Ballard Designs Topiary Knock-Off

Save for later!

These two planters of artificial ornamental grass adorned either side of the mirror in our bathroom for years, but they were starting to gross me out. I wanted to get rid of them before we moved to the new house. They were fading from sunlight and beginning to get covered in that sticky bathroom dust that’s impossible to clean off fake, tasseling grass.

more stuff for sale 004

First, I tried selling them on an online garage sale site (one man’s trash…), but when the buyer didn’t show, inspiration struck. My two-year-old pulled out a piece of the grass from the Styrofoam base inside the planter and that got me thinking.  Hmmm, what if I pulled it all out? Then I’d be left with two cute containers to do something with…

I let the kids have at ‘er, and when they were finished enjoying the chance to be destructive with my permission, they gave me these:

topiary container

Pretty, huh?

The containers seemed like the perfect height for topiaries, so I headed to the Dollar Store where I knew they sold artificial boxwood balls. I grabbed two of them along with a package of ten skinny dowels.

Preserved Boxwood Topiary


These topiaries from Ballard Designs were my inspiration. If money grew on boxwoods, I might have bought them, but it’s way more fun to make your own version than shell out $116.oo a piece anyway!

topiary materials

The boxwood balls looked too top-heavy on a single dowel, so I grouped and hot-glued four of them together for each “trunk” and wrapped them with a piece of twine. Then I glued them to the middle of the base inside the planter and stained them using some Minwax Dark Walnut Stain which I had left over from remodeling our coffee tables.

topiary trunks

I hot-glued the boxwood balls to the top of the trunks, brushed the planters with a light coat of white paint, and covered the Styrofoam with some leftover sphagnum moss from my egg nestQuick, easy, and cheap – just the way I like it. 🙂

Now where should I put them? On either side of the mantel? By the chalkboard canvas? In the bathroom?

 Ballard Designs Topiary Knock-Off (for $5)

It’s fun to have a piece of decor that’s suitable for any room, but sometimes it makes my head spin. It needs to find a semi-final resting place!

Save for later!

9 thoughts on “Ballard Designs Topiary Knock-Off”

  1. Wow! I love this idea! Which dollar store did you find your boxwoods at (Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, etc)? I would love to do this exact project on a faux orchid I can’t seem to find a home for! Thank you for inspiring me!

  2. Look great, you won’t find any faux boxwood like that our any of our local dollar stores….Michael’s craft store has them but they aren’t cheap..

    • I got some of the fake boxwood balls at The Christmas Tree Shoppes in New England, the smallest one was 3.99 and they went UP from there. Still cheaper than real or faux at pricier places. Mine are plastic and are submursable in hot water to clean the dust off the little fake leaves!
      P.S. I’ve seen that or something like that (may have the Shoppes spelling in it), is available online now for everyone who doesn’t have these wonderful stores near them!!!


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