t have to feel alone in this either – this is your invitation to join a fun, 1 Month Challenge to March On Motivated! Here’s how it’s going to work.



  1. March On Motivated will be a Facebook and Instagram Challenge. You can choose to participate in one or the other, or both! 
  2. I will share a Motivational post every day at 8pm EST (approx), along with what I ate that day. That will be your cue to chime in and comment (pictures of your food encouraged, but not required!) with what you ate that day for accountability, and to inspire others.
  3. On Instagram, the hashtag for this challenge is #marchonmotivated. Feel free to tag me in your pictures or stories! 

There is no registration or fee required to participate in the March On Motivated challenge. It’s simply designed to keep each other accountable and motivated!

I’m choosing to freestyle (decide what I’m going to eat as I go), but if you think you might run out of steam freestyling, my digital download The Slim And Satisfied Handbook is perfect for this challenge. It’s a 1 month Menu Plan, complete with a schedule and recipes for all meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks for every day. It also includes a grocery list for each week (no special ingredients!). You can purchase it here for $9,99, if you think it will be of help to you (I’d encourage you to print it off and stick it in a binder, or get it coil bound!).


You in?

Follow my Facebook Page here, or Instagram here, and watch for your March On Motivated cue at the end of each day in March!   

More Or Less: Trim Healthy Mama Challenge

One of my health goals for the upcoming year is to eat smarter on the Trim Healthy Mama plan. I’ve been indulging in too many Frankenfoods and calorie-dense, dairy-laden desserts and not eating enough veggies or consuming enough hydrating, immune-boosting, life-giving liquid throughout the day. To help myself get out of my rut, I’ve decided to do a More Or Less: Trim Healthy Mama Challenge, and hope that you’ll join me in the fun!

The idea behind this challenge is to eat less of the less nutritional foods that have become crutches to us and more of our healthier options. My hope is that doing this faithfully for a month will not only shed a few pounds that have crept on over the holidays, but that I will break my dependency on calorie-dense, on-plan food and learn to enjoy lighter, healthier, nutritionally-dense things that do my body more good.

The More Or Less: Trim Healthy Mama Challenge will last for 2 weeks, beginning January 1 and ending January 14, and include:


  • double-fermented low-fat kefir (1-2 cups a day)
  • salads (1 a day)
  • E meals (1 a day, meal or snack)
  • sippers (1 jar of Singing Canary, GGMS, Shrinker, or bone broth a day)

The Singing Canary recipe can be found in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. I have several GGMS recipes here, and be on the lookout for a bone broth tutorial coming soon! 


  • dairy (limit dairy to kefir, butter for cooking/baking, half & half in coffee, cheese in garnish amounts)
  • Frankenfoods (eliminate for the duration of the challenge)
  • nuts, nut flours, and nut butters (use sparingly)

You can participate in this challenge silently, or on Instagram or Facebook. I plan to post pictures of 3 meals/snacks I eat each day in my Instagram Stories under the handle @northernnester. If you use the hashtag #moreorlessthmchallenge, you can connect with other THMs who are participating in the challenge and be inspired by their meals! Also, I plan to post my meal pictures at the end of the day on my Facebook Page, Northern Nester. You are invited to post your accountability photos in the comments of that thread. Note: I don’t post on Sundays. 

What would a challenge be without a prize?!

Up for grabs? Your choice of:

To qualify for this, you must:

  • be a resident of U.S. or Canada
  • complete the entire challenge (perfection is not required; only your best attitude and effort!)
  • post your meals on IG (stories or feed) or the More Or Less Challenge Thread that will appear on my Facebook Page at the end of each day. On Instagram, use the #moreorlessthmchallenge hashtag, and tag @northernnester so I can be inspired by you, too!
  • follow Northern Nester’s Facebook Page or Instagram

This is not a requirement, but I’d encourage you to take pictures, weigh yourself, and take your measurements before and after the More Or Less: Trim Healthy Mama Challenge. My hypothesis is that you will be thankful you did!



The name of a qualifying participant will be randomly drawn at the end of the challenge. 

So, who’s in?! Who wants to focus on eating more nutritionally-dense foods and less calorie-dense ones? Let’s do it together; it’s way more fun that way! 🙂