Exciting Changes To Northern Nester: Meet Our TEAM!

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We’ve had some exciting developments over the last few months on our blog, and I’m thrilled to finally spill the beans!

Northern Nester has officially expanded into the homesteading niche! This means that, in addition to providing recipes made with foods that are good for you, we’re also branching out into other topics that are of great interest to ourselves, our readers, and our ever evolving world. 

Why Homesteading?

As the construction of our new home progresses (I’ve been sharing the building progress on Instagram, if you want to catch up!), we’ve been researching homesteading practices, animals, and gardening methods, and how to be better prepared for emergency situations. 

We’ve discovered that so many others are also looking for meaningful, sustainable ways they can work together as a family!

Homesteading is an incredible opportunity to foster togetherness. Whether it’s on a large scale or small,  in an apartment, or on sprawling acreage – home education, gardening, traditional skills, and taking care of our minds and bodies in healthy, holistic, God-honoring ways has always proved to be beneficial for the good of society at large. 

Meet Our New Team!

To that end, we’ve hired a team of people to help us run Northern Nester! Up until recently, I (Jacinda) produced the content on this site, while Brad took care of the technical side of things, but as the home education of our own children takes up more of my time with each passing year, we’ve decided to hire five people to help us manage the growth of Northern Nester! I’m thrilled to introduce them to you!

Charlie is a homeschooling/world schooling Mom from Cyprus, who also enjoys gardening, animals, exorbitant amounts of coffee, and natural living. We’ve hired her as a part-time CEO. She’ll be in charge of marketing, product development, and strategic planning for Northern Nester.

Elyse is a fellow Canadian, although we’re hardly neighbors, as there are 2500 miles between us! She writes our Homesteading Basics, Animal articles in addition to several product review and comparisons. 

Lucia is our Pinterest guru! She takes care of Northern Nester’s presence on the platform, and does everything from creating Pinterest designs, content, and strategies under Charlie’s direction. 

Lorenzo is from the Philippines and has actually been working as our General Virtual Assistant for almost 4 years! He’s a Jack-Of-All-Virtual-Trades and does everything from scheduling Facebook posts, SEO, keyword research, and statistics. 

Rose*, our oldest daughter, is also working for Northern Nester. She has taken on the role of creating Pinterest graphics and gets paid for each image she makes. She’s currently saving up for a cat. She also has plans to create natural skin care products using herbs she grows herself at our new homestead, DV. 

Where does that leave Brad and I?

Brad takes care of all the technical, behind-the-scenes stuff and works directly with our team. 

I plan to continue Insta as usual, and pop in on Facebook when I can.  Posts about our home build adventures, Trim Healthy Mama recipes, and living education will come from me. 

Our current climate reminds us daily of this verse, “A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

So, while it may be considered “risky” to be hiring and planning for the future in light of our country’s economic state, we are trusting that the Lord who has brought us to this point, will prevent which is not good for us, and prosper that which is. He is in control and we prayerfully move forward in faith! 

Thank you for your continued support of Northern Nester! We appreciate all of our readers so much, and look forward to serving you better with our new team! 



Save for later!

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  1. Congratulations! I look forward to continue to follow you. We must trust in the Lord for sure – and we will get through this together.


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